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Love at risk Episode 18

Love At Risk
Episode 18
I dressed up in my work cloths
I felt reluctant to go to his room
I really don’t nee-d another drama
so I went to his painting room instead and started dusting
I stumbled on a girl’s painting
must be his girlfriend
I picked it up
my breath almost seized
Do I nee-d a lence
or does this painting actually look like me
” why are you going throu-gh my stuff”
I heard him say behind me
I slowly turned with the painting in my hand
” you actually painted me”
” I didn’t
the painting just happened to look like you”
” what are you talking about”
I looked back at the painting
” this is me
hair, eyes, nose
it looks like you were looking at me to draw”
I decided to pick on him
” this only means one thing
your obsessed with me”
” I think your the one who nee-ds a psychiatrist”
” common
I know you can’t get this pretty face off your mind”
” I don’t have to waste my words on you”
he said and moved to a table
he picked a brush
” can I take it
I said faking a baby face
” you can pay for it”
he said and turned to me
” I don’t have money”
” you should know how to pay”
he said putting on this spoilt look
I get it
” never”
I said and threw the painting aside
” I’m not one of your who-res”
” don’t act so tough now
I saw a guy k!ssyou”
” none of your business
I can k!ssany guy I want”
” go tell him to paint for you”
he said
” he will”
I said putting my nose in the air
with my chin up
” I bet he can paint more than you
and he can dance
his moves can drive any girl crazy
something you can’t do”
” don’t you dare compare me to some peasant”
he said looking angry
” what
you can’t do a thing to me
he’s much more handsome than you
and I love his golden hair
oh my gosh
hisl-ips are so cute”
he [email protected]£d my wrist
” enough
not another word from you”
his grip hurted
” let me go”
” you have no right to compare me to your b©yfri£nd
get that into your empty [email protected]
he flinged my hand aside
it hurted and it was so red
tears rolled down my cheeks, I ran out.
I went to my room and la-id down crying
my wrist was swollen
” are you okay?
Sasha asked but I didn’t look up
my wrist was burning
” God
what happened to your wrist”
she said
I pu-ll-ed up my blanket
” I just want to be alone”
I said sniffing
” okay”
She said and arranged the blanket on me
I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
” Malia
I heard Sasha’s voice
I was burning
” sire Adrian wants to see you”
” tell him to go away”
I said and drew the blanket over my head
” he’s here”
she said and I peeped out to see him
I went un-der the blanket again
” go away”
I said
” this is all your fault
your so heartless”
I was crying alre-ady
I guess its becoming a habit
I felt someone carry me off the be-d
I re-moved the blanket to see him
” what are you doing”
” what does it look like”
he said
” drop me down
your not taking me to your room”
” can you just keep quiet”
He wasn’t going to his room
so where is he taking me to
He got to a door
a maid was standing beside it
she opened it seeing us
and he took me in
the room was so large and nice
he la-id me on the be-d
so soft
he picked up my hand and held the wrist
” ouch
do you want to break it the more”
” don’t scream”
he said
” what?
He immediately pu-ll-ed the wrist and a bone cracked
the pain was unbearable
tears rolled down my cheeks
” your so cruel”
I said
he used his f!nger to clean the tears on my face
” I’m sorry
I didn’t mean to hurt you”
did he just
” go away”
I said and la-id on the be-d
he broke my wrist two times
I’m very mad at him.
Now that he’s apologising
she will pu-ll on girlish stunts.

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