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I’m longing to be his episode 15

Mirabel’s POV
After Westley had gone to office, I was still crying he had hurt me. I cleaned my eyes. I went upstairs to find my room. I found it. I opened the door and went inside.
The room was a bit bigger than my formal room. It had a bathroom. The room was girlish It had pink wallpapers and the other stuff.
I saw my box of clothes. I opened it to take my clothes and went to bathroom to bath and brush my teeth.
After that I sat on my be-d, I haven’t eaten anything and am not hungry either.
Does he mean I can’t do my baking shop anymore, I’m not allowed to work any longer.
He will be cheating on me and I have no say in it. My life is gonna be a living hell I thought.
It was 3:00 pm, I had sle-pt off…I went to kitchen to eat the breakfast Westley didn’t eat. I finished all the food, I really have a hvge appetite, that’s why I’m fat, every food is my favourite that’s to say I eat everything.
“My Devil of a husband will soon be coming back” I said clearing up the plates I ate in.
“I nee-d to prepare some food” I said taking a look at the content of the refrigerator.
“I will prepare some, Rice and chicken sauce”
I prepared the food and set it on the table.
I had set the table for the both of us.
Its 7:00pm and he isn’t here, I switched the T.V on. I’ll wait for him to come home.
I was still waiting until 11:30pm, he hasn’t come home yet.
I was beginning to worry, I didn’t even have his number, I would have called him.
I sle-pt off again.
“Hey fat pig” I felt someone tapping me. Oh it’s him.
“Mine, I was worried, I had prepared dinner” I said wanting to take his briefcase from him but he pushed my hands. It’s now I’m noticing he was with a lady, her clothes ba-rely covered her b©dy. She rolled her eyes at me, looking at me from head to toe
“Honey, don’t tell me you now [email protected]£ fat women, common their just aren’t your type” she said [email protected]£ss!nghim, flir-t around with him in my pres£nce and he was holding her w@!st closely to himself. I was a bit angry.
“No, babe, she’s nothing to me. Hey pig go set the table for me and my baby boo” Westley said with a fake smile. He went into His room with that s–t
“OK” I said
I set the table for three. They [email protected]£ down, that girl was wearing my husband shi-t with reached her mid th!ghs and Westley looked more handsome in his simple t-shi-t and pair of simple trou-ser.
That s–t was still flir-ting with him, it was disgusting.
He sat down on the table with the girl sitted next to him. I also took my sit. I dished the food for only him and myself.
“Serve her” he said between gritted teeth
“No, she should serve herself” I said refuting
“Do you want to sleep in the dog’s cage tonight?” He held my arms and his f!ngernail dug right into my skin.
“No…plea-se “I said out of fear
” haha.. 3 in 1 person, I nee-d more of the chicken pig” that s–t said while rolling her eyes at me.
“OK” I said with a little bit of frown
I had served her, her food. I sat down on my chair.
“Go to the kitchen and eat” I heard a
Strong masculine voice say with his eyes on me in a very rude manner
“OK” I said taking my plates with me.
I sat down on the kitchen stool and ate my food.
I could hear that girl giggling, but Westley’s voice was a whisper. Maybe they are done eating because I couldn’t hear their voices anymore. I went to the dining to pack the plates back to the kitchen to wash.
I was wondering what Westley is doing with that girl in his be-droom. Whatever do I care? But it hurts me a little.
I walked upstairs, pas-sing throu-gh the hallway, I could hear [email protected] s coming out from Westley’s Room. Its so disgusting how could a girl be this cheap? I thought
I went inside my room to shower. After that I changed into my night dress and fell into my be-d and sle-pt off like a baby.

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