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Anita & Marvin Episode 4

written by Blasters series
Episode 4
Love is powerful and has the ability to give life to a dying soul. For a second, Marvin couldn’t believe that Anita was sitting beside him. It took a while for him to fully realize that his mind wasn’t pla-ying games with him and that she was truly there. Marvin’s joy knew no bound and he didn’t let his critical health condition get in the way of expressing how he felt at that moment; he was happy to see her indeed.
“Babe how did you…, I mean, how where you able to pu-ll this off? He asked stuttering and Anita smiled. “Did you think I would be able to stay away from you for much longer? I couldn’t bear it anymore and had to come down here to be with you” she said and k!$$£d his forehand. Marvin summoned all the strength he had and wra-pped his arms around her, “I miss you baby and I’m glad you are here. You have no idea how much this means to me, I love you more than words can say” He said with tears in his eyes. Anita immediately noticed how skinny he had become and wanted to cry but had to be strong so as not to ruin their happy moment.
After hvgging for a while, Marvin la-id back to rest because he was alre-ady getting tired. While he sle-pt, Anita inquired from his brother and mum of the situation on ground concerning his health and they told her that Marvin wasn’t getting any better despite the administered treatments. Anita suddenly [email protected]£ scared and heartbroken, she wanted to hear some good news but apparently, the reverse was the case.
Marvin’s brother had to leave shortly in order to attend to some urgent pressing issues at work, leaving Marvin to the care of his mum and Anita. While he was gone, Anita never left Marvin’s be-dside and was pres£nt during every doctor’s appointment and treatment. She was Marvin’s knight in shinning armor and his strength in times of weakness. It was heartbreaking for Anita to watch the man she loved, slowly fade away from her hands but she was hopeful and had learnt to be strong whenever she was with him.
Unfortunately, Marvin’s health deteriorated the more and he started experiencing severe pains mostly at nights which made it difficult for him to sleep properly. At first, they thought it was just a minor crisis that would fade with time but it persisted rather. Marvin would toss back and forth in severe pains and grew slimmer because he wasn’t slee-ping at nights anymore. The doctors were called upon whenever it started and they usually administered treatments but nothing changed.
In one of those horrible nights, Anita had to leave the room when the doctor [email protected]£ in and went to the balcony to cry. She cried bitterly and re-leased every emotion she had been bottling up in her heart. Anita felt helpless and it killed her to know that she couldn’t do anything to help the man she loved. “Why Marvin of all people? What did he do wrong? Lord plea-se give me some of his pains so I can carry his burden for him. He doesn’t deserve all this; he is a selfless and good man” she said sobbing.
It isn’t a plea-sant experience to watch someone you love die slowly and you can’t do anything to save them; trust me when I say that’s the height of helplessness. Anita cleaned her eyes afterwards and went back to the hospital room. The late night pains continued, even after the doctor’s efforts to st©p it.
Marvin’s mum contacted a specialist and an appointment was secured. She got an urgent call few days later from the specialist and was asked to come in place of Marvin (since he was un-der intense care). Without hesitating, she left to return the next day and left Marvin to the care of Anita. While she was gone, the couple were a bit happy because they finally had an alone time with just themselves.
“I’m your mum now” Anita jokingly said, “whatever you want, I’m at your service” she added laughing. Marvin smiled for the first time in days and Anita was astonished, “Is that a smile I see on your face? Thank you Jesus oh, thank you Lord” she said and started dancing. Marvin laughed more and was happy to see Anita in such a happy mood because it had been a while since they smiled or laughed. “Come closer mummy” Marvin jokingly said and Anita laughed. “Of course I’ll come closer, shift so I can lie down too” she said and la-id on the be-d with him.
It was a beautiful moment for them and they wished it would last forever. Marvin hvgged her ti-ghtly with all the strength he had and didn’t want to let go of his grip. “Are you scared?” he asked out of nowhere, “Scared for what” Anita replied, “scared that you might wake up someday without me by your side” he sadly said.
Marvin’s words brou-ght tears to Anita’s eyes. She didn’t want to ever imagine her life without him in it, “I wake up each day hoping that this whole thing is just a big prank but get disappointed every time. I don’t think I’ll be the same again if anything ever happens to you. I miss seeing you healthy, I miss us and I miss your t©uçh. I wish I could share your pains with you. I will give up anything just for you to be healthy again my love, I’m hopeful that everything would be alright” she said with tears in her eyes. Marvin k!$$£d her forehead over again and finally ended the k!sson herl-ips.
They k!$$£d pas-sionately and Anita didn’t want to st©p because she missed him more than words could say. She was careful not to press her b©dy [email protected] on Marvin’s b©dy because he wasn’t too strong. After k!ss!ngfor a while, they cu-mddled each other and wished that moment would last forever. It was there and then that Anita noticed how faint Marvin’s heartbeat was because her head was placed on his che-st. She cried silently and held him even ti-ghter.
A doctor [email protected]£ in shortly to check up on Marvin and smiled when she saw the cute couple all cu-mddled up. Anita had to get up afterwards so the doctor could do her work. As Anita stood and watched, her heart broke at the sight of Marvin lying helplessly on the hospital be-d. Her mind were occu-pied with thoughts and she was overshadowed with fear.
When the doctor was done, Marvin la-id back to rest so Anita followed the doctor to inquire on the situation on ground concerning Marvin’s health. “Hello doctor, plea-se how’s he doing? Would everything be alright soon?” she curiously asked, “That’s a confidential information that I can’t disclose, unless you are related to him or his spouse” the doctor politely said.
Anita knew that she wasn’t related to Marvin neither was she married to him yet, so at this point, she didn’t know what else to say. “I took a leave of abs£nce from my job just to be here to stay by his side, I haven’t been myself in a long while due to the emotional trauma and torture I’m going throu-gh, I’m dying slowly each day as I watch the man I love sl!paway form my hands. I’m scared of the outcome of what tomorrow would be; I’m scared every time he takes a nap, I’m scared that he might be gone anytime. I beg you to just tell me what is going on, so I know what lies ahead of me” Anita said with tears alre-ady falling off her eyes.
The doctor was t©uçhed, shook her head and said “Marvin might be gone anytime from now, I’m so sorry”.
So sad right, I’m even crying..
To be continued tomorrow…
lets see how much you guys love this story… your respond will determine if i’d post or not… although am happy you unlocked this epidode
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