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Babysitting the bad boys season two episode 5

Episode 5
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Secrets and [email protected]ç£]💯
By: Blessing D writes.
(I’m stuck between them)
👖Cole’s POV 👖
“What in the world!?”
“How could two people be so identical?” I exclaimed.
“Don’t be too surprised, they are twins anyways” the man retorted and collected the picture from me.
He transferred Kendra’s picture to his phone afterwards.
“So thank you young man. What is your name?” He inquired.
“My name is cole, cole Davies” I replied.
“Why did you decide to look for Kendra’s parents?” He asked again.
“Well, she’s my girlfriend and I care a whole lot about her that’s why” I retorted.
“Alright, pas-s me your details. I’m sure her parents will reward you once they find her” he said pas-sing a small book to me.
I chuckled and gave him back the book.
“I don’t nee-d a reward and beside I don’t want kendra finding out that I have a hand in this” I told him.
“Hmm why? Why is that?” He asked folding his hand.
“Well, I don’t want her to feel indebted to me” I smiled and stood up.
“I gat to go now” I cooed.
“Wait, I don’t no where she leaves. Where does she stay?” He inquired and I scratched my head and sat down back.
“I have totally forgotten. So sorry” I cooed.
“She’s currently staying at the Salvador’s mansion. The main mansion in the estate” I replied and he wrote it down.
“Alright by tomorrow her parents will come looking for her I guess” he said and I nodded and we stood up together and shook hands.
“Thanks for your help” he beamed.
“My plea-sure” I replied and left the eatery.
Ah thank goodness!
I never thought it’ll be this easy. I mean its not always easy in movies.
It all happened at the perfect time.
By tomorrow I think I’ll be back to school.
I can’t wait to see kendra. I really can’t wait cause I’ve missed her a lot.
Few hours later.
🎀Victoria’s POV 🎀
We arrived London and took a cab to our house here in London.
We lived here years ago when Charles father was still running for election as the governor.
I must say his election ruin a lot of things for us.
His election made us have a lot of enemies.
And it was during that period that I put to be-d. I can’t help but think its an opposite [email protected] that did this to my baby.
Cause we on our own we don’t enemies.
But I promise myself that the person that did this to my baby will be brou-ght to book.
Soon we got down from the cab and Charles unlocked the gate with his pin card and we got in.
“Wow! Mom, dad. Our house here is damn beautiful.”
“I think we should start leaving here from now on” Fred beamed looking around.
“Leaving where? Our lives are now in New York, Fred” Charles corrected as he opened the front door and we got in.
Immediately we got into the sitting room my phone started ringing and didn’t hesitate to pick it up at the realization that it was the pri-vate investigator.
📱 Hello
📱Hello ma’am.
📱Any new news? We have arrived.
📱Yes ma’am, its hvge.
📱Alright, plea-se just come over and tell us. I’ll s£nd you the address of where we are staying.
📱Alright ma’am.
He cut the call and I brou-ght down the phone and looked at Charles.
“There is good news Charles.”
“I think he knows where she’s staying now.”
“I’ll text him our address so he’ll come over.”
“Gosh I wanna see my daughter tomorrow” I beamed and clasped my hands together.
💝Kendra’s POV💝
I opened my door to go out of the room and saw Rico coming out of his room.
“Rico” I called but as usual he ignored me and left.
“Rico st©p this” I yelled to his hearing.
I slammed the door close back when he didn’t listen.
Its more [email protected] for me.
Its really [email protected] for me too.
I tried everything in my power to suppress and let go of the pains but nothing.
I really hate this silent treatment his giving me.
Its hurts like hell.
I feel like am drowning in an ocean.
But what to do?
I can’t leave cole.
I mean I’ve got no good reason to leave him.
Where the hell is he plea-se?
He should just come back so I won’t end up giving up on him.
I’m the one stuck in between two guys.
I’m the one to make the horrible decisions.
I’m the one that’s gonna break one person heart.
Its really [email protected] and sad for me.
I wish I have someone to talk to but no one.
The only person I can talk to is not around.
I don’t even no what to do anymore.
I might pretend to be strong but I’m not.
Each time Rico snubs me I become weak inside.
I want him to un-derstand that its also [email protected] for me.
I mean I aren’t doing it intentionally.
So plea-se let him st©p treating me this way.
plea-se let him just st©p.
Rico strong head plea-se st©p.

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