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Heart doctor episode 9

Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C
[Office Visit 2]
Gold waited until Desmond seemed like he was done with what he was working on. She smiled, stood up and walked over to him.
“You are done now. I can see that.” she said, sitting back on the chair.
Desmond glanced at her and faced back the [email protected]©p he was now operating on, even though he was done with what he was doing.
“You aren’t good at pretending to still be busy.” Gold said, not taking off her smile.
Desmond closed the [email protected]©p and faced her. “Yes I’m not.” he said.
“So are you going to eat now? I can see you are quite hungry.” She said.
“You are as well. You’ve been sitting there for up to three hours.” Desmond said.
“I don’t mind. I wasn’t doing anything order than listening to songs. You were the one working so you should be the one to eat. ” Gold said and opened the flask. She pushed it to him with a spoon.
“Come on. Okay. I’m not gonna look.” she said, smiling.
Desmond chuckled. “Look? What do you mean?”
“Maybe you don’t want me to see you eat my food. I would just look away.” she said.
Desmond chuckled. “You can if you want.” he said and picked the spoon.
“Oh I will get you water.” she said, stood up and walked to the fridge.
‘I’m getting him. He’s not [email protected] a bit.’ she smiled to herself and opened the fridge.
Desmond took a spoon of the food and ate. It was really tasty.
Gold [email protected]£ back and opened the bottle water, poured into the [email protected] cup and intentionally leaned, displa-ying her cle-avageas she dropped the [email protected] on Desmond’s front.
Desmond looked away when he saw the cle-avagedispla-yed for him to see.
“How does it taste?” she asked, still leaning. Desmond eyes went there again and he faced the food.
“It’s nice. Let me compliment this.” Desmond said.
Gold smiled and then sat down.
“I’m elated to hear that.” she said.
Desmond went on eating the food. It was really tasty.
“My mom owned a restaurant before she [email protected] away five years ago..” Gold said.
Desmond looked at her. “She [email protected] away?”
“Yes she did. I got cooking skill from my mom. It’s sad that she had to leave me, but I still got my dad.” she smiled.
“I’m sorry about that.” Desmond said.
“It’s okay.” Gold smiled.
Time reached for Amanda to go get Odeya, she [email protected]£ out and met Peter and I.K talking and laughing.
She shook her head in smiles.
“It’s good thing that they are in good terms now.”
She got to the car, greeted them before going into the car.
“Oya we go talk when you come back.” I.k said.
“Okay na.” Peter said and entered the driver’s seat. He closed the door, wore his seatbelt and started the car. I.k opened the gate and he drove off.
“I can smell friendsh!p.” Amanda said.
Peter laughed. “He has learnt his lesson.”
Soon they pu-ll-ed to Valentina school and Amanda went to Odeya’s [email protected] to get her.
There, she met Odeya and Jeremy throwing words at each other again.
She chuckled and called to Odeya. “I’m here odeya, let’s go.” she said.
Odeya glared at her before gr-abbing her lunch box and walking towards. She [email protected] Amanda and walked ahead. Amanda met her pace.
“You didn’t want to st©p arguing with him?” Amanda asked.
“It’s none of your business.” Odeya snapped.
“I can help you, do you want me to tell you?” Amanda asked.
Odeya looked at her. “How do you want to help me?” she asked.
Amanda smiled. “Well it isn’t necessary since it’s not my business.”
Odeya rolled her eyes. “Whatever.”
Amanda smiled.
Desmond pu-ll-ed the car to the front of Gold’s house.
“Thanks for the ride. It was fun staying in an office for hours. I learnt a lot.” Gold said.
Desmond chuckled. “What do you think you learnt? You are quite a funny lady.” he said.
“Well I’m not really good but I’m glad I’m a bit funny.” Gold said.
Desmond smiled.
“Goodnight.” he said.
She smiled. “Can I ask you for a favour?” she said.
“What’s that?” he asked.
