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Annabel’s little secret Episode 3

Little Secret
(What happened to her?)
Episode 3
Annabel’s Pov:
“Awwn! What a beanfeast!” Esther exclaimed as we walked into the glooming [email protected] together.
Gosh! I don’t like night [email protected].
“Wohoo!” Some of the dancers on the dance floor screamed in excitement as they wined and twisted their bodies in front of boys.
How can they possibly feel comfortable doing that?
“Wow! Look whom we have here” Tamara said as she showed up with her three friends.
We st©pped walking as they stood in front of us.
“Yeah – hi” Renee said sarcastically.
“Hm. So, you really did come for the [email protected] huh?” One of the girls with her asked.
“Yes. We [email protected]£ to scre-w you” Esther replied and Renee laughed.
“Come on girls, let’s go. We’ve got more important things to do than listening to some chirping birds” Vanessa stated blatantly and we walked away, Renee and Esther chuckling.
All I did was remain silent.
Well, I wasn’t the quarrelling type.
But I wonder what’s their problem anyway. I mean, they’ve always enjoyed picking on me and my sisters.
Well, thank goodness my sisters are not the type that can be bullied.
“I think this should be okay” Vanessa said as we finally found an empty table to sit.
“Yupee!” Esther screamed and plonked herself on a seat.
Geez! What the hell is wrong with her? She’s alre-ady acting like she’s drun!kwhen she hasn’t taken a thing yet.
“Oh my! I wish Victor would be here” she said with a pitiful face and looked around.
I also looked around and geez! The [email protected] was so…I don’t even know how to describe it. But I sure don’t like [email protected] like this.
I always prefer quiet places.
Drinks were alre-ady on the table and we opened them immediately and started drinking.
While my sisters took alcoholic drinks, I went for soft drinks of course.
“I wonder when you’ll grow Annabelle” Renee said as she drink from her own bottle.
She was actually mocking me because I was taking a soft drink – unlike them.
I just smiled and didn’t say a word.
I looked at Vanessa and saw someone coming towards her from behind.
“Hey bae” the tall handsome dude called as he finally got to where she was and held her by the w@!st.
She smiled immediately, guessing who he was.
“Hey handsome” she called as she stood up and turned to face him.
They giggled and k!$$£d.
Renee and Esther looked at each other and laughed silently while I just smiled and looked down at the table.
Well, that was her heroic b©yfri£nd– Sean.
He was a deputy.
“I’ve missed you” she pouted like a baby as they unlocked from the k!ss.
“Same here swii” he replied and took her away.
“Hmm” Esther sighed sarcastically.
“I guess I really nee-d a b©yfri£nd”.
“Sure, you do” Renee laughed and reached for her phone.
She placed a call throu-gh to her b©yfri£nd– Royce.
📞Hello bae. Where are you? I’m at the [email protected] alre-ady.
📞Oh! You can see me?
📞Hurry up!📞
She beamed and ended the call, smiling wi-dely.
“Royce said he’s here” she said and [email protected] her hands.
Esther scoffed.
Not long after, he showed up and Renee felt like screaming.
Geez! She loves this guy too much. I just hope he doesn’t break her heart.
“Hi baby” she called in excitement as they hvgged.
“Hi, love. Did you miss me?” He asked sweetly, ma-king their foreheads t©uçh.
“Of course” she replied and they k!$$£d.
Royce was the only son of his wealthy parents who were into the political world. He was handsome, charming and dreamy and perhaps, that was the reason Renee was so head over heels for him.
“Bye girls” she waved at Esther and I and left with him.
“Oh Annabel; we nee-d to pray. We really nee-d to have a b©yfri£nd” Esther said pathetically and I laughed.
“I wonder When Victor will make a move on me” she further said.
“I mean, he acts like he cares, but he’s never said anything about ma-king me his girlfriend? Am I not beautiful enough?” She asked, taking a look at herself.
“You’re perfect, Esther and you deserve someone perfect. So, wait for your Mr right” I told her and she shrugged and drank from her bottle.
“But I really love Victor. I wish he’d just make a move sooner than later” she said in a disheartening tone.
“Well” she suddenly [email protected]£ lively again.
“Come on, let’s have a dance”.
“You know I don’t dance” I replied, feeling shy alre-ady.
“Really? Ah! Fun – spoiler. Well, I’m not gonna let *b©yfri£nd-less-ness* ruin the [email protected] for me” she said and stood on her feet with her bottle of drink.
“Catch ya” she win-ked at me and left, going to the dance floor.
