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Accidentally in love finale

💙💙 Accidentally In Love 💙💙
💚💚[She’s Not A Prostitute]💚💚
💜💜Grand Finale Episode(15)💜💜
🖊️🖊️Written By: Dammie Crown 🖊️🖊️
“Calm down darling, I un-derstand your pains…” Emmanuel said calmly.
“How do you expect me to calm down? After so many months of suffering? That pregnancy you wished me safe delivery, do you know what I faced? Dammie…to be candid with you, I hate you with pas-sion. Don’t let me see you again, ever in my life. Fool!” Mirabel shouted angrily in tears.
“plea-se… there’s nothing I will say but sorry. I was stupid then, I didn’t know anything. I’m sorry.” Dammie said.
“Never in your life will you open that your stinking mouth to say sorry to me. Leave my house this second!” Mirabel shouted.
“Mirab…. sorry, I mean ma, that money I stole from you, my b©yfri£ndand I looked for more to it and we eloped. We left the country. I also sold out the house and every of my dad’s property. Our lifestyles there made the government there to deported us back home without a penny. Sorry, I’m sorry. My b©yfri£ndleft me when I told him about my pregnancy and i am left with no one and no money. It was where I’ve been walking around that I saw your picture in a banner and on people’s bag…then I recognized you right away. I used the address and it led me to your store. It was there I got the address here. Forgive me, I knew not what I was doing back then.” Dammie said sobbing.
“I don’t care about whatever that befalls you after all, you said that in the nearest future when you see me by mistake, you’ll give me a ride and give me #1000. Where’s the ride? Where’s the money? You’re ins-en-sible. This is just the ti-p of your problems, more is still coming your way. Good for nothing girl. Leave here! Don’t cross my path again in your life!” Mirabel said angrily.
“Baby….you have to temper your anger with mercy. plea-se… don’t be angry.” Emmanuel said again.
Mirabel looked at him..
“You can forgive her on my behalf. When she leaves, let me know.” Mirabel said and stormed upstairs wiping her tears…
“plea-se sir, help me to appease your wife. I’m truly sorry. This isn’t the old Dammie. This is the new Dammie… I’m sorry.” Dammie said.
“It’s alright, st©p crying. I’ll talk to her but you nee-d to leave first. Come back days later, she would be calm by then. Go now. Bye!” Emmanuel said and gave her some cash to cater for herself.
Dammie thanked him wholeheartedly and left.
He closed the door and sighed.
“This is serious. When people are hurting you today, they won’t think about tomorrow at all. What a pity.” Emmanuel said and headed upstairs to Mirabel’s room.
Mirabel was still sobbing with pains pas-sing throu-gh all her veins, arteries and heart! Indeed, she’s pained.
Emmanuel entered.
He walked to her on the be-d, he sat down. She was backing him.
He held her by the w@!st, placed his head on her left shoulder.
“I un-derstand you perfectly. But still, you nee-d to forgive her and forget all what she’s done to you. Remember, if she didn’t s£nt you out then, we might not have crossed paths. You’d have been in that house nursing Favour all alone and still be in pains. I would say, she helped you get to where you are this soon. You might not know but you’re famous. So famous that M&F is what people keep talking about these days. They keep talking about you, your behaviors and beauty. I’m urging you plea-se, forgive Dammie, remember she’s your step sister,and plea-se, think of your step dad, forgive her totally. Remember today’s our son’s birthday, mark his first birthday as the time you forgive your step sis… Don’t spoil your mood for today, let me see the happy Mirabel in you. plea-se dear…” Emmanuel said and pu-ll-ed back and made to leave when Mirabel turned around and held his hand.
“Don’t leave me alone…” With that she crushed herl-ips to his.
He was shocked but seeing how much she nee-ds it, he reciprocated and both started to k!sspas-sionately with all pas-sion.
“I will do anything to forget these pains I’m feeling right now. This is the only solution I’ve gotten. Then, I’ll make use of it.” Mirabel thought and k!$$£d Emmanuel de-eply the more with all plea-sure.
Soon, they both la-id on the be-d still [email protected] if their life depends on it.
“I wish I could tell him how much I loved him and how much I wanted to hvg him.” Mirabel thought.
As if s-en-sing her intentions, he [email protected]£ closer to her and wra-pped his arms around her. He k!$$£d her so softly, she felt jittery. Slowly and softly he brou-ght hisl-ips on her n£¢k and a [email protected] escaped her mouth.
Suddenly, she st©pped herself and get up.
“I’m…sorry. ” she said.
“Are you okay?” He asked.
“Yes, I am okay. Thanks.” She said awkwardly.
Emmanuel un-derstand and smiled.
He got up and moved closer to her, she moved back a little.
He k!$$£d her himself for some time then st©pped.
“Goodnight love. How about Favour that’s with me?” He asked.
“He insisted on slee-ping in your room, then let him be, if he’s crying, I will come attend to him.” She said.