“I can’t wait to see your daughter. She’d be such a sweet girl.” Gold said.
Desmond exhaled. “She is.”
Gold smiled. “Thanks Mr Desmond for letting me spend hours with you. It’s the best day of my life.” she said.
“Really?” Desmond asked.
“Yes.” she smiled then [email protected]£d her bag. “Goodnight.” she said.
“Yeah goodnight.” Desmond said.
He wasn’t expecting what was coming next… Gold leaned and k!$$£d him on the cheek and with a smiling face, she walled out of the car and closed the door.
Desmond stared at her as walked up to their gate and entered. She waved at him before closing the gate.
Desmond t©uçhed his cheek and exhaled.
She’s not bad at all..but I don’t want to have anything to do with any lady now. I just have to make it clear to her in the way she’d un-derstand Desmond’ Desmond said within before driving away.
Amanda bathe Odeya and changed her clothes into her pajamas. Then carried her downstairs to have her dinner.
Amanda pres£nted her dinner of custard to her and Odeya ate in silence.
She really had something to ask her nanny but she had no idea how to ask her but she really have to.
“Are you going to keep standing?” Odeya asked Amanda.
Amanda raised her brow. “Really are you bothered that I’m standing?”
“I’m not.. Why should I be.” Odeya snapped.
“Okay then.” Amanda said and sat far away from odeya.
She knew something was bothering the little girl. She could see it on her face.
Odeya was eating sluggishly.
“Come on deya. Eat up before it gets too cold. I’m sure you won’t like it if it gets cold.” Amanda said.
Odeya decided to do it.
“Nanny.” she called.
“Yes Odeya.” Amanda answered.
“Can you tell me about the help you talked about at the school hallway?” Odeya finally asked what has been moving to and fro in her mind.
Amanda smiled. “Really, you want my help?”
“I will nee-d it if it sounds good..” Odeya said.
“So how about what you said at the hallway to me?” Amanda asked.
“What did I say to you?” Odeya asked.
“It’s none of your business.” Amanda mimicked Odeya.
Odeya rolled her eyes. “So what do you want me to do about what I said earlier.”
“Apologize for doing that and I will tell you about the help.” Amanda said.
Odeya angrily dropped the spoon she held. “What! Apologize? I can never apologize to you. You are just a nanny.” Odeya said.
“Very well then. I keep my help, you keep your apology.” Amanda said.
“Yeah, better!” Odeya said then got down from the chair and walked to the sitting room.
She [email protected]£d the remote, sat down on a couch and turned on the TV to Nickelodeon.
Amanda chuckled and carried the plate of custard.
She picked the spoon and began drinking it.
Just then she heard the zooming in of her boss car into the compound.
She quic-kly stood up and hurried to the kitchen.. She dropped the plate of custard and [email protected]£ out.
Odeya rolled her eyes as Amanda did all that.
The door was soon opened and Desmond walked with his briefcase..
“Welcome sir.” Amanda greeted.
“Thanks.” Desmond said to her as he walked to Odeya and carried her.
“How was your day baby?” He asked.
“It was okay dad and yours?” Odeya asked.
“It was all about work but all the same, it was fine.” He said
Odeya noticed something on her dad’s right cheek so she looked closely at it.
“Dad, what’s this red thing on your cheek?” she asked, tou-ching the place.
Desmond raised his brows. “What? Red thing?”
Amanda wished to see it too but she was far away. She wondered what it is.
Odeya never cease to amaze her.
“Yes dad.. It’s red and uhmm it look like-” Desmond cut her short before she can complete it. “I remember now. It’s the paint from the office. My office is being repainted so I think a little dropped on my cheek.” Desmond lied.
He could remember the time Gold k!$$£d him on the cheek.
She had redl-ipgloss on herl-ips.
“But dad, this doesn’t look like a paint.” Deya said, trying to wipe it off wig her thumb.
