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Love at risk Episode 10

Love At Risk
Episode 10
Malia’s Pov
It looked like I was staring at a demi god
I cleared my throat and wanted to say something
” Malia”
I turned to see his mom
” goodafternoon ma’am”
” Its good to see you
do you care for a drink”
” she’s here to work for me”
Adrian said and she turned to me
” is he serious” she asked
” yes” I said looking down
” you never told me Adrian”
she said to him
” do I have to
she’s working for me”
She turned to me
I felt nervous
” forgive me Malia
your welcome to work here”
” thanks ma’am”
I said with a smile
” you can start immediately if you want” she said
” come with me
I’ll show you around”
she added
” okay” I said and followed her.
I was taken to my room, there were three other girls in the room
I was given a black shaping go-wn which was just above my knee
a woman told me what I’m to do everyday
” be always around the table when he’s having breakfast or lunch”
” what of dinner ma’am” I jumped in but she continued
” you are to do his laundry
clean his room
and his painting room
there’s a home telephone in your room and in the kitchen
make sure to stay around incase he nee-ds anything
mrs Georgia
his former maid was very accurate
I expect the same from you
Mrs Allen will discuss your pay with you”
I dont like this woman at all
I heard she’s in charge of all the servants
She looks grumpy.
Mom didn’t try to st©p me when I told her
I now have the job
everything is perfect.
I was in the kitchen the next morning, trying to make some friends
a lot of them were my age
the kitchen telephone rang
” its for you” the cook said after answering it
“good morning”
I said not sure of who was on the phone
” you should learn to add a sire”
the j£rk
” I nee-d coffee in my room now”
” okay” I said rolling my eyes
” sire” I added.
One of the cooks made his coffee and I took it to him
its my second time in his room
I kept it on a table, he was dressed for school, I guess I’ll be late
” you should learn how to greet your boss”
he said turning to me
his eyes seemed to roam all over me
” I greeted you on the phone”
I snapped
” you dont talk back at me”
I turned to the door
” wait” he said and I st©pped
he tasted the coffee
” You just served me cold coffee”
is he insane
the coffee was just made
” get me another coffee”
I opened my mouth to say something but closed it and headed out
I bet he’s trying to make my job [email protected]
I got another coffee
I was about entering his room when I heard him talk on phone
must be talking to his girlfriend
I leaned on the door to listen
suddenly the door went open
I lost balance and fell in
knocking him down with a cup of coffee.
I was extra busy yesterday

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