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10 days with bella episode 8

Chapter 8
_____________________ Day 4(Who’s Welter?)
Bella wore the green lace,b©dy hvg go-wn Knight got for her , she curled her hair down and put on a light make up , with a green shoe Knight brou-ght back last-night when he was coming back from work.
She has to look her best today , she wonders if she looks beautiful enough, but why does she suddenly wants to look beautiful for Knight, now she’s going crazy she chuckled at her self in the mirror now she’s set to go, she picked up her green purse and head out of the room.
Knight was alre-ady there waiting for her he was busy talking on the phone when he turned and saw the most beautiful woman in the whole universe walking gently down the stairs , he couldn’t help but smile, she was looking so beautiful and Bella smiled back at him .
Once she reached Knight, she blu-shed because of the way he was looking at her, right there she knew he liked the dress so he took her hand and k!$$£d the back.
” Your looking so gorgeous”, he said and she whispered thank you , he leaned down and k!$$£d her lightly on thel-ips , then he pu-ll-ed back and wra-pped his hand around her w@!st .
Once they got out , he threw his car keys to josh who opened the back limo for them , him too got in and started driving, all throu-gh out the ride he was k!ss!ngBella .
At a point she told him josh would hear but knight wasn’t listening as he kept ma-king her [email protected] , among all his guards josh is the one he trusted more, josh exactly know a little of him but not all Because he isn’t a man to discuss all his personal issues with people right from when he was a kid , expect his parents Mr and Mrs Houston.
They finally arrived and they both got out of the limo, he wra-pped his hand around her w@!st as they head into the function, slow music is pla-ying once they entered Knight noticed all men’s eyes on Bella and that got him pissed off, now the thing is if anyone try to mess around with him Tonight then they should get prepared to die .
” Hay …man , you finally [email protected]£”
Knight turned to see his three friends who are like brothers to him, well they are actually,he smiled and they hvgged each other after shaking hands.
Bella couldn’t help but feel happy that Knight was being so cool towards this guy’s.
” So Knight who is this pretty lady beside you ?, one asked.
Knight wra-pped his hand around Bella .
” Bella I want you to meet my childhood friends and Brothers, Dustin, Luke, and Aaron, guys she’s Bella ” he introduced.
Bella wondered why he didn’t add fiance.
” Oh she’s the fiance right ? Dustin asked sm-irking while Aaron and Luke chuckled, Bella wondered how they knew .
” Umm, it’s nice meeting you guys ” she said with a smile and looked at Knight who gave her the look that they knew .
” Sorry Bella but knight here is our brother, his told us about you alot ” Luke said and Bella nodded.
” And to be sincere, you look more beautiful than he describe-d” Aaron said and she blu-shed.
” Thanks so much ” she said with a smile .
” Drink plea-se” Dustin called on the waiter and they all picked a drink .
” Knight do you know the welter is here ? Luke said and that Moment Knight eyes turned red as his jaw was clenched, Bella seeing his sudden change of face wonder who welter was .
” Who’s Welter ? She asked they all looked at her but said nothing.
” Is it only him? Knight asked .
” Probably [email protected]£ with his mistress ” Dustin said with a sm-irk .
” Bella stay right here I will be right back ” Knight said and gestured for his brothers to follow him, Bella watched as they went away and she signed, well she can’t be standing all alone so she found a place to seat.
Soon, she saw a lady coming towards her and sat at the empty seat Infront of her , Bella was confused why the blonde was smiling at her , she was holding a drink too.
” Having fun with Knight Houston? She asked and Bella got more confused, who was this lady and how does she know she’s with Knight?
” Who are you ? Bella asked the lady sm-irked.
“Well, am Rose, Knights ex ” she said with a sm-irk and Bella knew then that this Rose girl is knights ex girlfriend.
” Oh,! That was all she said .
” I can see he found another who-re ” Rose said and Bella felt like crying.
” So tell me, how much is he paying you ? Rose asked .
Bella wanted to answer her and tell her to get lost when she saw Knight behind Rose with a red face , his brothers too where looking the same , she got up and Rose try to st©p her .
