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Contract game episode 1

(A story written by Akpan Loveth)
She was twenty four,her parents lived in the village.Due to poverty,her elder sister who was twenty six escaped to Lagos.Sandra was her elder sister while [email protected] was there last child.
Their parents could not afford their nee-ds,so she had no other choice than to find her way to the city to try things out for herself.Everything seems so funny to her now,she left the village at twenty three but here she was at twenty four saying yes I will at the altar.One thing she vowed never to do was going into prostitution because at first when she [email protected]£,her elder sister confessed to her that,that is what she does to survive but she just couldn’t.She struggled [email protected],she worked in bar,and that’s where she spends her night.Until she met him,they [email protected]£ friends for two weeks then he made the proposals.
Her mind was far but she was suddenly distracted by the voice of the priest
”Letisha Michaels,will you have this man…..Fred Adams to be your lawfully wedded husband,to live together,to love and to hold,in sickness and in health?Will u obey him,serve him,honor him,forsaking all others and keep yourself to him only till death do you [email protected]?”the priest asked.
Letisha stared into her husbands eyes,she knew for sure that her yes wasn’t for real.She thought about her family,she thought about what will become of her if people actually finds out,then she remembered that the priest and every were expecting an answer
“yes I will,so help me God”
A loud shout was heard from the congregation then the priest turned and asked her husband the same question which he answered boldly
“Yes i will,so help me God”.That was Fred Adams response.
The priest continued,Letisha was totally lost in thought,the only thing she heard again was
“If there be anyone who has a reason why these two should not be joined in together as one,he should therefore speak up or forever hold your peace”.the priest said.
Everyone was looking round,to see if there’s anyb©dy then the priest continued
“If there is none,i hereby pronounce you husband and wife,they are no longer two but one.Therefore what God has joined together let no man put asun-der;you may now k!ssyour bride”.
Letisha was a shy type,but her husband being a [email protected] type and a pla-yer quic-kly unveiled her and gave her a k!ss.She hated herself for it but she knew for sure that,that was going to be the only time they will do that.
The ceremony ended well,the food was surplus as people took two or three extra take away home.

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