“Come on baby, sit back and watch your cartoon, I’m going upstairs. I will be down soon. Remember you are going to be-d in the next thirty minutes.” Desmond said as he sat her back on the couch.
“Okay dad. I know that.” she said.
Desmond headed upstairs and once he got into his be-droom, he walked to the mirror and checked his right cheek. He saw the red mark.
“such a little detective.” he said.
In the kitchen, as Amanda began setting her boss dinner, she wondered if father lied to her daughter.
‘But what could the red mark be?’ she wondered.
Whatever. It isn’t her business.
She shrugged and went on with what she was doing.
Minutes later, she set his dinner on the dinning table and walked to the sitting room and sat down.
The channel was showing spongebob.
Amanda sat down on a different couch and watched with Amanda.
Desmond walked down about twenty minutes later when Odeya was about to be-d.
He walked to her and k!$$£d her on the cheek. “Goodnight baby.” he said
“Goodnight dad ” Odeya said.
Amanda turned off the TV and carried Ode ya upstairs to her be-droom.
She dropped her on the be-d and pu-ll-ed the duvet over her b©dy.
“Goodnight.” Amanda said and turned on the be-dside lamp and was heading to switch off the lights.
“Won’t you tell me another folktale tonight?” Odeya asked.
Amanda turned to look at her.
“I thought you said the folktale i told yesterday wasn’t interesting?” Amanda asked.
“Yes it wasn’t but I want another one tonight.” Odeya said
Amanda chuckled and walked back to her. “I will tell you another folktale about the wise tortoise.”
Amanda saw a smile quic-kly come on her face and disappear immediately.
Amanda smiled, pu-ll-ed the chair over and sat down.
“The title of tonight’s story is. The tortoise and the King daughters.
Once upon a time, long long ago, a great king had five beautiful daughters who’s names he kept a secret from all the people in his kingdom…..”
Desmond had finished his dinner and headed back upstairs..
Reaching Odeya’s door, he could hear Amanda telling Odeya a story.
The way she was telling it made him wonder if she was actually the one who owned the story.
Today, he noticed few changes about Odeya.
He turned back to his be-droom door and walked in. He closed the door, walked to his be-d and sat down. Just then, his phone began ringing.
He checked it and it’s Gold calling.
He exhaled and picked it up.
📲”Hello Mr Desmond.” Her voice rang in. She tried her best to sound really S-xy.
“Hi.. Gold.” Desmond said.
📲”I’m sorry if im disturbing. Im about going to be-d so… I thought it’s okay if I call to say goodnight.” Gold said.
“Alright. Goodnight Gold.” he said.
📲”wait… I wanna ask if we could see a movie tomorrow. There’s this new movie that I really wanna watch. I wanna get two tickets.” she said.
Desmond exhaled. “I won’t have the chance for that Gold and I wanna tell you this…Don’t come to my office again. Don’t look for me. Don’t call me either. I can’t accept you. Find another man who would love you because I can’t. Take my words.” he said.
📲”What are you talking about? I don’t care if you would love me or not. I wanna be your woman and I wanna be close to your daughter. I wanna become a [email protected] of you. plea-se I can’t help the love that I feel for you.” she said.
“Just do what I said Gold. Goodnight and bye.” he said and dropped the call.
“….and tortoise succeeded in marrying all the five beautiful daughters of the King. The End.” Amanda finished her story.
“What do you have to say about the story Deya?” She asked.
“The king is to be blamed. Now his five daughters had to be married to the tortoise. ma-king a rule that only the man who says the right name of his daughter would get married to her.” Odeya said.
Amanda smiled.
“But he had no idea how wise tortoise was…” Amanda said then she exhaled and stood up. “You gotta sleep now Deya. Goodnight.” she said and covered the duvet well on her b©dy then walked to the switch, switched the light off thus ma-king the be-dside lamp the only light in the room.
She walked out and closed the door.
All Right reserved©
Rejoice Jeremiah✅

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