“, You bit-ch answer me, oh can’t you talk anymore? Rose asked , and Bella looked at Knight who still stood watching them but Rose didn’t notice.
” Um… plea-se excuse me” Bella try to by pas-s her but Rose [email protected]£d her hand .
” When I ask a question I nee-d you to answer me” Rose said in a ha-rd tone.
” You heard my fiance right , you should excuse her ” Rose heard Knights voice from behind, and turned to look at him .
” Oh, hello Knight, it’s been a while” Rose said moving S-xily towards him as Bella just looked at them .
” You know you shouldn’t be here Rose, your pres£nce is su-cking out the life in us” Dustin said in a ha-rd tone which made the others chuckled.
” Well am not here for any of you I only want to have a word with Knight” Rose said going to t©uçh him but knight pu-ll-ed her hands off him , he pas-sed her and went to Bella .
” Let’s go seat with the others , the prize prime is about to start ” he said and Bella nodded, he wra-pped his hand around her w@!st and they pas-sed Rose who stood so angry .
The brothers laughed.
” You can find a guy who’s re-ady to dig into your cheap hole who-re” Dustin said to her and the rest laughed, Rose eyes turned red , they waved her bye and left .
After the prize giving, they started to bid on items , and there is this beautiful gold n£¢klace brou-ght out to be bid on, Bella immediately likes it and wish she could have it , people start to bid from thousands to hundred thousands and her eyes wi-den , just for a n£¢klace?
Knight saw that Bella’s eyes had been on the n£¢klace for long so he asked her .
” Do you want it?
Bella looked at him wondering if she heard well, and why would he buy such an expensive n£¢klace for her his S-x slave?
” Umm, it’s beautiful but …..
” 200 hundred thousand” he yelled and everyone turned to look at him .
Bella was taking aback what, is he mad to bid that much ?
” 300 Hundred thousand” a man shouted and everyone [email protected], Knight turned to the voice and his eyes turned red when he saw the old fool which called himself Simon Welter sm-irking at him, his mistress Ragina Hanged sat beside him tou-ching him , Knights eyes blazed with fury as he tries to control his self , Bella watched them as they exchanged looks .
” Knight plea-se let it go , you don’t nee-d to …
” 500 hundred thousand”Knight called and everyone cheered.bella [email protected].
“800 hundred thousand” welter shouted .
Knight fist clenched.
” Just hit it Knight, the old fool is just trying to piss you off ” Luke said from behind.
” 1 million ” knight yelled
“2 million ” welter called.
“3 million ” Knight called .
“5 million” welter called with a sm-irk, and the crowd was just cheering and [email protected] in shock, Knight was so angry Bella couldn’t help but watch the two men fighting for a n£¢klace.
“5 hundred million dollars” knight yelled and all the crowd drop dead in silence, this time around welter was looking so furious, Bella thought she didn’t hear well, 5 hundred million for the n£¢klace, and his still going to pay her 3 million for her service with him once 10 days is over , and spent 5 hundred million just to get the n£¢klace for her? Wow!! That is times maybe 10 of her payment.
The n£¢klace was announced that Knight won it, he was giving it and he smiled at Bella .
” It’s for you now love ” he said and Bella smiled then turned her back as he placed it on her n£¢k .
Bella t©uçhed the beautiful n£¢klace , She was wearing and smiled as Knight k!$$£d her forehead his brothers cheered from behind.
After the night is over , Bella and Knight got into his limo, Bella so badly wanted to ask him his relationsh!pwith the old man named welter , the way they looked at each other was really bad, and she feels there’s something between the old man and Knight, Mr welter probably looked in his early 50ties and Knight in his late20s so how can they both hate each other so much .
She badly wanted to ask .
When they reach home Knight wasted no time in ma-king love to Bella , and after that instead of him to leave her like he always does , he pu-ll-ed her closer and cudd-leher with her head on his che-st .
Bella was so surprised at Knights sudden attitude towards her, but she really liked it , but yet why does she feel his so lonely? Even when she’s meet his brothers, if he has a family then why is he still lonely? She was so confused, untill she fell asleep in Knights arms .
How do you see this chapter?
What relationsh!pdo you think welter and Knight share that he becomes so furious mere looking at him …

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