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I’m longing to be his episode 34

Mirabel’s POV
Weekend was over, I was so bored at the bake shop. I baked the cakes that people ordered. I was done and I was waiting for my costumers to come take their cakes.
I sat down there and started blogging, Mondays is always boring like this. I wonder what Westley is doing right now. I hope he is fine. I miss him.
I raised my face to see my two best friend Angela and Desmond. They were always noisy. They opened the glas-s door and walked in.
“Babe….” They both echoed
“Awwn….Angel and Desmond” I said jumping up as I hvgged them
“How are you doing dear?” Des asked
“I’m fine and you guys?” I asked
“Fine fine” they both replied
They took their sit. We talked about life
and then Westley
“How is your h0t hubby?” Angela asked smiling
“He threw me out” I said
“He did what!” Des said
I narrated the whole thing to them and how he had come to ask for my forgiveness.
“You ain’t just gonna accept him yet, would you?” Angela asked
“No….I still love him but I want him to know that I am not a toy” I said
“Good” Des said
“Its okay, Sis its good his back to his s-en-ses” angel said smiling.
“Thanks guys, you people are just the best” I said as I went to bring some of the hamburger I did and some cu-pcakes for them
“Thanks girl” they said devouring the things
“Awwn…it tastes so nice”
“Girl your earrings are beautiful and they are really expensive” Angela said
“Thank you, my hubby got them for me” I said proudly
“Awwn….” they said chuckling
“Bes, try some of this” Des said
“No, you guys should eat it” I told them
Desmond wouldn’t take a No for and answer.
He feed me with the cu-pcakes, he re-moved the [email protected] from the side of my mouth
“Awwn..that’s ro-mantic” Angela said
We heard a loud ban-g on the door, I looked to see who opened my door like that. Lo and behold it was Westley his was fuming in anger. I wonder what happened to him. He walked straight to Desmond and gave him a punch on his face.
“Who are you to k!ssmy woman huh?” He said between gritted teeth.
But Desmond kept on laughing.
“It hurts to see your woman, the woman whom you despised in my arms huh?” He asked still laughing
Westley landed him again another punch on the stomach. Now this time I pushed Westley away from him before he kills my best friend.
I had tears in my eyes alre-ady seeing Desmond in pain.
“What? Huh?..” I said as I hit his che-st continually.
“I lost it…I’m sorry” he said holding my shoulders.
“I’ll do anything to make you mine again and anything to make you happy” he said as if he was giving me as-surance
“Anything to make me happy?” I asked
“Yes Jewel, anything” he said as he freed my shoulder
“I don’t want to ever see your face again” I said raising my voice high
“Is that it?” He asked slowly, I could see sadness in his eyes but that doesn’t justify what he did to my best friend
“Yes” I said firmly
“Alright….fine” he said as he walked away with sadness in his eyes. I felt bad but I couldn’t help it. I watched him drive his car away in full speed. As soon as he was out of sight, I broke down in tears. Westley is a man of his words, I won’t see him again. I cried bitterly.
“Dear, calm down” Angela said as she pu-ll-ed me to a close hvg
“I did that on purpose” Desmond said as he stood up smiling. “I saw him coming in so I decided to try if he feels something for you and yes its like he loves you” he added.
“I said I don’t Want to see his face again and I’m sure I wouldn’t see him again, I scre-wed up” I said not happy at all.
“If he loves you, he’ll come back for you” Des said
“Men would always fight for the woman they love to secure her heart to himself, that’s what he should do” Angela said
“Don’t cry, OK? ” Des said as he pla-yed with my hair
“I won’t cry again, if he loves me he should fight, Thanks Des” I said as I wiped my tears off
“Your welcome” he said smiling.
I closed the bake shop and we went back home together, it was fun with them. We had ice cream and some small chops. I got home tired, I yearned for my be-d. I took my bath and la-id in my be-d and then sleep [email protected]£ to do its own work.

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