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Blood sister Episode 43 & 44

episode 43-44
CHARITY : my husband said I am alre-ady on my way to my father’s house
MAMA RITA : what does he mean by that
CHARITY : mama, dont pretend as if you don’t know the meaning, you know the meaning
MAMA RITA : if I know, I will not be asking you
CHARITY : his planning to return me back to my father house
MAMA RITA : so that is the reason you are here, you are not here for the disappearance of your sister
CHARITY : mama my sister is fine, I alre-ady planned this journey to come and see you, until when my husband told me this words, I thought he was drun!k, or maybe he was joking, until he repeated them again this morning
MAMA RITA : what happened, did the two of you fight
CHARITY : no oo, he said I am not a house wife, that I don’t know how to do anything at all, that the only thing I know how to do perform very well, is love ma-king
MAMA RITA : he told you that
CHARITY : Yes, he said you did not raise me up well, he said you fail to perform your duty as a mother
MAMA RITA : what is the meaning of that, how did I fail, am I not the one that raised Rita up, you did not tell him when I was always asking you to join me or go and join your sister in the kitchen, you always refused
CHARITY : mama, I am confused oo
MAMA RITA : I tried, but you always say that, you will not learn what you will not make use of, that you will grow up and get married too a very rich man, then you will employ a maid, is that not what you said, that all your husband nee-d from you is S-x
CHARITY : mama I know, I thought marriage is like that, I thought marriage is all that we watch in movies
MAMA RITA : hmm, dont be decieve my daughter, not all you watch in movies are real, and why are you complaining, is this not the kind of life, you ever wished for, what is keeping you from employing a maid
CHARITY:my husband refused, he said her parents never employed a maid, so he will not employ too
MAMA RITA : so you dont cook for your husband
CHARITY : mama no, I tried cooking but it always end up too salty
MAMA RITA : salty
CHARITY : Yes, kins love me so much, that he beard with me, and even registered me in cooking school, so that I will learn how to cook
MAMA RITA : that’s good nah, I hope you are learning very fast
CHARITY : mama I st©pped attending the school, I did not even attend it up to two months
MAMA RITA : you st©pped, why
CHARITY : the students I was learning with, was not my level, they were not my clas-s, I have to st©p attending the clas-s
MAMA RITA : then you st©p, what have you been feeding your husband with
CHARITY : nothing, he alway go to the fast food to eat
MAMA RITA : fast food to eat, a married man, my daughter your husband is right, you are alre-ady on your way to your father house
CHARITY : mama I am confused what will I do
MAMA RITA : charity I dont know, your issue with your marriage life is not the one bothering me at all, go and look for a way to settle your family problem
CHARITY : mama where are you going to
MAMA RITA : inside my room
CHARITY : but we are still talking
MAMA RITA : about what, if we are going to talk about your missing sister, I will listen to you, any other issue, I can’t interfer
CHARITY : mama
MAMA RITA : stay there and be saying mama, you see a man that put you in cooking school, what did you do, you quit for no good reasons, you are saying mama (she walked away )
( I was in the be-droom slee-ping, when wesley woke me up, then I tried getting up)
WESLEY : no, no, no, baby relax,
RITA : let me go and prepare food for you
WESLEY : baby you are not fine, I did not wake you up, for you to prepare breakfast for me. When I woke up this morning, I wanted to wake you too, when I t©uçhed you, your b©dy temperature was very high, that’s why I did not wake you up again
RITA : I could not sleep last night
WESLEY : why did you nee-d wake me up
RITA : I dont want to disturb you, because I know you were very tired, after a long day at work
WESLEY : not tired, that I will not not help my sick and pregnant wife
RITA : hmmm
WESLEY : what is wrong
RITA : my tummy hurt me, and I am also having this headeach
WESLEY : hmm, this child want to start showing himself again, look at your eyes, it look so dull, you are not fine, let me take you to the hospital
RITA : baby no, I will fine, I just nee-d to relax my head, I will be alright
WESLEY : no I will take you to the hospital
RITA : I am fine my love, go and dress up for work
WESLEY : work, I am not going, I can’t leave you
RITA : I will be fine, dont forget I will be traveling today
WESLEY : it will not work
RITA : it will, I will be fine
WESLEY : only if your b©dy temperature become normal
RITA : it will
WESLEY : plea-se relax and catch some sleep
RITA : I will
( few hours later, I arrived in village)
RITA : mama, mama ( charity [email protected]£ out)
CHARITY : ehhhhh, if i say something, they will all think I am lying, I told them you are fine, that you will come back, and you are here now
RITA : is that a greeting from you
CHARITY : so you want me charity to open this my golden mouth to greet you, as what na
RITA : as your elder sister
CHARITY : elder sister, plea-se get inside and go and eat, because I know you have not been feeding fine, your miserable poor husband cannot feed you, forget this beautiful clothes you are wearing, I know you borrowed them
