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On the lioness tail episode 13

Episode 13.
Seeing she wasn’t willing to comply but re-ady to fight, they pushed the weakest of them all to beat her.
Kaya put her sword away and decided to use her hand instead.
And just with one [email protected] b!ow to the man’s nose, blood gushed out.
She re-leased another one which s£nt him crashing heavily on the ground.
The second man was s£nt to beat Kaya down since the first can’t get up from the ground with blood gushing out from his nose.
Kaya defeated him and also the third and fourth man wasn’t a match for Kaya’s strength.
A warrior who had pitched tent in a near by forest heard several sounds of shouting and sword as he was gathering bush fruits, he quic-kly jumped on his horse and followed the sound.
As he got close he [email protected]£ down from his horse and quietly ran down to where the whole noise was coming from.
He hide in between over grown plants and watch.
He was shock to see a young girl fighting hefty men.
She has defeated some of them and still has more to defeat.
He wanted to interfere and rescue the young lady but he saw the skilled way she fights and decided to watch.
If it becomes difficult for her he will jump in and save the day.
Kaya was breathing [email protected] as the remaining six men paired themselves in twos.
The first two attacked Kaya and after a long fight she defeated them.
The second stronger pair attacked.
As Kaya fought r0ûghly with one and was alert with the second one who seem to be targeting behind her back.
Suddenly something slashed throu-gh her arm.
The second man’s sword sliced her arm and she started bleeding.
Kaya continued fighting.
A b!ow landed on her eyes, darkening her vision.
She staggered but didn’t fall.
Kaya knew she was weak and was loosing so much blood. She still has two last stronger men to fight.
She does not know how long she will last in the fight but she won’t make it easy for any of them.
Kaya charged angrily at the one that sliced her arm with his sword.
She chopped of some [email protected] of his ear with her sword before beating the one that gave her a black eyes down.
And after a long battle they were on the ground.
She has defeated eight of them and was re-ady to face the last two men standing.
One of the men smile as he approached Kaya.
“We un-derestimated you young lady, you single handily brou-ght down eight of our men and still standing, that’s something I haven’t seen or heard before. A woman who fight like a warrior. We have never heard of a female warrior because they don’t exist. But today, we have seen one. Who are you…or what are you? Are you sure that you are a woman? I saw the way you fought…is extraordinary.
Kaya was begining to bleed seriously, she nee-ds to leave so that she can find a way to st©p the blood.
She wasn’t paying attention to what the man was saying she was looking for a way to escape.
She was too weak to continue fighting after loosing so much blood.
She started moving towards her horse in a stylish way.
The other man was still talking when his [email protected] suddenly threw his sword at Kaya but she dodged it to the amazement of the men
“… you beat our men… congratulations! but I promise you that you won’t leave here with your b©dy [email protected] intact. After dealing with you, we will take everything you have and take turns in visiting your honey well. I can see you are moving back… Are you trying to escape? oh you are weak and can’t fight again. Sorry lady warrior, is our turn…lets have fun. Just for you to know, I have a large appetit for women, I have dealt with some in a horrifying way, some couldn’t survive the size of my man-hood and strength, they died and that’s the end of them because nob©dy cares much about women, others survive but their life is never the same again. I will give you triple of what I gave to them. Your br£@st is beckoning me forward, your b©dy even knows my name. Is whispering my name in the most sweet melodious voice that I have ever heard. I can hear your sweet b©dy calling me Peru… Peru come and eat me up hahahaha. My name is Peru, I’m a dangerous man and I will be the first to have a taste of you before every other person. I bet you will be so delicious….Hahahahahaha!
Says the man that threw his sword at Kaya.
Kaya was angered by the man’s words, he was looking at her with hunger in his eyes.
the man and his word disgust her and it energized her to angrily charge towards him before he can reach for another sword.
Kaya stroke his hand as he wanted to gr-ab a near by sword.
He dodged few stroke and block some with his hand.
Kaya saw that Peru was indeed a strong man and won’t be easy to beat.
She thought of his words again, the women he [email protected]£d and they died. nob©dy cares about them because they are only women.
Such thought was another strong drive for Kaya who went for his jugular.
Her sword slashed throu-gh it before something [email protected] and firm hit her on the head.
She fell heavily to the ground.
It was the second man that hit her.
Peru rushed towards her while she was still on the ground and trying to get up.
The bush began to shake.
The warrior did that on purpose.
it distracted Peru which gave Kaya the chance to dive her sword into his abd0m£n.
Peru fell to the ground while his [email protected] started running away.
Kaya threw a big tree trunk at him.
It hit him right on the head and he fell face down..
Kaya’s vision [email protected]£ blurred. She tried to get up but was too weak.
She f0rç£d herself to her feet but loosed balance as everything around her was clouding up.
As she was falling back to the ground a strong arm caught her and lifted her to his shoulder.
She [email protected] out and didn’t know who or what carried her away.
Lord Mario, Romo and his mother, Tira couldn’t st©p laughing.
“… she is heavily stuffed with decayed [email protected] She believed me when I told her that Romo will get married to her since she enjoys being a chief’s wife. Can you imagine the stupid woman? Thinking my own son will stoop low to have something to do with her. The look on her face was everything for me to laugh when I told her that Romo will get married to her.
They bur-st out laughing again.
Before Tira said.
“May the gods strike her [email protected] for thinking my only son will descend to her level and make her his wife. I can’t begin to imagine having Zain as a daughter in-law, it will be earthquake in the entire kingdom.
