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I’m longing to be his episode 8

Westley’s POV
I woke up by 1 pm today because I was so stressed out with the news yesterday, Its so not alright.
I remembered that Dad said we will be going to that woman’s house by 4:00 pm. I couldn’t even go to work, I sle-pt too much.
“I’m having a splitting headache” I said dragging myself towards my drawer where I had kept some pain killers.
I went downstairs to the kitchen to take water.
I drank the medicine. I sat down on my sofa in the sitting room thinking about what’s going to happen today, who is she??. I hope she meets my standards, if not she is so dead.
I am going to ruin her, I thought.
The headache has subsided, I took my bath.
I wore a my navy blue suit, styled my hair, put on my gucci shoeand lastly applied my perfume. I admired myself in the mirror. I looked very good. Handsome me. Proud huh??
Well, whatever.
My parents are d–n serious, they had alre-ady arrived and its just 3:30pm.
“Son, you are handsome, I bet your wife to be would like you” My mum said while hvgging me.
“Let’s go before we will be late” Dad said with the save that for later look. Overserious man!
I was driving behind my parents, then I seem to notice its the same way to Rita’s house. I was getting even more confused when my parent’s car st©pped right at Rita’s frontage.
I parked behind their car. We stepped into their house. The house atmosphere was quite warm and cool.
“Oh westley dear, you have grown so big and handsome now, how are you doing” Rita’s mum askedWith smiles while hvgging me.
“I’m good Aunt, Thanks for the compliment” I said with small smiles.
I dont like smiling too much, it looks silly to me.
My parents and Rita’s mum started discussing God knows what, its so boring in here. Why haven’t I seen the pest I’m going to marry yet?? I thought.
“ehm, Joyce where is our daughter in law, she should come and greet us, its been long we saw her innocent face, she is such a beauty” my dad said while looking at Aunt Joyce.
“She is dressing up, she sure wants to look good for her husband to be” aunt Joyce said
I chuckled, what ru-bbish, look good for me?? Maybe someone nee-ds to tell her, no matter what she does she would still look ugly. I’m just talking as if I have met her.
“Rita, go tell your sister that her husband to be is her” Aunt Joyce said.
Rita’s sister?? Who is she?? I hope is not who I’m thinking.
I was busy checking business news on my phone and my company is still the number one t©p producers of oil, gold, electronics etc.
“here she comes” I heard my mum said, I lifted my eyes from my IPhone 8+ only to see a fat ugly girl in a cheap black go-wn. Then and there I knew my life was ruined.
“Goodevening Aunt and Uncle” she greeted my parents with smiles.
My parents responded to her greetings very nicely, I see they love this fat pig.
“Mirabel, aren’t you going to greet your hubby to be??” her mum asked
What! Hubby to this ugly chimpanzee?? I thought in my mind
“Goodevening” she said looking atMy direction
“yea” I replied not looking at her
When we had dinner, she was asked to sit beside me. She did, well i felt so irritated. It would have been better if it were Rita, even though I didn’t love her.
Our parents suggested we talk at the backyard so that we can know each other a bit. She led me to the backyard.
I was quite with my hands in the pocket of my trou-sers.
“I.. I.. Know you don’t want this marriage, l dont either” she said with her eyes bowed, she couldnt even look me in the eye. Is like she’s alre-ady falling for me… Hahaha I laughed in my thought, she had liked me since our first meeting. Gosh she d–n ugly, everything about her is just so fat.
I held her arms r0ûghly in a way that would hurt her.
“I’m hurting” she said I saw tears sli-pped down her cheeks.
“this is just the sample of what you will be experiencing” I told her with a cold voice, I could feel her shivering out of fear. I hate this girl so much. I pushed her to the ground
“I…I.. Didnt wish for this” I heard her said while struggling to get up.
“welcome to my hell sweety” I said that with a mischievous grin across myl-ips while [email protected] Its my duty to ruin her.
I walked back inside. Few seconds later she was alre-ady inside. I was busy with my phone. Then dad said we had to live, mhen I was d–n happy.
We exchanged goodbyes. I told my parents goodnight, then I drove my car home, I didn’t wait for my parents again.
I got home, alcohol was my only saviour. I got drun!kand sle-pt off with the thought of how am going to make that fat pig suffer.

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