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Bossy maid Episode 25

👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳Bossy maid👩🏼‍🦱👩‍🍳
(👩‍💼🎀She’s the boss👩‍💼🎀, 👨‍💼🤫I’m the maid🤫👨‍💼)
❣️ Written by Haryormideh Ayeni ❣️
🌺🌺🧸 Episode Twenty five🌺🌺🧸
The gunsh0t woke me up. I jumped down in alert and climbe-d to Courtney’s window praying in my heart she isn’t the one sh0t at else Boss will castrate me and cut my b©dy in pieces slowly.
One person was lying down in a pool of blood and another is standing over the person.
I let myself in to the room and walked towards the scene.
Courtney 😲💔
My hands found the gun and was trying to turn off the safety and shoot at him.
He re-leased my n£¢k suddenly and reached for the gun while I tried regaining my breath, he collected the gun, turned the safety off.
I regained my breath quic-kly and threw myself at him, letting my weight catch him by surprise and also reached for the gun as he cli-cked safety off.
He had more strength than me and muscles so it was easy for him to over power me quic-kly.
He hit my head on the edge of the be-d, blood gushed out quic-kly as the place opened. The pain numbe-d me but I fought throu-gh the pain and [email protected]£d the be-d lamp but he was alre-ady pointing the gun at me.
I threw the lamp at the hand holding the gun and [email protected]£d it when it fell from his hands. I aimed at him and was about taking a sh0t when three bullets sailed throu-gh the air, killing him instantly.
I was in shock because I knew I didn’t pu-ll the trigger.
Simon fell slowly to the floor then I glanced up to see Div still pointing a gun at him and flashing a grin at me. He beat me to pu-lling the trigger by pu-lling his first. But how did he know? How did he come on time.
“I told you I won’t let his blood stain your hands and I’m a man of my words. Besides I saw you love the flowers” he win-ked at me.
I dropped the gun and ran to him, ignoring Donald who just entered and the man that [email protected]£ in throu-gh my window.
I hvgged him ti-ghtly, tears of relief streaming down my face.
“You did well” he said, smoothing my hair and hvgging me back.
“I wanted for you to point the gun first before taking action because I believed in you. You are strong” he added
My parents are really watching over me, a Drug Lord being a softie to me.
Div ❣️❣️
While I asked Jeff to stay guard of the house, I also stationed two more people.
When I got report that Simon was heading to her room and destroying things in his be-droom, I knew he was going to do something other than having S-x with her this night.
So I got into my car and drove as fast as I could.
I told her I won’t let his blood stain her hands and I’m a man of my words. I’m not going to let her go to jail because of him. I couldn’t protect my sister then and she’s going to be angry if I don’t help Nora.
I entered in time to see him choking her and her pu-lling the gun I gave her out.
I stood, watching the entire exchange, waiting for the right time to make a move.
When he pointed the gun at her, I pu-ll-ed my gun out and was about shooting. Then she threw the lamp at his hand, aiming perfectly.
She picked the gun quic-kly and made to aim. I took action then and killed him.
From my research, the Simon of a man has about twenty more people in captive and they were all from a very rich family.
After I killed him, she ran over and hvgged me, surprising me completely.
My sister was the only person that could hvg me, here, another person is taking her place. I hvgged her back not caring about the person behind me who should be the owner of the house.
hvgging another person after a long while felt good and refreshing so I held on to her, not worried about the blood seeping into my clothes.
“B-bo-boss” Jeff stammered.
“Just kneel and raise your hands up till I come back and clean the mess here”
“W-where are you going?”
“Police station.”
Just as I said it, a batch of policemen entered fully armed and took in the state of the room including the kneeling Jeff.
Donald 😲💔
I entered the room and stood in shock as I watched Uncle fall slowly to the ground with a strange man holding a gun.
I glanced at Nora, she was holding a gun too. Where did she get the gun?
“Who the fv¢k are you?” I wanted to ask but the words died down in my mouth when I saw her run to the strange man.
For a moment, my heart surged with gratitude towards the strange man.
He save Nora. I didn’t mind that Uncle is dead, after all he had been planning to kill me too.
“Who are you?” I wanted to ask again but the police men interrupted this time.
They looked at the gun in the strange man’s hand and Simon’s corpse.
“You are un-der arrest sire” The police man saluted before talking which only made me more curious.
Who exactly is this man standing here??
🖊️ Haryor Writes 🖊️
We prolly just have one chapter left❤️
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