“Father, of all the beautiful women, single and waiting for men to come for them and how they will wear their pride as peac0ckif I happen to pick any of them to be mine… single, beautiful women fill everywhere and lady Zain thinks I will marry her? May the gods forbid it for me to eat food another man remains. I’m a chief in waiting and women should be rushing me just as father told me..
Mario interrupted.
“Yes son, women will be praying to the gods for you to marry them. You don’t nee-d to rush, once you become the chief, you can pick as many wives as you de-sire. You can’t sit on the throne without a wife, we will arrange one Young beautiful woman for you first but after you @ssume the throne you can marry as you wish. After all, women are meant to be used and dump. Zain is only day dreaming, I’m using her to clear the road for us to take over. Once Dre is dead, and Opa is framed for his death, everyone will be at our mercy which includes Bambira, late chief Pasi’s wife. We will do to them as we plea-s. We’re only waiting for the good news that Dre is dead. That will be enough [email protected] for us…
They continued laughing without knowing that Salabi, Mario’s first wife was listening.
Salabi decided to go and warn Opa concerning Zain.
Zain kept on fantasizing how she was going to be Romo’s first wife.
The title that Opa was holding and feeling like the world was on her shoulder.
Zain laughed out loud because very soon she will be the first wife to a Chief and maybe the only wife which will be a dream come true for her.
She kept close watch on Opa. She has succeeded once in putting small content in the chief’s food without Opa knowing.
She still has like five more time to go before the chief will drop dead.
Chief Dre will died gradually and opa will be accused.
She will later become Romo’s first wife and make Opa suffer for years.
Zain also put the second time and the third.
After Salabi visited Opa, Zain noticed that Opa no longer leaves food in the kitchen.
She wondered why but didn’t give up.
The content she alre-ady added will be killing Dre gradually, it would have made it quic-ker if she has added up to five times but she will be looking out for any tiny opportunity to finish up what she started so that she can become Romo’s wife. the next chief of Zukumo.
When Dre [email protected]£ sick, she knew the poison was begining to take effect.
She just can’t wait to become the first and only wife of Zukumo kingdom.
Maya shakes her husband but he was irresponsive.
She has been so angry at Maran and even confronted her and they ended up fighting.
She has totally forgotten how many times she was supposed to stroke the earth and there was something else Kaya said about the sun.
Her whole b©dy [email protected] in anger after Kaya left.
Maya has been engulfed in rage and decided to confront Maran first before doing what Kaya said.
It was after the whole ordeal that she remembered and decided to do it but she can’t remember everything.
As she checked her husband he wasn’t responding.
She can see his che-st going up and down and knew if she doesn’t do something quic-k her dear husband will die.
Maya quic-kly called a mess£nger and s£nt him to Zukumo to fetch Kaya immediately.
Kaya blinked severally to ascertain where she was.
“slee-ping beauty has finally woken up”
Kaya turned to where the voice was coming from.
She saw a tall, good looking young man with large ba-re che-st staring at down at her and smiling.
Kaya’s heart skipped as she tried tou-ching every [email protected] of her b©dy to ascertain if something happened while she [email protected] out.
Her previously bleeding arm was tied up firmly with string material.
She still feels pain in some [email protected] of her b©dy, her head aches heavily.
Kaya tried to get up from the wooden be-d but fell back.
“Who are you, where am I… what did you do to me???
The young warrior, added more wood to the burning fire.
He was cooking something that smells delicious which makes Kaya’s stomach to growls.
He took a small stool and [email protected]£ to sit opposite Kaya.
“I’m Yuri, you are right in the middle of the wood… the heart of the forest. And as for your last question of what I did to you…I saved your life and that of your horse.
Kaya’s stomach made another loud noise.
“I’m ma-king herb soup with antelope meat. You will like it and it will help you heal up fast.
Kaya looked from his smiling face to his ba-re che-st before looking away.
Yuri stood and [email protected]£ back with a plate of h0t soup for Kaya.
Kaya tried to sit up but felt pain on her side ribs.
Yuri dropped the soup on a small table before coming to help Kaya sit up.
She hungrily started eating without paying heed to what Yuri was saying.
“I saw you bring down those men, I watched you fight and I was shocked to my bone marrow. Who are you and where do you come from… who thought you how to fight that way. What is your name. What kingdom breeds your type? I have fought for different kingdom and been to different places but I haven’t seen or heard of a female warrior… you are a warrior. Who are you…?
Kaya was done with her soup in no time. She forgot the courtesy of being a chief’s daughter and ate like a hungry Lion.
Yuri took her plate without asking and brou-ght more food for her.
Kaya looked up at him and said.
“Thank you Yuri for saving my life. I owe you dearly. My name is Kaya and I really nee-d to be on my way…
“Kaya, you can’t travel in this current state of your health. Stay few more days or till tomorrow evening let’s see how improved you are before embarking on a journey. Stay…I don’t bite neither will I trouble you.
Kaya drank de-eply from the water he gave her before straightening.
“How will I know that you don’t bite? Men’s libi-do rise like a dough when a vulnerable woman is around them…
Yuri shakes his head and said
“Not all men. I know i can’t look past the fact that you are beautiful neither can i swear on other men libi-do but I can @ssure you with mine, I’m different Kaya. A man of my words is who I am. My only wish is for you to be okay Kaya… alright?
Kaya [email protected] out with a nod before returning to the wooden be-d.
Her aching head was beginning to calm down.
She thought of her people and said a silent prayer to the gods to keep everyone safe until she returns.
Kaya later fell into a de-ep sleep while Yuri covered her up with his soft and long tiger skin flop.
He stood and stare at her for sometime before walking away.

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