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Blood sister Episode 14 & 15

Episode 14-15
RITA : charity, I am going out to see a friend, your food is in the kitchen
CHARITY : food, are you done cooking
RITA : Yes, am done
CHARITY : why did you not call me to as-sist you na
RITA : must I call you, before you know the right thing to do
CHARITY : Rita, you would have called me na, very soon I will be getting married and leaving to my husband house, you know I am not that perfect in cooking
RITA : oh, so you know that
CHARITY : I know, but I know I am trying my best
RITA : you are trying your best in food, I hope your husband un-derstand that
CHARITY : Rita, look at the way you are saying it, as if I dont know how to cook at all
RITA : did I say that
CHARITY : I am trying, just that sometimes the food will taste very nice, sometimes it will taste salty
RITA : ayah
CHARITY : that is why I want you to always call me to as-sist you, if you want to prepare food
RITA : you want to learn
CHARITY : I know how to cook, I want to learn how to add salt in food, that’s my problem
RITA : no problem, I will teach you, if you are re-ady to learn now
CHARITY : Rita, what about my marriage
RITA : marriage, I don’t un-derstand, what happened to your marriage
CHARITY : do you support me now
RITA : charity, is not as if I am not happy you are getting married, I am happy, my problem is your education
CHARITY : trust me sist., I can handle the two of it
RITA : are you sure, you know what marriage is
CHARITY : Yes nah
RITA : come to think of it, what is the name of your husband to be
CHARITY : oh, none of you could ask me this question yesterday, his names are, kinsley ebuka ojoifor
RITA : kinsley
CHARITY : Yes, but is friends call him, kins or kinzo, me I call him sugar
RITA : how long have you know him
CHARITY : three months
RITA : three months, you want to marry a man you just met
CHARITY : three months is a enough time
RITA : no it is not, what do you really know about him
CHARITY : everything, his father is late, his mother lives in London with her elder sister, his junior brother wesley lives in nigeria, but always travelling to London, and he have a big company to control oo, is not always around, for over six months now, he have not been around
RITA : did you experience all this things you just told me, all you were told also
CHARITY : of course kins told me
RITA : who are is friends
CHARITY : I dont know, when I visit him, I dont always see is friends, he is a good guy, he doesn’t keep bad friends
RITA : but that three months is too small, you nee-d to watch him very well (my mother [email protected]£ in)
MAMA RITA : who are they watching this time
RITA : mama, charity just met this guy, he want to marry
CHARITY : does it matter, Rita dont start again oo, you never supported this idea of me getting married
MAMA RITA : charity, how long have you known him
CHARITY : mama, three months
MAMA RITA : that’s fine
RITA : fine mama, three months
MAMA RITA : Yes is fine, what about me, I knew your father, the very day I married him, I have never seen him before, until the day he [email protected]£ with is family to marry me
RITA : mama, that is olden days, and the two family alre-ady known each other
MAMA RITA : Rita, three months is okay
RITA : no problem, I am going out
MAMA RITA : to where
RITA : to see a friend
MAMA RITA : friend, hmmmm
RITA : mama, which one is hmmmm
MAMA RITA : nothing ooo
CHARITY : mama leave Rita alone, she is no longer a kid
MAMA RITA : I know why I am asking, Rita dont always go out, it has been long I saw her dress up like this to see a friend, that’s why I am suspecting that your friend is a male
RITA : mama, friend is friend
MAMA RITA : I know, take care of yourself ooo
RITA : ok mama ( I walk away )
CHARITY : mama, do you mean that, Rita dont go out
MAMA RITA : no oo, he dont go out, always at home
CHARITY : so she has decided to start going out, so that she can start attra-cting men to herself, anyone can end up marrying her
MAMA RITA : who told you that is the reason she is going out
CHARITY : it is
MAMA RITA : abeg, I am hungry, is there food at home
CHARITY : Yes, Rita prepared food before leaving the house