“Alright…a minute, I got something for you.” Emmanuel said and left the room.
Then returned minutes later.
“Here… have it.” He said and gave her.
She checked it and smiled wi-dely.
“Wow! Again? This is so marvelous!” She said and hvgged him ti-ghtly then k!$$£d him too.
He got her another new lastest phone, two registered sim cards and a new ATM card meaning he has opened a new bank account for her with the new sim he bought for her.
“Seriously…you shouldn’t have done this again. My old account is still there breathing with millions of money. You don’t allow me to spend a dime , and now you’ve opened a new account which I’m sure you’d have saved money there as well. Did I really deserve all these? It’s too much,I must say.” Mirabel said with tears.
Emmanuel drew her closer , wiped her tears and said:
“You deserve more than that my queen. You don’t nee-d to spend your money,let me do that. Don’t mention, okay?” He said.
Mirabel nodded and hvgged him more ti-ghtly feeling less burdened with her pains.
Minutes later , Emmanuel left her room to his slee-ping with Favour since he insisted slee-ping with his dad.
After a week, Dammie [email protected]£ again to seek for Mirabel’s help and forgiveness.
She decided to listen to Emmanuel’s words.
She forgave her wholeheartedly. She gave her a million to start her life, and also bought a whole house for her filling up the house for her as well.
And warned her not to come to her for anything again ’cause she didn’t deserve what she did for her.
Dammie thanked her crying and left. Wondering what tomorrow has in store for her and her unborn baby..
Two weeks after..
It was in the evening, darkness has ensued. Mirabel has a little headache that night, immediately she arrived from the supermarket, she went to shower herself and changed into her nightie asking Emmanuel to bath Favour that evening ’cause she can’t do a thing. She walked to her be-d and sle-pt off.
Emmanuel bathed Favour and petted him to sleep in his room.
He changed into his nightie as well and left the room since he got a match to watch that night. He switched on the TV and started watching the match.
After some time of watching, the maid suddenly appeared from nowhere wearing nothing but her undies – ([email protected] and bras-siere).
Emmanuel was shocked.
“So, after warning you countless times to st©p wearing this stupid thing, you still insist, right?” Emmanuel barked.
“Easy man….I thought say you’re suffering since that woman no be your real wife and she’s denying you of S-x despite the fact that she’s your baby mama. Come,let’s do this thing quic-kly. You wouldn’t lie you don’t like what you saw, would you?” She asked s£dûçt!vely.
“Are you out of your s-en-ses? Are you dreaming? Who do you think you’re referring to? Your mate? ” Emmanuel asked furiously standing up from where he was seated….
Mirabel heard Favour’s cry. She was upset.
“What did he want this time around? And where’s his dad? This headache is killing me now…” She thought and when it insisted, she sluggishly left the be-d and out of the be-droom.
She opened Emmanuel’s door and entered. She couldn’t find him on be-d.
“Now, I see why you’re crying.” She said and walked to him. She petted him back to sleep.
Within minutes, he sle-pt off.
“Where’s he now?” She asked herself and remembered it’s his match today.
“Maybe he has sle-pt off.” She thought and thought of going to the living room to check on him in case he has sle-pt…
“Move closer and feel me. I want you now. Don’t be shy.” The maid said tou-ching him.
Emmanuel held in his anger as he thought of [email protected] her right away but he don’t beat women.
“Don’t you dare, are you stupid?” He as furiously.
“Yes, stupidly In Love with you. I’m all yours other than that stupid pr©st!tût£that claimed you as the father of her son.” She said se-ductively.
“I…” He started but was interrupted by Mirabel.
“What…? What’s going on here? Emmanuel…? You?” Mirabel said with pains in her voice as she rushed back upstairs.
Without a glance at the maid,he ran after her.
“Silly man. What is in that lady that I don’t have?” The maid said and hissed loudly.
Mirabel quic-kly went to her room, rushed to her be-d and started crying profusely.
“I am sorry. That’s not the case, plea-se try and un-derstand me.” Emmanuel said after her and walked to her room.
Seeing her in that state broke his heart.
“Leave now! Leave my room. I don’t wanna see you anymore. Leave and go meet your maid.” She said angrily.
Emmanuel walked to her slowly…
“You misun-derstood the situation…you should know I won’t do such a thing to you. I’m sorry.” He said.
“Go and say that to your maid, I told you in the first place that I don’t like maids but I don’t know you keep her for your own gain. Then go ahead…i don’t give a damn about you anymore. Go!” She said again.
“I don’t keep her for my own gain. It’s because I don’t want to stress you. It’s because I love you and I cherish you so much. Mirabel, you’re the one that I love. I’ve been keeping this away from you but I think it’s time I let you know how I feel. plea-se, be mine.” He said and brou-ght out a ring..
Mirabel jaw was opened in suprise. She didn’t expect this.
