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Finding mr perfect Episode 1

{love }
Chapter one
Jennifer pov
“Guess what ladies” Sonia yelled
“I got us pas-ses to a male str!p club”she yelled and all the girls cheered
“Tonight is going to be lit af” another one yelled
“i got so many freaking style i saw pronhub i wana try” another lady said
“Am sure taking the h0test guy home today” another added and they all laughed
Sonia is getting married and her bridal shower is today
I still cant believe sonia, she is like the ugly girl among my friends and she is getting married to a super h0t guy
No offence but shes just 27
I have like four weddings to attend this month
My life su-cks
I filled my glas-s and glumped it down immediately
My phone rang and i starred at the caller
It was my mom
My mom is a pain in the n£¢k
“Jennifer do you want to die single”
“Jennifer dont you want me to see my grand kids”
Jennifer this jennifer that.
Were are all the perfect guys for goodness sake
I checked my finding mr perfect app that i recently saw when a message popped on my screen
I viewed the profile picture of the guy who texted me and his one h0t dude
We began chatting and decided to me the following day
i wore a b©dy hvgging go-wn that brou-ght out my mas-sive shape
I did little t©uçh of makeup and sprayed almosy half of my perfume before heading out
I arrived at the restaurant we agreed to meet
I check my time and it was twenty minutes pas-s the actual time we planned
Rule number one : never be too early and never be too late
i walked majestically in and glanced at my phone to see the person i was meeting
“Hi you are Jennifer right”an old tattered looking whosel-ips and eyes were too big for his face asked
“Yes how did you know”i asked looking arround for the person i was here to see
“I’m ken”he replied and started sniffing my b©dy
my eyes almost popped out of its sockets as i starred at the guy in shock
I used my hand to clean my eyes over and over again
I looked at the person in my front and back to my phone
Are you kidding me
“Can you give me a second”i asked and he nodded
I ran out the venue into my car like someone been chased by a ghost
rule number two :never go on a blind [email protected]£ without video call
I started the engine of my car when someone landed on the front of my car
Arrrrrrrrrrrh i yelled in shock
“I LOVE YOU JENNIFER ” he yelled
I revise my car back which made he fell on the floor
I increa-sed my speed and looked throu-gh my side mirror when i saw him running after my car
BLIND [email protected]£ GONE WRONG

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