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Babysitting the bad boys Episode 8

Episode 8
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
💝Kendra’s POV💝
“No!! Get off me, I yelled and tried pushing him away but he weighed me down with his weight.”
Then I placed my hands on his eyes and covered his eyes.
He re-moved my hands f0rç£fully thereby giving me a little space.
I shifted backwards and when he made to gr-ab me I headbu-tted him.
My head started spinning.
“Oh, my!”
“His head is too strong.”
“He gro-an ed and I used that opportunity to get off the be-d but unfortunately he got hold of one of my legs.”
I used my other leg to kick his hand off and he left me but it didn’t last as he sprang up and [email protected]£ at me as I was about to run out.
He dragged me inside and [email protected] me [email protected] across the face.
I screamed in pains and he pushed me to the be-d.
Help!! I yelled loudly.
👖Rico’s POV👖
“F**k! What the hell is delaying Jason?”
“Why isn’t he coming with the pack of c0md0mI asked him to bring down?”
“Lemme go get it. Who knows if he has alre-ady sle-pt off.”
I took the stairs and got to the corridor.
I started hearing someone’s voice and I listened carefully.
“Wait, isn’t that that silly nanny’s voice?”
“What is she even saying?”
I walked closer and heard what she’s saying clearing.
She was screaming for help.
I paused and opened the door slightly to see her struggling with Jason.
“So this is where he is?”
I exhaled and wanted to ignore them.
“Wait, is he trying to [email protected]£ her?”
“Jason will never do that in his normal s-en-ses.”
“But should I st©p her?”
“What concerns me if he [email protected]£s her?” I started off to my room but st©pped mid way and went back.
“F**k! I told her to get out of this house.”
I opened the door and dragged Jason away from her.
“Get out! I gro-an ed at him and he picked the bottle on the floor and left.”
I looked at the nanny and saw that she was crying.
I told you get out of here, didn’t I? I half yelled but she didn’t say anything but continued crying.
I closed my eyes and exhaled de-eply.
I might not be there to save you next time and Jason wasn’t in his rest s-en-ses. Even if you approach him tomorrow he won’t remember a thing.
“Just do what’s best for you, I said and made for the door.”
“Thank you, I heard her say and paused but didn’t turn to look at her.”
I sighed and left, closing the door behind me.
I went down and turned off the music.
“Leave!!” I said coldly and everyone gro-an ed.
“They started leaving almost immediately and mason walked up to me.”
“What happened ?”
“Why did you interrupt the [email protected]?” He asked.
“Make sure everyone leaves, I said instead and took the stairs.”
“Rico, i heard Sheila’s voice but didn’t turn to look at her.”
I’ve been waiting for you sweetie, aren’t we doing it anymore? She asked following me upstairs.
“Aren’t we gonna have s*x anymore?” She asked again when I didn’t reply her.
“Get lost, I said icily and she st©pped following me.”
She knows better.
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
I can’t believe what just happened.
Jason almost [email protected]£d me in the name of alcohol.
“Did Rico just say he won’t remember?”
“That bastard! He even [email protected] me.”
“Oh gosh! Maybe I should run away.”
I can’t bear leaving with the guys.
Next day
I got out of be-d and went to the shower.
[email protected]£ out few minutes later looking like a ghost.”
“Event of what happened last night kept replying in my head.”
I wore my school uniform and carried my bag down stairs to the dinning.
Not withstanding am very hungry.
I saw kora eating with another maid.
“Hey Kendra, she called.”
“Hey, I replied and also sat down.”
“She said something to the maid beside her and the lady stood up and [email protected]£ back with my food.”
I started eating hungrily.
We [email protected]£ down from the van and started walking into the building of the school.
Students were everywhere chatting and pressing their various phones.
“We got to the [email protected] and sat down.”
There was no teacher there.
“Kendra you have been quite. What’s wrong?”
“Are you angry that I st©pped you from s£nding those people away?” She asked.
“Of course not kora.” I’m glad you actually st©pped me, its just that another terrible thing happened to me last night, I said.
“What happened Kendra?”
“Tell me why you’re like this?” She said.
“Jason tried to sleep with me, I said but she didn’t seem surprised.”
“So how did you get out?” She asked.
“Aren’t you surprised?” I asked.
“When they are drun!kits happens.” All of em so that’s why its advised to leave them alone when they are [email protected] and all, she explained.
“Hmm thank goodness he didn’t succeed.”
“So how did you escape him?” She asked.
“Rico, I muttered.”
“What do you mean Rico?” She asked confused.
“Rico saved me kora, you asked how I escaped and am telling you now that he was the one that saved me, I said impatiently. ”
“What?? Rico?”
“Its impossible. Rico will never save you from Jason.” Maybe you didn’t see clearly because you were scared, she said and scoffed.
I looked at her getting pissed.
“Oh gosh kora!”
I didn’t tell you I got blinded, did i ?
I swear that it was him kora. I swear, I said almost yelling and she shook her head.
“Its sounds ridiculous. Rico?”
“That’s a first girlie, she said and smiled.”
“Maybe he’s gonna change after all and I was surprised that the [email protected] didn’t last till mid night.”
I heard from one of the workers that he s£nt them away so it might be true, she said and paused.
“Could he be changing alre-ad?” She asked with wi-de eyes.
I don’t un-derstand you kora. What are you trying to say? I inquired confused.
“Rico might be changing alre-ady, she said and I scoffed.”
Kora and I were walking along the hallway when cole suddenly showed up.
“Hi kendra, I wanna speak with you, he cooed standing with one of his f!nger in his pocket.”
I looked at kora and she also looked at me.
“Oh..okay, i said nervously.”
“He looked at kora and she left.”
“Wait, why is she leaving?”
K.., I wanted to call but he st©pped me
I made her leave. Follow me, he ordered and took a corner.
I followed him behind nervously.
“We don’t no each other. What is happening?”
He st©pped in a quite area and turned to me.
“So what I wanna say is quite simple kendra, he said and paused then continued again.”
I like you and wanna [email protected]£ you, he said and I raised my head to look at him in the eyes.
My eyes wi-de-ned.
“What???” I asked in confusion.
“So is it gonna be a yes?” He asked calmly.

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