Yeah – perfect. Now, I’m left alone. I can’t believe these were the same people that persuaded me to come along with them.
By the way, where could Leo be? Should I call him?
I shrugged the idea off and drank from my bottle.
What a boring [email protected].
“Tell me what an angel is doing all alone” I heard someone say from behind and it almost made me spill drink from my mouth.
Luckily, I didn’t.
I turned and of course!
It was him.
“Hi” he smiled charmingly as he sat facing me.
“Hey” I reciprocated, trying to get over the shock.
“You actually scared me” I added and he laughed.
“Really? When will you ever get rid of this ch!ppy attitude of yours, Anna?” He asked and I chuckled.
I really don’t know why I get too scared.
“So, how’ve you been?” He asked, taking a drink from the table.
“I’m fine Leo. Um…and you?”
“I’m good” he replied and drank from the bottle.
I took out time to stare at him.
He was doubly handsome, had this cute baby lashes and those were the things I admired most on him.
“How was school today?” He went ahead to ask.
“Mm. Boring as always. I really can’t wait to get done with it.” I replied and he laughed.
“Yeah – don’t worry. You have just a few months left.”
We didn’t say anything for a while and it made me kind of nervous.
“Um..Annabel” he finally called and for no reason, I felt my heart skip.
“Yes?” I replied as I lifted my head to look at him.
“Actually,” he paused and sighed.
“There’s something important I really nee-d to tell you.”
My eyes were alre-ady gushing with curiosity.
I suddenly wished I could have a peep into his head to see what he had in mind.
“You’re a nice person, Annabel, a lovely lady. And…all the times we’ve been together…I’ve cherished them so much.
“Annabel, I…”
His phone started ringing immediately, cutting him off.
What the heck?
He looked at the screen and with the look on his face, the caller seemed important.
“I’ll be right back” he said and left the table, probably going to receive the call.
Oh, God!
Esther [email protected]£ running to me immediately.
“Annabel!” She squeaked, her eyes shining like a florescent bulb.
“What did Leo say to you? I saw him holding your hand!”
What? She was actually watching us?
“What did he say?” She asked again as I acted dumbfounded.
For the first time, I was that nervous because of a guy. My hands were all sweaty alre-ady.
“I…I nee-d to make use of the restroom” I stuttered and took my bag immediately, leaving the table.
Vanessa’s Pov:
After spending a long time with Sean, he got an urgent call at the office and had to leave and so, I decided to check up on my sisters.
Surprisingly, when I got there,the table was empty.
Huh? Where have they gone to?
I took a seat and opened a new bottle of wine. Where could my sisters be? I can’t wait they also went out to get fun.
Not long after, Leo [email protected]£ up to me.
“Hey Vanessa” he beamed and I smiled back at him.
“Hi. Care for a drink?” I replied and asked.
“No, plea-se. I’m okay. Uh…where’s Annabel?” He asked, taking his eyes around.
“I seriously have no idea. I mean, I just returned and couldn’t find any one of them” I replied and he flin-ched.
“But…she was here not long ago. We were actually talking before I left to make a call. I told her I’d be back” he explained and I shrugged.
“Well…maybe she got tired of waiting or left with one of my sisters” I replied and immediately, Esther showed up.
Hold on; she was drun!k.
“Hallo, big sis” she called and laughed and fell on a seat.
“You’re so unbelievable Esther. why did you drink too much? Anyway, where’s Annabel?” I asked and she yawned wildy.
“Annabel?” She repeated and looked behind.
“Didn’t she say she was going to the restroom? I mean, that was what she told me. Hold on; isn’t she back? Is she giving birth or what?”
I sighed and stood up.
“I’ll just check up on her then” I told Leo and left.
I found my way to the girls restroom and when I got there, the only people I saw were two ladies…k!ssing.
What the heck?
I ignored them and went further to check the other rooms. But there was no sign of Annabel.
Geez! Where was she?
I returned outside to where my sisters were and good enough, Renee was Back.
Leo was still there as well.
“Did you find her?” He asked as soon as I got there.
“Obviously no. She’s not in the restroom. Renee, did you happen to see Annabel?” I asked.
“Hell no. I’ve been with Royce the whole time”.
“Maybe we should try calling her” Esther said dizzily, lying her head on the table.
“I alre-ady did. But her lines are switched off” Leo replied.
It was obvious he was getting perturbe-d.
“Huh? But she was having enough battery, right?” Renee asked and Esther lifted her head immediately.
“Hold on; what are you girls talking about? So, where’s Annabel?” She flin-ched.
Now, the story begins.

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