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On the lioness tail episode 14

Episode 14.
She woke up with sweat pouring down from her b©dy.
Kaya looked around the tiny room while breathing ha-rd
Everywhere fell silent except for few gr-unting animal noise coming from far,
cricket chorused nearby.
The evening was approaching, the sun was almost going down.
This was the third day, a day she has made up her mind to leave but due to reoccurring of the headache ma-king her uneasy, Yuri made a special root for her.
She drank and decided to take a nap but was awaken by another terrifying dream.
Maya’s husband was almost drowning and she couldn’t save him.
The chief of Zukumo, her father wanted to pu-ll him out but the river swallowed them up within a twi-nkle of an eye.
Kaya knew that Maya’s husband and her father must be in a serious trouble.
Is probably that Maya didn’t follow the given instructions for her husband to be well again because if Maya had done the right thing she won’t be having the same dream repeatedly.
Kaya went outside the tent.
She stood looking round.
Yuri was nowhere in sight.
She can see two horses, one for her and the other for him which means that he didn’t go far.
Kaya nee-ded a cold bath after sweating all over in her sleep.
There was a nearby stream that Yuri showed her.
She decided to stroll down and have a quic-k wash.
On getting to the river, she quic-kly went un-der the stream and allowed the cool water to run all over her.
She stayed un-der the water for long until the dream she had earlier begin to flash back in her mind.
Kaya sh0t her eyes and prayed to the gods to show her what to do.
She continued beseeching them for mercy and protec-tion over her family.
She pleaded for another chance for Maya’s husband and for her father to survive whatever the enemy is throwing at them.
Kaya did not leave even as the sun went down and animals where returning to their different dens.
The gods showed her a leaf, Kaya was seeing a [email protected] leaf which was called tekah.
She doesn’t know what it means or how to go about it. She doesn’t even know what to do with the said leaf.
Kaya was praying as she spreed out her hand begging the gods to explain what the leaf stands for but no answers [email protected]£.
She suddenly pause when she felt a pres£nce of someone or something coming close to her.
Kaya opened her eyes and looked up, there stood Yuri.
He was staring at her in total wonder.
Kaya felt cold as she stepped out of the water
She has been un-der the running stream for a while.
Yuri was speechless and didn’t know what to say as Kaya greeted him with a smile but he couldn’t respond he continued staring at her.
She walked pas-s him and walked back to the house.
“Are you a deity, a diviner, warrior, a…a…I don’t know. What are you exactly… Kaya?
Yuri finally asked as they got to their tent.
Kaya ignored him, she went straight to the fire place and to sit so that
She can warm up.
Something was cooking on the fire.
“….Why didn’t you take off your clothes since you wanted to bath..
Kaya turned and looked at him…
“….I mean not all your whole clothes… maybe you could have left the inner clothing that women usually wear…
Kaya ignored as she positioned herself well on the fire place…
“…You are cold… let me get you a warm to cover up
“No, thanks….I…I…
She was really cold and couldn’t resist the kind gesture. She nodded instead.
Yuri quic-kly covered her up.
“…I went to uproot more herbs for your health. I was taken aback when I didn’t see you around the tent after returning. I thought you might have gone to the stream, on getting down I was quiet shock to see you spre-ading out your hands and speaking something that I couldn’t hear well or un-derstand. There was an aura, strange and strong feeling cycling the whole stream which made me wonder if you are kind of a spiritual person like a diviner. Who are you really Kaya…?
Kaya turned and looked at him
She can smell his scent and feel his warm very close to her.
She felt strange as their eyes met for sometime before Kaya suddenly stood and started packing her things.
“I nee-d to leave this place. I have to go…I don’t know what I’m still doing here when everything around me is falling [email protected]..
Yuri went to hold her hand.
“I un-derstand that you want to leave, is your decision Kaya and I’m glad our [email protected] crossed. This three days that you have been here has been the best moment of my life. I wish it will remain so but you have other things doing not living in the wood with me. I will also have to be returning… maybe after you leave…
“Pardon me for not asking where you come from. The only thing I know about you is that you are a warrior and your name is Yuri who lives in the heart of the forest. Where do you come from…
Kaya asked Yuri as she re-moved her hand from his and sat on the wooden be-d
Yuri replied with a smile.
“I’m delighted that you finally asked. You must have thought I live among the animals in the heart of this forest. Anytime I’m coming from war or any important as-signment I usually pitch my tent anywhere I feel plea-sed with. My enemies maybe lur-k-ing around, I don’t give them a chance to know my movement or whereabouts. This is my second time of pitching my tent in this forest….the first was in a different location where I have to walk miles to find clean water, this is my first time around this side. I didn’t want to at first but some strange f0rç£ pushed me into settling here. The gods are with you Kaya, they probably saw that you you nee-ded a little help and s£nt me. I come from Fiji kingdom and I will be returning also. I should have been gone but for your sake I remained here. I don’t know how we will meet again but if it plea-ses the gods for our paths to cross for the second time then it plea-ses me too. Can you stay for another night Kaya…is alre-ady late and I will be worried sick if you leave in your current state of health…?
Kaya realized that Yuri lives in a village close to where Maya’s.
“I will stay tonight but early morning tomorrow I will rode off. The gods revealed to me that my father is in big trouble so also is my sister’s husband. I nee-d to go and do something. As I was praying at the stream, a leaf was shown to me…I don’t know what to do with it or how to identify it. I guess it has answer to my prayers. The wind whispered the name clearly as “tekah” I really don’t know what to do or where to locate this leaf.
Yuri looked at her surprised.
“Tekah????…I know the leaf. Is a straight line plant that grows inside a dark cave. It’s found in the lioness den. That’s the only place it can be seen. You can’t go there is far too dangerous. I have a de-ep scar on my th!gh, it was an attack by a lioness. They are angry and dangerous set of wi-de animals who protects their territory and everything in it. Tekah is a powerful leaf, is an anti-poison and works like magic. Once gotten you will nee-d to open the mouth of the victim and squee-ze a drop of the jui-ce in it, just a drop and whatever is the sickness will disappear with immediate effect. if you have to get the leaf you have to first conquer this dangerous animal which is an enemy to man. You have to kill it first before being able to t©uçh that leaf. If you check around the place you will see skeletons and skulls of men who were eaten up by the lioness after they attem-pted to get the leaf. No man comes out there alive…
Kaya was quiet.
She began to wonder that since everything surrounding the tekah was this dangerous why did the gods showed it to her.
Since they want her to get this tekah, it also means that they will protect her.
She was quiet for a very long time.
“My father can’t die…no…no. my father is a good man who has a pure heart for his people. Someb©dy has plotted to kill him just as the gods showed me, I just can’t watch it happen. My sister’s husband too…I have to do something quic-k. There’s no much time left to waste. I wish there’s another means but the gods only asked to use this tekah.
Yuri relaxed back on the wall, he [email protected] out heavily before saying.
“Since it means so much to you then I will help you Kaya. Even if it means risking my life for it then I’m re-ady. I will leave early tomorrow to the cave, I nee-d to work on my weapons for war tonight because defeating the lioness won’t be easy…
“I’m coming with you Yuri, we can fight together and defeat the beast.
Yuri tried to talk her out of it but her mind was determined.
They arranged their things that night and early morning the following day they both jumped on their horses and left for the cave to retrieve the healing leave called tekah
Kaya silently thanked the gods for s£nding a man like Yuri to her aid as they speed down to the most dangerous place in the forest.

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