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Enemies of the church Episode 17

Rachael was furious and filled with anger. He almost sl@pped the man who was standing before her and explaining to her.
*Rachael:* What nons-en-se are you saying? I don’t un-derstand one bit of what you are saying.
“Madam I no speak big English o, na very simple matter, I say your motor [email protected] don burn and you no go fit drive commot here until you change am…
*Rachael:* Is that how [email protected] just get burnt anyhow? This car was in order before I left the house and suddenly the car just went off.
“Madam, you no check your motor before you drive commot for house. Normally, you suppose check your motor engine, oil and everything even tyre. If to say you check am you for see say water don dry commot for your motor. And if to say you take note you for know say your motor don dey do overheat. When motor don too h0t with no water to cool am down jar box go burn after which engine go knock. You even get luck say no be your engine naim knock”
Rachael was irritated and angry at what the mechanic was saying.
*Rachael:* plea-se tell me the way forward instead of all this your plenty talk. I have somewhere to be right this minute. Tell me what to do with the car.
*Mechanic:* Madam life no be rush rush. There is no hurry in life. You get Belle, and so you no nee-d any form of stress at all. This na time for you to dey rest plenty plenty, make your blood no dey rush, you hear? The way forward be say you go give me money I go buy new [email protected] and change am for you. That’s all!
*Rachael:* And do you think I have all the time in this world?
*Mechanic:* Ah madam, the decision na your hand e dey o. Na your choice whether you won do this car or not.
*Rachael:* Oh, oh, oh God! What kind of thing is this? How long will it take to buy and fix this thing I have somewhere I nee-d to be.
*Mechanic:* Madam give me money make I buy this thing and un-der one hour this thing go re-ady.
Rachael opened her purse and gave the man some money as she took the seat closest to her. The man quic-kly took a bike and dashed off. Rachael brou-ght out her phone and tried to call Alfred once again but the number was still switched off. And so she s£nt him a text.
*”Alfred, I am giving you 15minutes to re-ad this text and call me immediately because if you don’t then something will happen. Something really bad. Something that will make one of us hurt badly and trust me when I say that person will not be me.”*
Rachael sat and waited for the 15minutes and then she tried to reach Alfred again, she called and called but there was no answer. And then she called someone.
*”Hello, I have an as-signment for you. I want you to go to that place I s£nt you earlier. This time I want you to show yourself but make sure you are wearing a mask. You and your guys should hold the man and his wife hostage until I get there. Do you un-derstand?”*
She ended the call with a very scary look. It is time to deal with Alfred and re-move that obstacle he calls a wife once and for all. She turned and looked around for the mechanic if he was back.
It’s been one hour since Rachael ordered her boys to go over to Alfred and she hasn’t got any reply from them. She has looked at her phone countless times waiting for their calls but she got nothing.
Finally her car was fixed.
She hurriedly paid the mechanic and zoomed off. She was so filled with anger that she started shaking her legs non st©p. She saw a truck carrying people who were obviously packing out of their house drive past her but she didn’t take note of who they might be. She drove straight into the compound and parked her car.
She [email protected]£ down and went straight to Alfred’s house. The door was locked. She started hitting ha-rd on the door and screaming at the t©p of her voice. “Alfred! Alfred!!”
It took some minutes for her to realize that there was no one in the house and the house was actually empty. Rachael didn’t believe her eyes as she went round the house to confirm if the house was truly empty.
“Where is Alfred? Did Alfred run away from his house? Did he run away with his family? So, he abandoned her? So, he chose his wife and children? So, he ran away? No, no, it can’t be.”
These were the thoughts that filled Rachael’s heart. And then she remembered the truck that she saw when she was driving into the compound. Could that be Alfred?
Rachael quic-kly ran to her car and reversed the car. She drove out and tried to pursue the truck. At first, she didnt know the direction to take. But she decided to take the first turn. She was so furious and filled with anger. She started talking to herself.
*Rachael:* Oh Alfred, you do not know what you have done. You think you can lie to me, deceive me and run away from me. You do not know whom you are messing with. Pray I don’t catch up with you today. And then she saw some men sitting at a beer parlour. She slowed her car down and talked with them.
“Good evening sirs. plea-se did you guys by chance see any truck carrying people that are packing pas-s throu-gh this route?”
Madam which time? E don tey?
*Rachael:* No o, about ten minutes ago. It’s not even up to ten minutes.
“Madam no truck pas-s here o, maybe na the other road e pas-s. I never see any motor when we dey here so. And we don dey this place for more than two hours now.
*Rachael:* Oh! Okay sir, thank you.
Rachael quic-kly reversed her car and drove straight to the junction. It was a three road junction. She has confirmed that Alfred did not enter one of the roads. So, she decided to confirm before going into another street. She saw a shop nearby and decided to ask the lady.
*Rachael:* Madam good evening, plea-se did you see any truck carrying people that are packing plea-se? Do you by chance know the direction it took?
The woman took a suspicious look at Rachael before answering.
“Madam na who you be and why you dey find the truck?”
Rachael knew by this question that the woman probably had an idea where the truck had gone and so she didn’t want to spoil her chances of finding Alfred so she decided to be very smart.
“Oh my sister nothing o. It’s just that the man na my s£nior brother and I just come fr village and they tell me say he just dey pack so. Na him I decide to pursue them whether I go see them.
The woman looked at Rachael suspiciously again and ask.
“You say the man na your brother ba?”
“Yes ma” Rachael answered.
“Why you no kon call am? Call am na”
*Rachael:* I don try o, he number dey switched off. Abeg, if u see where d truck pas-s, you fit tell me abeg whether I go fit pursue them catch abeg.
The woman looked at Rachael again, and then pointed to the direction of the truck. Rachael was so happy as she greeted the woman and zooms off.

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