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Blood sister Episode 3

In the evening my mother, decided to visit her friend mama Aka, when she got there, she met mama Aka at home
MAMA AKA : you are welcome my friend, I was about to get re-ady and come and see you
MAMA RITA : what do you expect me to do, I did not see you yesterday at our women meeting
MAMA AKA : hmm, I was planning to come to the meeting but I did not finish what I was doing on time yesterday
MAMA RITA : dont go and kill yourself with work oo
MAMA AKA : what do I do now, my son ebuka call me that he will be coming home on Sunday, you know all this our children in school, when ever they come home, is because of money
MAMA RITA : I know, but you have to take it easy on yourself oh
MAMA AKA : I have heared you
MAMA RITA : so talk to me, you said you wanted to come and see me, I hope all is well
MAMA AKA : Yes all is well, and all is not also well
MAMA RITA : I dont un-derstand mama Aka
MAMA AKA : I heard that Rita has gotten admission to the university
MAMA RITA : oh, you have heard, it is true
MAMA AKA : I hope you have not forgotten that, this is the third time, your daughter Rita has been getting admission to the university
MAMA RITA : Yes I know, she have been waiting because there is no money to s£nd her to school
MAMA AKA : hmm I know, I hope you are re-ady now
MAMA RITA : hmm, my friend let me be truthful to you, I am not re-ady at all oo
MAMA AKA : you are not re-ady again, this is the third time oo, she got admission to the university, the same time with ifeoma her friend, ifeoma is in her third year na, so she is still going to wait till next year again
MAMA RITA : she is not waiting anymore, I have told her alre-ady to forget about school, I can’t start what I cannot finish
MAMA AKA : so is true, I thought Rita is lying oo
MAMA RITA : ohhhhh, so Rita ran to you complaining abi, me I cannot oo, I can’t
MAMA AKA : you cannot, you know you can’t, why have you been deceiving her all this year’s, why did you not tell her, she would have go and start learning how to make hair or clothes
MAMA RITA : it is not too late my friend, there is still time, let her go and learn other work
MAMA AKA : so tell me, why can’t you train her in school, only one of your child oo, what about me that have three children in the university, am I dead, two of us don’t have husband
MAMA RITA : plea-se don’t compare the two of us together, because I know very well it is not this farm work alone, you are using to train your children throu-gh school
MAMA AKA : then what I am using
MAMA RITA : are you asking me, plea-se let us not start, I am going home? I only [email protected]£ to check on you, if you are fine, and as I can see, you are looking very very fine, I am going ehn
MAMA AKA : am still talking to you
MAMA RITA : I dont want to listen again, I have alre-ady told you, I cannot start what I cannot finish , bye bye
(My mother went home, when she arrived home, she called me out with so much anger on her voice)
MAMA RITA : Rita, Rita
RITA : mama, mama I am here
MAMA RITA : what did you go and tell mama Aka
RITA : (silence )
CHARITY : mama is asking you question oo
MAMA RITA : no leave her, she has gone deaf
RITA : mama I only went to tell her that, she should talk to you for me(before I could finish explaining my mother landed a [email protected] on my self)
MAMA RITA : how dare you, I am asking you, why will you take our family issues outside
CHARITY : ehen, so you have the guts to go and tell mama Aka our issue, you are very stupid oo
RITA : did you just say that to me
CHARITY : Yes I did, you are stupid
MAMA RITA : so because I told you I cannot see you throu-gh school, you have to start narrating me in this village
CHARITY : I tire oo
RITA : you call it narration, I have not started, because you have to tell me why you can’t train me, just only me oo, your friend mama Aka, has three children in the university, she is trying her best, why can’t you, and we are leaving fine more than her and her family
MAMA RITA : exactly, that is the more reason, I am very sure, that it is not farm work she is using, I am sure she is selling her b©dy for ma-king money
RITA : mama
MAMA RITA : Yes, she is my very capable of doing it, she is my childhood friend, me I cannot do it oo, because my child want to go to university
RITA : just listen to yourself talk, go and do it also, go and do it, because I believe mama Aka is your very good friend, right from childhood, and there is a saying that say bird of the same feather flock together
CHARITY : Rita, what is the meaning of that
RITA : ask your mother
To be continued. …


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