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Love at risk Episode 48

Love At Risk
Episode 48
( Final)
Mrs Allen’s Pov
” take the flower over there…….I just nee-d everything to be perfect”
my phone rang and I pu-ll-ed it out
” hi mom
are you sure you can make it in time…….sure
I’ll be looking forward to see you”
I couldn’t have been more excited
my first [email protected] with Adrian in sixteen years
I almost acted like a teenager
the news was on air
the scientist spoke out
who would have thought, his father was actually doing something about it and we had no idea
I can’t blame him for being strict
he was just trying to protect him but Adrian got it all wrong
I hope they put the past behind them and move on
” Georgia
I hope everything is in place”
I glanced at my wrist watch
” it’s almost time”
Mom [email protected]£ with aunt Alice
my younger sister [email protected]£ too with her kids
I invited a lot of friends
his paternal relatives too.
Adrian’s POV
I pu-ll-ed on my jacket and picked my car keys
I turned to see Malia by the door
she gave me a smile
” re-ady?
I went close and held her
” just a minute”
I said hvgging her ti-ght
I heard her chuckle
” we’ll be late for your [email protected]
she looked up at me
herl-ips looked so soft
I couldn’t resist it
I k!$$£d her desperately
she giggled and pu-ll-ed back
” we should get going
you don’t want to keep your mom waiting”
she said and turned to the door
I looked at the room one last time before walking out.
Malia’s POV
I turned on the music in his car and sat back singing along and shaking my b©dy on the seat
I turned to see a smile cross his beautifull-ips
it was killing and I blu-shed
why is he so cute
” hey”
he said
” you don’t mind showing me those moves you tried in my room
the wiggling of bu-tt stuff”
he said with his spoilt look
oh my gosh
I forgot all about that
but I couldn’t help but blush
” your the one with the dirty mind Adrian”
he scoffed
” I never told you to try those moves in my room”
” and I never told you to look”
he chuckled
” couldn’t help it
you’ve got some big bu-tt”
I [email protected] and he sm-irked
spoilt [email protected].
He drove into the mansion and we stepped down together
I felt kinda of anxious to meet his family,
we walked into the sitting room and lights went on
” welcome home”
a lot of people shouted as baloons fell on us
some were old
some teenagers and little children too
this is so lovely
” grandma”
he said and hvgged an old lady very ti-ght
she had silver hair and I noticed tears on her face too
” you’ve grown so tall ”
she said sniffing
she t©uçhed his cheeks
” and handsome”
she said with a smile
” thanks grandma”
” Adrian…….”
a tiny voice screamed
” Kristy”
a little girl ran into his arms
” Malia”
I turned to see his mom
” ma’am”
I said with a smile
” mom sounds better to me”
she said and I looked down to st©p myself from blu-shing
the old lady [email protected]£ to us
” and this must be Adrian’s girl”
she held my hands
” such a beautiful girl”
she k!$$£d me on both cheeks
they went red
” hope your up to eighteen
because I’m re-ady for great grand children”
his mom laughed
” mom?
” what”
I couldn’t st©p blu-shing
I love them alre-ady
D [email protected]£ to us
” grandma”
he k!$$£d her on both cheeks
is she a french lady
he turned to me
” hey Malia
we have a big competition in three months time”
” really?
Too bad we’re now six”
I said and he chuckled
” we’re still a crew
see you tomorrow at practice”
” sure”
I said and he walked away
a pretty girl with white hair [email protected]£ to me
” hi
I’m Tori, Adrian’s cousin
nice to meet you”
” thanks
I’m Malia”
” I know your name alre-ady
we all do
the lucky girl who stole Adrian’s heart”
my cheeks went red
” we can be friends right ?
” yeah sure”
I said liking her alre-ady
” anyway
welcome to the family”
they are acting like I’m engaged to him.
He managed to sl!pout dragging me with him
we went somewhere quiet
the side of the pool
” I have something for you”
he said hiding something behind him
” what’s that”
I asked with curious eyes
he brou-ght out a painting
Oh my…….
It’s the painting
the one I found in his painting room
” you were always on my mind Malia and I didn’t even realise it”
I swallowed tears
” I love you so much”
he held my hand
” promise me you’ll never leave me”
tears rolled down
“of course not”
I said wiping it off
” not after everything
the crazy things we did”
” like locking me up with you ”
” coming to Prom to drag me out ”
” not as crazy as going after the guy you went with”
I laughed and looked into his eyes
I held it there for a long time then
hisl-ips [email protected]£ down urgently on mine
I wra-pped my arms around his n£¢k and melted into his soft b©dy .
( six years later)
The kids [email protected]£ for a sleep over
Amy’s kids and Tori’s
just before be-dtime
I decided to checked on them
I heard Ben’s voice
and st©pped to lean on the door
” and there was this big giant spider
it was so big and scary with long fangs”
I arched an eyebrow
” and then it ran out of the cave and attacked everyone in the camp ”
” it was growling
oh my God
” Ben!!!
He turned
” mom
I was just telling them dad’s story”
” I think that was your own story……. Okay guys time for be-d
no more stories”
I said and turned to the door
” Aunt Malia
Ben just took my blanket”
Evelyn said
was Adrian this n@ûghty
I turned to him
” I just gave it back”
he said as I opened my mouth to say something
I closed it back
” I’m the only boy among five girls
it feels ridiculous”
he said acting matured when he’s just four
I held my forehead
” get some sleep Ben”
I turned and heard some giggles
I turned back
” all of you”
I added and walked out.
I fell on the be-d feeling exhausted
Adrian turned and held my w@!st
k!ss!ngmy n£¢k
” want to make more babies?
” if they won’t be like Ben”
” he’s just like his mom”
I scoffed and turned
” don’t tell me that
he’s just like you ”
” he has your barb mouth”
” no way ”
he k!$$£d me
best way to shut me up
I pu-ll-ed out his t©p
” mom dad”
we freezed
” Nancy just said I have cutel-ips ”
oh brother !!
” what were you doing?
He asked and we exchanged looks.
their story goes on
but I’ll have to end it here because Ben might just make me go on with a different story
thanks for re-ading along
luv u all.

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