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Josie Episode 5

Episode 5
“He’s a celebrity, idiot”
I looked sideways it was Violet that answered my question
“Really?He’s a celebrity?” I asked surprised”Is he like a model or an actor or a musician or what?”
She scoffed”You really don’t know? Everyone in this country knows Dave Sky even some other countries know him. Do you really not know him?”
“Oh yeah sorry I forgot,you lived your life in the streets so you would never know someone like him”She said that out loud and everyone laughed
What was so funny? Violet would never miss out a chance in picking on me Wait,why am I calling her Violet? Violet is too cute for someone like her. I think Violence fits her better. So annoying
“Hmm…..Dave Sky,the chair we ordered for you hasn’t arrived yet….What do we do now?” The teacher was saying…..
“Yeah I know what to do…… Miss Josie Wills” She called
Why did she call me?
I got up”Ma”
“I’m sorry but you’ll have to stand for the rest of the day. Our new student here will be using your chair. They’ve not brou-ght our celebrity’s chair so…” She said
What? I can’t believe this
“Why me?” I asked and she sh0t me a surprised look”I’m a new student here too. If you nee-d a chair for him,you could have just asked an old student here to stand”
“Miss Josie Wills,you can’t compare yourself with the rest of the students in this [email protected] So don’t make things more difficult for you and kindly stand up for him” the teacher said
I st©pped. Calm down Josie I told myself,this guy is going to act like a gentleman, come to me gently, whisper in my ear and tell me to keep using my seat that he’s going to stand instead
Yeah he’s gonna do just that
You’re so smart, Josie
Then the guy started walking to my seat as girls including Violet starts flir-ting to get his attention
Now he’s here in front of me,his cologne is so nice. He’s so perfect. One could get lost in those eyes……
That sharp cool de-ep voice brou-ght me outta my thoughts
“Wait,did you just say I should leave like I should leave this seat? Or you meant to say you’ll leave?”I asked
Everyone looked at me weirdly again
“I said leave! Were you deaf when the teacher said I’ll be taking over this seat?”
Whoa whoa whoa I was wrong I thought he was gonna act like a gentleman. I really hate this school
“Hey, you’re really rude. It’s fine if you won’t act like a gentleman and decide to sit while a girl stand instead but you have no right to be bossing around a chair that’s not yours. You should at least say something like I’m sorry you’ll have to stand plea-se don’t be annoyed and thanks for the chair,I really appreciate” I told him without bulging
Everyone including the teacher stared at us intently watching the unfolding drama
He scoffed, seeming angry and surprised at the way I talked but I don’t care at all
“You….how dare you talk to me that way? Don’t you know who i am?”He asked
“Were you deaf when they were saying I lived my life in the streets. How do you expect me to know you? Anyway,I don’t care who are at all”
The teacher [email protected]£ at me and pu-ll-ed me away from my seat” Josie, you’re really [email protected] your boundaries. You shouldn’t talk to a celebrity that way”
“Whatever. I hate this. I really hate this school. They look down on the weak and support the rich and famous. I’m tired of all this. What the fv¢k is all this?!” I yelled
The teacher looked so angry”fv¢k? That’s a swear word. Swear words are not allowed in this school so young lady, detention for you”
What? detention? Zach was really right when he said this is like an high school institution. Well anyway, detention on my first day?I should apologise
“I’m really sorry man. plea-se don’t put me in detention on my first day”I begged
“Wait, teacher before you forgive me,answer this question first…… Are there chairs in the detention hall? I asked
She looked startled by that question”Yeah. ….there is”
“Really?”I shouted happily”I’m not sorry anymore, teacher. Thanks a billion times for putting me in detention. Byeeeee” I then ran off and [email protected]£ back almost immediately
“Actually, teacher I’m new here, plea-se can you take me to the detention hall? You know,it won’t speak well if I get lost on my first day here…..”
She laughed”okay come with me”
Then we left
Dave’s POV
I smiled. The girl is really cute and funny.hmm….Josie Wills
Wait did I just smile?
Ever since my mom and my dad got divorced,I never smiled. Nothing made me laugh either
But this girl…..

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