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Anita & Marvin final Episode

There is a time for everything un-der the sun; a time to laugh and a time to cry, a time for peace and a time for war, a time for rejoicing and a time for mourning. These events are inevitable and can happen at anytime, but all we pray for is that it happens at the appointed and right time. It was clear that Marvin’s [email protected] from Anita didn’t happen at the right time because they hadn’t even started their journey together as a couple. Different times have different reactions for the same thing or event; Anita felt so broken and shattered because Marvin left her too soon.
“Anita! Anita!” Marvin’s mum screamed immediately Anita fell on the floor. They rushed to where she la-id, only to find out that she was breathing fas-ter than normal. The nurses who were around the scene rushed to where Anita la-id and tried to revive her. Marvin’s mum kept screaming continuously and almost went insane. They jacked her up and la-id her on the same be-d Marvin [email protected] from.
The whole atmosphere was tensed as everyone was trying all they could to revive Anita. “My daughter you can’t leave me too, plea-se come back to me” Marvin’s mum said with tears flowing uncontrollably from her eyes. After some minutes of trying to revive Anita, her eyes opened with tears in it. Everyone sighed in relief and Marvin’s mum couldn’t help it but hvg her afterwards. “Where do you think you’re going to? plea-se my child, don’t do this to me again, I can’t lose you too” Marvin’s mum said with tears in her eyes.
Anita la-id her head on Marvin’s mum che-st as she sobbe-d, “Mummy is Marvin back?” she asked in a low tone, with tears falling off her eyes. For a second, Marvin’s mum was confused on which reply to give Anita as she didn’t want her to [email protected] again. “It’s ok my daughter, lets leave this hospital and go to somewhere else, we’ll talk about Marvin when we get there” Marvin mum said and beckoned on her to get up so they could leave. They went to a h0tel nearby to stay as they waited for day to break. Marvin’s brother booked their flight tickets back home and made preparations for his brother’s b©dy to be transported back to the state they resided in.
All throu-gh their stay in the h0tel, Anita didn’t blink an eyes, talk more of slee-ping. She sobbe-d all throu-gh and her temperature went up due to the stress she was going throu-gh. The time scheduled for their flight [email protected]£ and they boarded and headed back home. Those few hours Anita sat on the plane were very traumatizing for her because the reality on ground started to dawn on her.
“Mummy why isn’t Marvin with us? Why did we leave him behind?” she sadly asked and Marvin’s mum told her that Marvin was in a good place. “I’m sure he would be so happy wherever he is, knowing that he loved a darling like you in his lifetime here on earth. It breaks my heart to see you suffer like this, try and find a place in your heart to accept that Marvin is in a good place now. I’m sure he would have wanted you to go with him but felt you still have a lot of wonderful things to accomplish here on earth. If my son has just 50 seconds to come back on earth to see someone, I’m sure he would give up everything just to see your pretty face again. I’m sorry for not giving you a healthy man to love, I’m sorry for everything you had to pas-s throu-gh just because you opened your heart to my son. I love you forever and would be your mum till the day I die. Everything I have is yours and my family will always be your family. We would support and love you till the very end and would always keep you in the sacred place of our hearts. My daughter, try and open your heart to love again; you can’t shut the doors to your heart and deny yourself a happy family, just because my son left you when you nee-ded him most. I pray you find another man who would love you like my son did and even more. You will always be the apple of my eyes my darling daughter, now clean your eyes and cry no more. Be grateful for the little time you spent with my son and appreciate every moment you both shared. The death of a loved one isn’t the end of the world, everything would be alright eventually and you would definitely find reasons to smile again” Marvin’s mum said and hvgged her afterwards.
Marvin’s mum words were like honey to Anita soul. It gave her the strength she never felt she had, it re-energized her and made her see life from another angle. Oh! What a blessing it is if you have someone to comfort you in the time of grieve; someone with the right words, capable of bringing every pain to naught and giving you another good reason to smile or live again. “I’m glad he can look at me wherever he is and smile from a place of happiness and not from a place of pain” Anita said to Marvin’s mum and she nodded in agreement.
They finally arrived home and Anita’s parents were alre-ady at Marvin’s house with his dad. Marvin’s dad had informed Anita’s parents of Marvin’s demise, so they [email protected]£ to comfort and console them. Immediately Anita’s mum caught a sight of her daughter, she shed tears as she imagined all she might had gone throu-gh while she was with Marvin at the hospital. They noticed how slim and malnourished she had become and went to hvg her. “May God bless you my daughter” Marvin’s dad said as he hvgged Anita too. She started crying all over again and everyone consoled her with tears in their eyes too.
Evening [email protected]£ and Anita had to leave with her parents. They bid her goodbye as she left and it broke Marvin parents heart to watch her go as they wished she could be their child. “Such a remarkable and selfless young lady” Marvin’s mum complimented with tears flowing down her cheeks as she waved goodbye to Anita.
Days turned to weeks and weeks to months. Marvin’s burial day [email protected]£ and he was la-id to rest amidst tears. Everyone took turns to give their tribute till it got to Anita’s turn. “It’s still ha-rd to believe that you are gone and it would take a long time for me to finally come to terms that you aren’t here with me anymore. You were my happiness, my joy, my peace and the love of my life. Life has been so lonely without you but I’m thankful that you are in a place where you can’t feel pains again. I’m glad to have met a man like you and I’m blessed to have loved you Marvin. I would always carry you in my heart because that’s where you belong forever. I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I’ll still love you tomorrow and forever. Sleep well my love, till I see you again” She said and dropped a rose on his coffin. It was ha-rd but life had to move on!
Love the people in your life with all your heart and don’t ever hesitate to be there for them because one day, you’ll only have the memories you shared with them.
Love ha-rd , take care of your family members, give your last kobo to make someone happy, be selfless, treat and respect people well. Don’t ever live in regrets of why you didn’t do some certain things for some people while they were still here with you. Give your all to the person you love and st©p living in fear. Love is the ultimate prize of life, don’t ever lose the race for not showing it.
……… THE END……
Thanks for staying tuned till the end,

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