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I’m longing to be his final Episode

I’m longing to be his
Final episode 45
Westley’s POV
I watched her sleep in my arms, she is too beautiful, I ca-ressed her cheeks, she sle-pt like
an angel, so peaceful. At times I tell myself I don’t deserve her and she doesn’t deserve a
bastard like I am, my child doesn’t deserve me.
I k!$$£d her temple and went to the balcony to clear my thoughts.
Will I ever be a good father to my little child? What advice would I give to my child? What
if its a girl and a stupid guy maltreats her and break her heart like what I do with women
before? If its a boy I don’t want him to be rude and heartless like I was. God in heavens
know I want my kids not to follow the ways of their father…. I pray I’ll be a good dad
because, I alre-ady love my unborn child very much.
“Mine..?” I heard her call me as she sat beside me.
“Jewel you should go back to be-d” I said not looking at her.
“What’s wrong? You don’t want the baby?” She asked in crying voice.
“No that’s not it, I want the baby” I replied as I hvgged her, I cu-mddled her in my arms.
“Why are you sad? plea-se share it with me. I’ll love to know as your wife” she said as she
held my face in her arms.
“Baby girl” I said as I ca-ressed her cheek with the back of my palm.
“I don’t deserve you or our child, I feel like I won’t be a good father to my child. I don’t
know where that’s coming from” I said expressing my heart to her
” what if my children decide not to take after you? What if they take my wicked lifestyle I
lived before?” I said as tear escaped my eye.
She pu-ll-ed out from my arms, she faced me as she wiped the tears away.
“Mine….you don’t say such things about your self, I know you were and is a good person.
I know you will be the perfect father for our kids. Your ways was just a shield of the real
you. Your lifestyle at that time was due to the circu-mtances that surrounded you then.
Sister told me that you have a pure heart of gold, she said you are a cheerful,
[email protected], respectful young man. I believed her because i knew, I was goanna bring
back the Westley they all know. I would be proud if our children takes after you. You
deserve me, you deserve our kids, you worth more. I not saying this to make you fill
better…No, I opening your eyes to see the real you. I know you will win the best dad
awards….I know our kids will look up to you as their super man, their hero. You told me
that all the work you are doing, its for our family, for me and our generations. You are
amazing. Sometimes I wonder if its the man I married because I saw that the real
Westley is on displa-y, you’ve shown me nothing but love and kindness. I know you will be
a good and the best dad. Mine I love you” she said as she k!$$£d me on thel-ips.
“I held her soft hands and k!$$£d it.
” thank you Jewel, you’ve cleared my doubts, you are a good woman in deed”
She smiled with her beautiful dimples. I pu-ll-ed her on my [email protected] and her nightie skip up
revea-ling those S-xy [email protected] I couldn’t help but k!ssher as my little man [email protected]£ so [email protected] I
k!$$£d her n£¢k as I ca-ressed her b©©b s slowly. She threw her head back as she
[email protected] ed.
“Jewel let’s do this in our be-droom,” I said as I carried her in a bridal style. I la-id her on
the be-d and climbe-d next to her.I k!$$£d her as my hands roamed round her chubby beautiful skin. I pu-ll-ed her skimpy
pink nightie off her. Ask I k!$$£d my way down the valley of her well endowed b©©b s. I
took one in my mouth s—-d as I fondled the other.
“Mm…I…” she [email protected] ed
I k!$$£d her tummy in which my baby was growing down to her c–t. She [email protected] her legs
for me. I shifted her [email protected], she was dripping we-t. I smiled and she covered her face, I
k!$$£d herl-ips and I f!ngered her ti-ght c–t. Her [email protected] s were rising, I see plea-sure in her
eyes. I was rock [email protected]
She pu-ll-ed me towards her as she k!$$£d me intensely. She climbe-d on t©p she re-moved
my PJ and my D–k was £r£¢tand [email protected]
She laughed as she sat on it.
“Babe, you are pregnant” I whispered admist
” I know its good for the babe” she said k!ss!ngmyl-ips and n£¢k. She rode me like no
woman has ever done. I couldn’t take it anymore, I pu-ll-ed her un-derneath me and f—-d
her fas-ter and she squir-ted twice.
I gro-an ed in satisfaction while I shoot my seed in her.
“I love you, jewel” I said as I cu-mddled her n-ked b©dy in my arms..
“I love you, Mine” she said as she k!$$£d me.
“You are the best woman I’ve been with on be-d, I’ll never get tired of showing my love to
you. You’ll be the only woman I’ll make love to” I said to her from the bo-ttomof my heart.
I love her, she’s my life.
“Sure??” She asked smiling as she revealed those cute dimples..
“Sure” I answered k!ss!ngher.
“Babe its 2am, you should sleep” I told her as she closed her eyes and she whispered
“you too , goodnight mine”.
I k!$$£d her forehead and watch as she sleeps beautifully. The memories of the night
flooded my thoughts I placed my hands on her tummy and whispered I love you to my
Finally I’m longing to be his have ended I want to thank you guys for liking and commenting.
Ebi love you all ❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓💓💖💖💖💖💝💝💝💝

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