RITA : hahahaha, live my way, I dont have your time
CHARITY : plea-se when you get inside make sure you eat ooo, there is alot of food inside
RITA : hahahaha ( I went inside )
CHARITY : hmm, Rita is looking good oo, were dis she get all those expensive clothes from? Or did she borrowed them, I know she borrowed it, who must have borrowed her that expensive clothes
When I got inside, my mother was not at home, I went to the kitchen, and serve myself some food to eat. then my witch of a sister walk in
CHARITY : I knew it, I knew you were not feeding fine that’s why I told you to go inside and eat, look at your n£¢k nah, just look at you, you have not even dropped your bag, you are alre-ady eating, eat ee
RITA : charity what is your problem, is it wrong to eat in my mother’s house, especially my mother food
CHARITY : do you know if mamas was the one that prepared it
RITA : then who prepared it if is not mama
CHARITY : who borrowed you this expensive clothes, do you know how much they sell it in botique
RITA : no I dont know
CHARITY : I know you dont know, that’s why you borrowed it
RITA : I dont know, my sister
CHARITY : must you impress me by borrowing clothes
RITA : charity I am not in your house, and I did not know you are in the village before wearing this clothes
CHARITY : ok you want to impress mama abi
RITA : charity what is your problem, what’s up with you and this my attire, do you want them, I will give it to you, if you want it
CHARITY : want what, you want to give me someb©dy clothes, plea-se dont go and put yourself into trouble, by doing good with what is not yours
RITA : fine accepted is not mine, forget this issue
CHARITY : I know is not yours, even this handbag too, I know you also borrowed it
RITA : Yes I borrowed it
CHARITY : I know
RITA : where is mama
CHARITY : she went out( she kept on staring at me)
RITA : why the look
CHARITY : I am just having pity on you, look at you, you have lost so much weight, God will punish that your husband, he want to kill you with hungry, just look at you, ordinary food he cannot provide for his pregnant wife, useless man
RITA : it is your husband that is useless
CHARITY : did you just insult my husband, I can take any insult from you, insulting my husband is what I will not take oo
RITA : you will take insult from me, I am your elder sister and I have every right to insult you
CHARITY : dont insult my husband again
RITA : ( my phone rang, I picked the call and talked to my husband)
CHARITY : ehhhhhh, so you and your husband are theif
RITA : charity you are pushing me oo, you know what I can do to you o
CHARITY : that was then, you cannot do anything again
RITA : hahahaha, God
CHARITY : you are laughing, you think is funny
RITA : charity what is it, why are you attacking me, what are you even doing in this village, I have not had peace of mind, since I entered this house oo
CHARITY: no peace for the borrowers and theif
RITA : what did you just say
CHARITY : you heared me, where did you get that expensive phone from, do you know how much they sell it
RITA : is about the phone now
CHARITY : Yes, the phone, where did you get it from
RITA : I dont know
CHARITY : you dont know, why won’t you know
RITA : my husband just [email protected]£ and give me the phone
CHARITY : ha I said it, your husband stole it, and you collected it
RITA : plea-se I nee-d to rest ( I walk away )
CHARITY : what is happening, Rita has changed, within one week
( two hours later my mother [email protected]£ back)
RITA : mama
MAMA RITA : chineke meh, Rita is this you
RITA : Yes mama is me
MAMA RITA : let me sit down first
RITA : mama
MAMA RITA : how are you
RITA : mama I am fine
MAMA RITA : I can see that, ehhm, charity
CHARITY : mama (she [email protected]£ out)
MAMA RITA : your sister is back o
CHARITY : mama I know nah, is that the reason you woke me up
MAMA RITA : is it not enough to wake you up where have you been Rita
RITA : mama, where else will I be, if not the father of my unborn child house
MAMA RITA : his he taking good care of you
CHARITY : mama, why will you be asking her that kind of question, can’t you see her n£¢k
MAMA RITA : I can see it oo, she is really really looking good
CHARITY : what are you saying, why are you deceiving her na, dont you see, she have lost weight
MAMA RITA : no oo, she did not loose weight oo, she is okay
RITA : mama don’t mind her, I am fine
MAMA RITA : I know my daughter, you are fine
RITA : mama
MAMA RITA : Yes my daughter
RITA : my husband to be and is family will be coming in two weeks time for the introduction first, so I want you to go inform my father kinsmen about it
MAMA RITA : that’s good news my daughter, I will inform them about it, but if I may ask who is him, and when are you coming with him to introduce him to me first
RITA : hmmmmm, I dont think is necessary
CHARITY : hahahaha, so you are ashame to show us your husband to be, why will you be ashame na
RITA : I dont think meeting with the both of you is necessary anymore, when the two of you alre-ady know him
CHARITY : we alre-ady know him, ehhhhhh
MAMA RITA : what is it
CHARITY : mama now I know who he is talking about
RITA : then who is him
CHARITY : his he not my


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