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Love at risk Episode 8

Love At Risk
Episode 8
Adrian’s Pov
I had no idea where I was taking her, I just wanted to make her scared
and she even cried
considering the way she’s picky, I never thought she would cry
” I’m so sorry”
now she’s the one apologising and I haven’t even asked her to
a smile curved myl-ips
I pu-ll-ed over and drummed my f!ngerson the wheels
I can’t just let her go
I turned to her
She was looking at me with tears in her eyes
” what do you want
I’ll do anything, don’t just hurt me
I scoffed
A thought [email protected]£ in
” I want you to work as my personal maid”
I could re-ad the shock on her face
she said anything
And I’m being kind not to ask for something dirty
” what? I can’t work as a maid
your maid”
” then get re-ady for what I’m gonna do to you”
if only she knew this was all a trick
she cried for some time
” okay”
perfect, get re-ady to li-ck my as-s
” I’ll be waiting to see you
get out”
she opened the door but remained in the car
” I left my bag in school”
she said sniffing
” I don’t like repeating myself”
” but how do I get home
this is all your fault”
now she’s wagging her mouth again
” you have to take me back”
is she for real
” do your as-s a big favour and get out”
” how do I get home” she said crying again
she’s not going to melt me with her tears
She stepped down and I drove off
I feel so guilty
what if something happens to her.
I got home and took a cold shower
thank goodness the sun wasn’t out today
I hope she’s back home safely
I have no idea where I dropped her
she might be in danger
maybe I should go back
I can’t
she’ll think I care for her
I sat down and ran my f!ngersthrou-gh my hair.
Malia’s Pov
It was getting dark and I was still on the road
I sat down and sobbe-d
then I decided to wave to some cars
” help”
they didn’t st©p
it started raining
” help
they didn’t st©p
I wiped my face sniffing
then a black car pu-ll-ed over
” help”
I said and Adrian stepped down
I felt like pouncing on him
this is all his fault
” are you just gonna stand there”
he said and
I got in , he did too
I was soa-ked from the rain
so he cared to come back
it was getting really dark
he was taking a strange road
I hope he’s not kidnapping me again
The road was tared and empty, with woods by the side
” where are we”
he pu-ll-ed over and ran out
Its night alre-ady
” Adrian”
I ran out and followed him
He was holding his head
what’s wrong with him
” Adrian are you okay”
He didn’t say anything
I t©uçhed his shoulder
he was breathing heavily
” what’s wrong”
” get away from me”
he said
” were in the middle of nowhere
I can’t stay alone”
” get away before I hurt you
take the car and get away”
take the car?
” NOW”
he roared
now he’s really weird
He held his hair
” get away or I’ll hurt you”
I stepped back and ran out
I got to the car but couldn’t find the keys
I guess its with him
should I go back
I saw cars driving towards me
they st©pped and his mom ran out from one
along with a man who looked like his dad
” where is he”
she said looking scared
” he ran into the woods”
I said obviously confused
some men [email protected]£ out from the cars
” spre-ad out and track him down”
what the hell is going on
how did they know we were here
why did they come with some men
what’s going on
” what’s happening”
I asked his mom
she called a man
” take her home now”
I nee-d to know what’s going on”
I got dragged to a car
” let me go”
he pushed me in
” hey
let me out”
he got in and drived away.
she almost found out his secret
willy be his personal maid
if yes
then I guess his secret is no longer save.
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