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Babysitting the bad boys Episode 34

Episode 34
👖Babysitting The Bad
Boys 😎
💯[Our Nanny] 💯
By: Blessing D writes
(I’m in love with you)
Next day at school.
💝Kendra’s POV 💝
“So, you’ll be leaving next tomorrow?” I asked cole as we walked down the hallway.
“Yea I guess” he replied.
“But, where are you going to cole? Where are you leaving school for?”
“Can’t it wait for now?” I asked starring at him.
“No, I don’t think it can wait” he cooed as we continued walking.
“Hmm alright but why did you leave your wallet with me yesterday?” I asked.
“Oh did I? I didn’t realize” he replied.
“You didn’t? Well take it back” I said extending the wallet to him.
“Come on kendra, how can I take it back? Its alre-ady in your hands now” he replied.
“But, there is a lot of money in it” I said.
“Well, its all yours then” he cooed.
We were both quite for a moment before I finally talked.
“Um..cole, you still don’t wanna tell me the cause of you and Rico’s fight” I asked and noticed him frown a bit but he quic-kly replaced it with a straight face.
“I’ll tell you kendra but this is not just the right time” he replied.
“But when will the right time be?” I asked and st©pped walking.
He took his hand to his hair and scratched it.
“I feel you’ll break up with me once you get to know” he said and I chuckled.
“Geez cole are you for real?”
“I won’t alright? Now tell me” I urged.
“Well later, I don’t just like recalling it” he said and [email protected]£d my hand.
“A little patience alright” he said with smiles and I nodded.
I can’t just wait to find out really.
The electric bell went off and I walked out of the clas-s with kora.
Suddenly students started rushing towards a [email protected] direction and kora pu-ll-ed me along with her to the scene.
From afar I sighted the two formal best friends.
Are they fighting again?
For Christ sake am tired of this boys.
I’ll ignore them.
Let Rico fight and let his dad punish him again, I thought to myself but shook it off.
Soon I saw them gr-ab each other’s collar but before I could get there a teacher appeared and separated them.
“Both of you to the detention room” the male teacher hushed and they disappeared.
I heaved heavily and left with kora to the canteen.
Kora went ahead to order and we both sat and started eating.
“Kendra I won’t be around for a few days, my mom is sick and I have to attend to her” she said and I looked at her.
“Really? You’re leaving?” I asked surprised at her news.
“Yes, am her eldest daughter so I should take care of her” she replied.
“Is she really sick? Like is the sickness really serious?” I asked.
“Yea, she has to un-dergo a surgery” she replied and sighed.
“Oh so sorry kora. I pray she gets out healthy” I said and she nodded.
“Thanks” she replied with smiles.
“So does Mrs Rebecca know about this?” I asked and she nodded.
“I alre-ady called her and informed her about it” she replied.
“Alright extend my greetings to her alright?” I said.
“Yea of course” she cooed.
I suddenly started feeling pressed and I stood up.
“Where are you going?”She asked looking up at me.
“To the restroom” I replied and left.
I walked into the ladies restroom and made use of the toilet. On my way back I walked pas-s a door and saw someone like Rico.
I walked back to the door which looks like a music room and opened it slightly.
I popped my head into the room and sighted him at the far end doing whatever.
Huh! Isn’t he supposed to be in the detention room?
I opened the door wi-dely and closed it back then walked towards him.
I got to where he was and t©uçhed him and he turned and looked surprised to see me.
“Kendra?” He called surprised and finally dropped a book he was holding.
“Hey!” I cooed.
“Hey!” He replied and stared at the floor.
He looked nervous, something I’ve never seen in him before.
“Are you okay? Why do you wanna fight with cole again?” I asked starring at him.
Immediately he heard cole his face turned into a frown.
“Are you that concerned about him now?” He asked and backed me.
“Yea, i un-derstand that his your b©yfri£ndbut do you always have to make me jealous?” He asked still backing me.
“What are you saying?” I asked not un-derstanding anything.
“Damn you care about him too much kendra and I hate it. I really hate it that you’re close to him” he said again till backing me.
“Rico? Wha…what are you saying?” I asked my voice coming out weak.
“I don’t like you being with him.”
“I don’t like you supporting and caring for him alright?” He replied now facing me.
His face was filled with rage and sadness at the same time.
“Why…why don’t you like it? Why does it hurt you that much?” I asked.
“Damn Kendra can’t you see it?” he said walking closer to me.
He got to where I was and stood facing me.
He took my two hands in his and looked into my eyes.
“I..I..I’m in love with you Kendra. I swear I don’t no how it happened” he cooed.
“What…what?” He asked weakly.
“You’re in love with me?” I asked as I started becoming teary for an unknown reason.
“Yes, I really am. Kendra I know I’ve been a j£rk so I don’t expect something in return.”
“But I just wanted to tell you know how I feel.”
“I wanted you to know so my mind will be at rest.”
“Its really surprising, isn’t it?”
“I never imagined that I could be in love with you” he continued saying.
“But like I said its alright if you reject me. I’ll accept it” he said calmly and took his thumb to my face and cleared my tears.
I covered my mouth and busted out into more tears.
I don’t no why am crying but I can’t just st©p myself.
“Kendra I want you to leave this room in three minutes” he said and backed me.
“In three minutes if you don’t leave I might not be able to control myself and k!ssyou” he said still backing me.
“plea-se just go” he added but I found it ha-rd to leave.
I tried moving back but couldn’t.
It was as if my legs were stuck to the floor.
“Aren’t you leaving? A minute is gone alre-ady” I heard him say and tried moving again.
I managed to take two steps backward but didn’t go again.
Its like my b©dy is strongly against it.
Its like am restricting myself but don’t no why am doing it.
Of course, I wanted to leave but I can’t just bring myself to.
Two. I heard him say and he immediately turned back and walked up to me.
Within a sec hisl-ips were alre-ady pressing ha-rd against mine as he k!$$£d me like it was his last.
Tears kept rolling down my eyes as I stood there.
The door suddenly ban-ged open and we dis£ngaged from the k!ss.
I turned to the door and my eyes met with Cole’s.
What? He was burning with rage as he starred at me and Rico.
How did he get here?
It has happen o
One more episode to end season 1
What will happen now between Rico Kendra and cole?

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