MAMA RITA : Rita prepared food before leaving the house, and what where you doing when she was preparing it
CHARITY : mama, she did not tell me, she want to start cooking
MAMA RITA : she did not tell you, ok they should you inform you first, before you know someone will eat
CHARITY : mama, why are you being harsh
MAMA RITA : you are getting married very soon, I hope you know that
CHARITY : mama, I will learn
MAMA RITA : better
Is being five months now, my sister charity got married to kinsley is b©yfri£nd. The marriage was the talk of the town, I esc-rted her to her husband house, I spent one week with her in the city before coming back to the village, some people think is not right, for a elder sister to esc-rt her own junior sister to her husband house, but I am not bothered with whatever they say. The worst of it is that, I am now the latest gist of our gossipers. One day I was coming from the market, I walk pas-s two girls, I was in the front, while they were at my back, no far distance between me and them, they still mocked me
GIRL 1: just look at her
GIRL 2: hahahaha, dont mind her, our village fool
GIRL1: she is not even ashame of her self
GIRL 2: dont mind her, she dont have shame at all, I have never seen were a elder sister esc-rt her own kid sister to her husband house
GIRL 1: she is not married, that’s why she did it
GIRL 2: even if she is single, she have to give herself some respect
GIRL 1: dont blame her, I am sure her mother asked her to do it, and she agreed to it
GIRL 2: must she agree to everything her mother say
GIRL 1: ehnm, that’s was were she got are nickname from na, village fool
GIRL 2: hahahaha, I see, she is really a fool
GIRL1 : if is me, my younger sister got married before me, I will hide my face oo, is a shame
GIRL 2: a very big one
(The two girls mocked so much right in front of me, they were saying all this things for me to answer them, but I turn deaf ear to them, if I answer them, the mockery will be more than the one they have been saying before, I have to follow another road to my house, thinking that all is fine now, A Car pas-sed me and st©p, who must that be I wondered, behold it was ify my friend)
IFY : hello girlfriend
RITA : hi ify
IFY : you are not looking bad at all
RITA : you also, you look good
IFY : Yes of course, I know, I am always looking good, education made it possible
RITA : good to hear that
IFY : I hear your new name now is village fool
RITA : (silent )
IFY : why are you now quite, can’t you talk again
RITA : I have nothing to say
IFY: hmm, that’s shows that, I am not lying, that is your name
RITA : is that the reason you [email protected]£ down from that car
IFY : Yes
RITA : fine I have heard you, the driver is waiting for you
IFY : dont worry about the taxi man, I will pay him for is time
RITA : no problem, I have to go now
IFY : not so fast my love, where are you running to, anyway, how do you feel your junior sister got married before you
RITA : not bad, I feel excited for her, let me also ask you, how do you feel, when you attended charity wedding, the little girl you always bath then, feed her, carried her, s£nd her an errand, when she was a kid, getting married before you, were you not ashamed of it
IFY : why will I be ashame, is a thing of joy, we have to [email protected] with her
RITA : Yes, that’s it there
IFY : for your case is different
RITA : Yes, me and your case is different, I have been engaged before which I turned down, what about you, have you ever been engaged, why are you still single
IFY : hmm( she frown and walk away)
RITA : no come back na
(When I got home, I told my mother what happened on my way home)
RITA : mama I am tired, what is all this
MAMA RITA : is okay
RITA : everyone mock me, they laughed at me, they now call me, village fool
MAMA RITA : is okay my daughter
RITA : mama I feel bad, you caused all this
MAMA RITA : is okay na
RITA : mama leave me alone, how I wish I have somewhere to run to, let me just start my life there
MAMA RITA : you can go and start staying with your sister na
RITA : charity, do you think, that one will allow me
MAMA RITA : why not, I will s£nd for her, you have to go to the city
RITA : I am tired of this village
MAMA RITA : I un-derstand
To be continued.


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