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Love at risk Episode 9

Love At Risk
Episode 9
The sun stole its way into my room, pene-trating my eyes
I blinked my eyes open and sat up
ru-bbing my eyes
I went to the mirror, my hair was ma-king me look like a dark witch
I yawned and sat down
then I remembered yesterday night,
I fell asleep on the couch, Amy must have dragged me here.
Did I think about what happened at all?
I didn’t
I thought and laughed
God I can be crazy
why am I laughing
Then I thought of Adrian in the woods
I couldn’t just un-derstand anything
I know a way.
” you want to work as a maid at Adrian’s?”
Amy asked on the breakfast table
” is there anything wrong about it”
I said taking my coffee
” I dont know
maybe he was just joking”
“maybe he wasn’t
I nee-d the job Amy”
” why”
always on the ‘ I nee-d to know’
” Amy
maybe I’ll tell you once I find my answers
and even if he changes his mind
I’m still taking the job”
” what will your mom say”
” she’ll have to agree to it”
I said and took my coffee
she cant ruin my plans.
Adrian’s Pov
” what were you thinking son” Dad roared
” you could have killed her or expo-se the secret we’ve kept all these years” mom said
the truth is that, I dont even know why I did something so risky
I have no idea
but how do I tell my parents that
” tell me Adrian
what were you thinking”
Dad continued bawling
” do you realise what you almost did ”
Can they st©p shouting on me
its not my fault that I’m not like every other teenager
” You’ll ruin my company
you’ll ruin our image
have you ever thought of what could happen if everyone knew your secret
you think they’ll accept you with open arms”
I lifted up my eyes to him
” honey that’s okay”
mom said to him
s-en-sing that I’m losing my patience
” but guess what”
he continued
” they are never going to accept a prey who feeds on their blood”
” get out” I said calmly
” son” mom said
” the both of you”
Dad turned out angrily
” baby”
mom still said
” I want to be left alone”
” okay” she said and headed out,
I threw my pillows
kicking anything in sight
I sat down and ran my f!ngersthrou-gh my hair
this is all her fault
all her fault.
I just [email protected]£ out from the indoor pool
I nee-ded to swim to calm my nerves
My hair was dripping we-t
I was about going to my room when I saw Malia
Her eyes glued on me and her jaw dropped
Can someone call an ambulance
I think someone is about to faint.

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