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Love at risk Episode 5

Love At Risk
Episode 5
He sm-irked, ” I know your so desperate for a k!ss”
” but guess what”
he leaned in closer
” I don’t k!ssgrandmas”
how dare he
for the first time I went lost of words
I really did look desperate for a k!ss
” have a nice time with my phone
I know your going to sleep with it on your che-st”
with that he walked away
he’s such a proud peac0ck
I pumped my cheeks in anger
I have to get to the restroom.
I got home feeling so stressed out
I slumped on the be-d and brou-ght his phone out from my bag
it looks expensive and nice
and whoever said I’m slee-ping with it on my che-st
I tossed it aside
thank God its weekend, I don’t have to see annoying faces,
I went down and headed into the bathroom for a bath
my skin still smells like paint.
I kept pla-ying with my food during dinner
” Malia
are you okay?
Mom asked
well? I can’t contain my rage
” An annoying boy poured paint on me in school
then he said I was desperate for his uglyl-ips”
I shouldn’t have said that
” desperate for hisl-ips”
mom said
” Nevermind” I picked my food
” okay girls
I’ll be leaving for a conference with my boss tomorrow morning”
” so soon”
Amy asked
” Yes
you girls will do fine without me
and Amy, dont take Malia to any of your night [email protected]
” sister?
” when are you coming back”
I asked
” in three days time”
My eyes were getting heavy
don’t tell me I’m getting sleepy alre-ady
I drew my seat back and stood up
” I’m off to be-d guys”
” so soon honey”
mom said
” yeah”
I gave her a pe-ck
gave Amy a slight shoulder punch
” ouch
do you always have to be so picky”
I giggled and went to my room.
I la-id on the be-d and thought about the j£rk
He’s so cute
I remembered pointing my f!nger at him and he looked up
could I breath?
I brou-ght out his phone and looked at it
” you can take my phone
it cost a million dollars”
it repla-yed in my head
I scoffed, seriously
funny it didn’t have a pas-sword
He feels so secured
I imagine keeping my phone without a pas-sword
I have a picky aunt
I went throu-gh his gallery
I saw a woman who looked like him
must be his mom
She looks young, pretty and has a kind smile
she must be the opposite of her son
I saw his picture
I almost choked
looks like he took it in his be-droom
And its wow
all I could see was glas-s
with black furnitures
including his be-d
he had a large gold tiger portrait
is this a be-droom
I mean just from a picture I can [email protected] breath
I looked at the next picture
He looked so damn h0t
He was beside an indoor pool
he was wearing a blue short
and had a white towel hanged on his shoulder
his hair was we-t and messy
I’m drooling
I’m not
he’s so ugly
No female pictures
like his girlfriend
considering the way he’s cute
that’s unbelievable.
I pla-yed some games
and boy?
His games are countless
I guess this is what he’s always busy with.
I woke up the next morning
I fell asleep
the phone was on my che-st
not like it was intentional
I better give it back to him.
They are really popular, so his address can’t be a problem
I had breakfast, mom was gone alre-ady
I sleep like a wood log
I dressed up in a blue jeans with a black singlet
I tied my hair into a ponytail and wore a black cap
I picked a black sneakers
I took my phone and his along with my headphones
I got some money from Amy and tugged them in my pocket
” where are you going”
she’s always on the I nee-d to know
” Somewhere you dont nee-d to know”
” you have a new phone”
she said looking at my hand
” it looks expensive
I’m sure its a gift from someone important”
” shut up Amy”
I said and walked out
I st©pped a cab and got in.
I got to the address and paid the cab man off
Does he actually live here
cause I feel like I’ve just arrived at
I can see why his head keeps on boiling
There were some army men in front
will they let me in
I walked to the gate
” how can we help you miss”
” I’m here to see Adrian”
” is he expecting you”
” not really”
that sounds really stupid
one made a phone call
” we have to screen you first”
he said after dropping the phone
I was screened with a machine
” you can go in”
I got in
I kept looking around
this is anyone’s dream house
the walls had a dolphin’s mouth pouring out water
there were so many flowers around
everything looks amazing
” you must be Malia”
a maid said
“Um yes”
” Mr Adrian is in his painting room
he said I should bring you there”
I said and followed her
looking around the whole while
we finally got to a door and she left
must be the painting room
I opened the door and walked in
everywhere was pure glas-s with so many paintings
” wow”
I said looking around
did he paint all these
they are amazing
I st©pped at one
a guy was chained to the walls with blood dripping from his mouth
another was a cave
there was a strange spider on the wall
” I don’t like people going around my stuff”
I turned to see him with another painting
” don’t be so rude
I wasn’t going to eat them”
I said trying [email protected] not to look at him
” I brou-ght back your phone”
I said stretching it out to him
he scoffed
” I dont nee-d it ”
” well? I dont care”
I said and dropped it on a table
” have a nice day”
I said and walked out
such a punk.
I was about stepping out when I heard heavy drops of rain
now I’m stucked in
I headed back in
a woman [email protected]£ out
the one I saw in his gallery
” good evening ma’am”
” hi” she said with a nice smile
I felt nervous
” you [email protected]£ to see Adrian right?
” you can stay till the rain goes down”
really? She’s very kind
” thanks ma’am”
” your welcome dear” she said and walked to to the cabinet
” care for a drink?
She asked
” yeah
I joined her at the cabinet
she’s really beautiful
she gave me a glas-s of wine
” thanks”
so she asked me about school and that was how I talked till night
I haven’t seen Adrain
the rain was still heavy
” Its late alre-ady
why not spend the night here”
she said
spend the night?
Malia is really going to spend the night at the mansion.

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