“You might be suprised or thinking that I planned this, no I didn’t. I think heaven just wish to hear me out today. Be mine forever, Mirabel. I love you. plea-se marry me.” He repeated.
“But..” Mirabel said.
“No but dear. plea-se don’t say no.” He said.
“I also love him…I got too emotional that I didn’t listen to him … ” She thought and nodded a yes.
“Yes, I will.” She said and he slides the ring into her f!nger, k!$$£d it and k!$$£d Mirabel with all plea-sures in him.
“I’m sorry I didn’t hear anything from you. I was just shocked.” She said.
“It’s alright. It’s expected of women. I love you” with that he k!$$£d her more and de-eply as the air in the room changed to ro-mantic one.
The way their bodies were moving together, the way their skin seemed to melt together, their [email protected] s, their [email protected], those linked hands, linked bodies….it was a night of bliss for them both.
The next day, they both woke up together with a smiling face.
They shared about an hour in be-d talking, pla-ying and teasing each other before they bath together and dressed up for the day.
Emmanuel went downstairs to sack the maid. She begged but he didn’t listen. She finally left the house while Mirabel was busy attending to Favour telling him the lastest news about her and his dad although he didn’t un-derstand his mother he was just laughing and smiling at her.
Emmanuel walked in.
“I hope you won’t be stressing yourself unnecessarily now that she has gone?” He asked.
” She’s gone? Hope you gave her some money?” She asked.
“No. She almost damaged things between us yesternight. Let her go.” He said and a call entered.
After the call…
“Samuel’s girlfriend is back yesternight.” He announced.
“Wow . That’s awesome.” Mirabel said.
Months later, Emmanuel wed Mirabel and they lived happily as the care Emmanuel gave Mirabel multi-plied.
Likewise Samuel and Loveth too got married weeks after Emmanuel’s wedding.
“What caused the noise over there?” Mirabel asked one day after the wedding in the supermarket.
“Sorry ma,” the worker said.
“CEO ma, this your worker nee-ds to be scold. This isn’t the first time she’ll be arguing with me…” The woman said.
“Huh? Veronica? Is this you?” Mirabel asked.
“What? Mirabel? My sweetheart! Finally!” Veronica happily said and hvgged her.
They found a place to sit and talk. Mirabel explained everything to her without a leaving a word behind.
“I’m so so happy for you. I told you that stupid girl will come to beg you. Haha…my friend, wealth surrounds you oh. See how fresh you look. I’m sure that man is taking care of you. Really endurance pays in life. You’re a lesson to others out there. I missed you my friend.” Veronica said.
“I missed you more. You and your troubles. I wished you safe delivery my dear. My husband is here.” Mirabel said and stood to welcome Emmanuel with a hvg and k!ss.
“Here is my friend I told you about, Veronica, this is my husband.” Mirabel introduced.
They exchanged plea-santries and Mirabel gave her friend some stuffs and cash.
And they [email protected] ways.
“Where’s Junior?” She asked as they stepped out of the store.
“He’s in the car.” He said.
“Madam, are you done?” Her driver asked.
“Oops….come home with the car, I’m going home in my husband’s car. We’ll meet at home.” She said and entered the car.
“How’s school my baby?” She asked.
“Mum..” he said slowly.
Emmanuel driver’s drove out of the mart.
After 4years.
Loveth gave birth to a girl. They rejoiced happily.
Veronica gave birth to a girl as well.
Mirabel was heavily pregnant. Her son can talk and walk well now.
Emmanuel just returned from work.
“Hey baby ..” he called as he walked upstairs.
“Welcome darling.” She replied weakly.
“Where’s Favour? ”
“In his room.” She replied.
He moved closer to her and k!$$£d her tummy and k!$$£d Mirabel.
“Ohh…” She let out a sharp cry of pain.
“What’s wrong.?” He asked.
“I think my water broke…” She said weakly.
He quic-kly rushed her to the hospital and hours later, she gave birth successfully.
“Congratulations sir, your wife gave birth to a bouncing baby girl.” The doctor announced and Emmanuel was plea-sed.
“How’s my wife?” He asked.
“She’s in good condition,you can go see her.” He said.
Emmanuel was so happy. He went to her on the hospital be-d and k!$$£d her pas-sionately.
“Thank you…my darling. Well done.” He said and Mirabel smiled.
“My life started so badly but now due to my endurance, tolerance and aims, I’m happy. Thank you God for shaping my life for good.” Mirabel thought as tears flow freely on her cheek.
A nurse entered and gave her her baby. She’s a replica of Mirabel. She’s so beautiful.
Emmanuel named her Wonderful.
The End 💕💕
I hope you’ve learned one or two things from Mirabel’s life story. Comment on the story,what you’ve learnt so far.
God is indeed Wonderful. He always Favour those who are His and He’s always with them (Emmanuel).
Hallelujah 🎶

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