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Finding mr perfect Episode 13

Episode 13 semi finale
I woke up feeling nausea
I ran to the bathroom a puke my guts out
Gezz this morning sickness
I washed my face and that was when I knew I wasn’t alone
someone held my hair up and Pat my back
it was Ken
“Are you okay” he asked and I nodded
it was still very early in the morning and I was to weak
Ken helped me back to the be-d and I sle-pt off.
the ray of sunlight hit my eyes and I opened them gently
I could still remember all that happened earlier
I turned to my side of be-d and it was empty
my heart sank
He left!
just like he did when he gets what he wants
tears gathered in my eyes as I looked arround my room
“hey you’re up ” someone said
a smiled inwardly when I saw a shi-tless Ken walking up to me with a tray in his hands
“Do you feel better “he asked and I nodded
“I made you breakfast”he said and dropped them close to me
he k!$$£d my forehead before walking into the bathroom while I just starred in awe
I can’t believe this
am I dreaming ?
Here I was thinking that Ken ran away again
I smiled and I digged in the food
Taste soo good ‘i muttered
Ken walked out minutes later with a towel arround his [email protected]!st
“Take a pics it will last longer”he said with a smrik plastered on his face while I flu-shed in embarras-sment
can’t believe he caught me drooling
My phone began ringing and I starred at it before picking it reluctantly
“Hi Mom” I said
“ohh your mom”Ken said collecting the phone from me
I left them to talk and entered the bathroom to go freshen up
I [email protected]£ back and saw they were still talking and laughing
I rolled my eyes and began dressing up
it almost an hour and they were still talking , i [email protected]£d the phone angrily and placed in on my ear
“Bye Mom” I said and quic-kly ended the call
“jealous”Ken asked
“you wish” I replied back
“Any plans for the weekend”he asked
“no “I replied
I can say today I my best night ever
Ken and I literally have a time of our lives,,I never knew he could be this fun and lively today
We put all the things that happened between us behind and focused on having a good time
After being exhausted we decided to go have dinner before heading back home
our dinner was over when we made our way out and I bu-mped into someone
“Hi doctor” I greeted nervously
“how are you and the baby doing”She asked smiling
“we ..are … fine”I shuttering
“eat healthy and stay away from stress” she added when she noticed how nervous I looked
I felt my heart pounding heavily ,,this wasn’t how I planned on telling Ken
“care to tell me what was that about” Ken asked starring at me
“nothing” I replied sharply
“who’s child is it” he asked
“I owe you no explanation” I replied back
“so it’s my child huh?he asked and I ignored him
“gezz Jennifer when were you going to tell me” Ken asked angrily
“never” I replied
what ??
“why are you being selfish”
he half yelled in shock
“you carry my child and you kept it away from me” he added
“I wouldn’t have if you didn’t leave that night” I replied angrily and walked away
I quic-kly hailed a cab to my [email protected] and locked up my door
I la-id down and let my tears out

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