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10 days with bella episode 14

Chapter 14
___________________ day 8 (I Don’t Trust You)
Bella felt her both hands being tied behind the chair she sat on, her mouth was tied ma-king it ha-rd for her to talk both her eyes, she started struggling trying to free her hands of the rope , she was so scared, who could have kidnapped her, she has no enemy no one at all, but who would do this to her, or maybe they mistook her to be someone eals, she couldn’t help the tears that whirl down her eyes, who did this to her ? She kept trying to free her hand untill she started hearing footsteps approaching her, she sat still and waited when she discovered the person was right Infront of her, she slowly heard voices.
” Is She still slee-ping? A lady asked .
” I don’t think so” a male replied.
They said some things and Bella try to listen to their conversation, then she heard the woman telling the male to take of the blind fold, she couldn’t wait to see her kidnapper.
Once the blind fold is off, Bella opened her eyes gently due to the darkness, then try to open it again,her eyes were blurring as she saw a tall woman stood Infront of her, looking down at her, that moment she looked up to see the Ladies face and she [email protected].
She recognized the face Immediately, this lady was with Mr welter at the function, does that mean Knight and his brothers couldn’t convince her because they were meeting her, this most be the Ragina Hanged, she’s seen her and she’s sure it’s Ragina Hanged, she couldn’t help but [email protected], welter and his mistress kidnapped her, she re-moved the cloth covering Bella’s mouth.
“Hello Isabel” Ragina said smiling at Bella who’s face still looked terrified, she swallowed ha-rd .
” I know you ” Bella whispered, Ragina sm-irked.
” And i know you too dear ,” Ragina said with a c0cky smile .
” Why…why am i here ? Bella try to control her tears .
” Probably for some business, your b©yfri£ndwants ” Ragina said and Bella knew it’s Knight she was referring to.
” I have nothing to do with this, am sure this is Mr Welters doing” Bella whispered Again, afraid that If she shouts then she will be hit .
Ragina sm-irked.
“, Your such a [email protected] girl my darling, he did” Ragina replied opening her packet of cigarette , she light it and smoked.
” I thought Knight [email protected]£ to see you ” Bella said .
” Yes Darling, and we talked business, I agreed to help him” Ragina said .
Bella was confused, if she did then why doing this with welter ?
” So you tricked him ? Bella asked but before Ragina could reply welter walked in with two b©dy guards behind him.
Bella looked at the man and felt irritated by mere looking at him , and the truth was clear , Knight looked like him, so why would he deny him that he wasn’t his father?
” I can see she’s awake? Welter said as Ragina sm-irked then s£dûçt!velyrest her elbow on Welters shoulder busy smoking, Bella couldn’t help but cry silently, Ragina tricked Knight and his brothers.
” At least , she’s the piss of cake I nee-d to end that fv¢kin bastard who claimed to be my son, he was wrong to threaten me ” welter said Evily.
” Yes love, his a fool to think he can threaten you , he even wanted me on his side but little does he know am getting his information” Ragina said in an Evily tone looking at Bella intently.
” His a fool to think he can outsmart me” welter said k!ss!ngRagina , who smiled .
” I can’t believe you will do this to your own son, gosh your a disgusting man and a disgrace to fatherhood” Bella yelled since she couldn’t keep it anymore.
Welter sm-irked.
” He sure got a feisty lady , but I don’t see him as my son,i only see him as a slut son ” he replied.
” You should be ashamed ra-pping a woman Infront of her son, a child for that matter how could you be so wicked” Bella yelled as she cried, thinking of everything Knight have told her .
” I can see he alre-ady told you everything, very nice , by the way , once he gets here I will make him think am giving out my company to him, it will be an opportunity to get the so called evidence and end him , your welcome to join him too ” welter sm-irked .
” You are such a pig , you disgust me” Bella yelled and welter [email protected] her ha-rd on the face ma-king her mouth bloody immediately, once Ragina saw what welter did she pu-ll-ed him away .
” Your not supposed to hit her , calm down ” Ragina said .
” Tie her mouth back , I nee-d to get some things done , contact the bastard immediately and let him come here , I nee-d to finish this and we can go fv¢k ” he said to Ragina who sm-irked and k!$$£d him gently on thel-ips .
” Sure love”, she whispered and watched as welter and his men left , but some were guiding out side .
” Hay excuse me ” Ragina told the guard who stood with her , he nodded and left leaving only Ragina and Bella , Bella looked at Ragina with a bad eyes .
” I can’t believe you will trick Knight” Bella said in a ha-rd tone .
” I know you won’t believe me, but am not tricking anyone , I nee-d to convince welter am on his side , I alre-ady made arrangements for what ever will happen here, all you nee-d to do is co-operate with me and the plan will go smoothly” Ragina said crushing her cigarette with her shoe .
Bella was confused, she doesn’t un-derstand this woman , she’s acting some how corny .
” How am I suppose to trust you ? Bella asked .
” I don’t want you to trust me , because i don’t nee-d your trust , but if you want to see your precious lover alive then you stick to anything I tell you , welter will st©p at nothing but to kill Knight, and trust me Bella am one of those people who wants him dead , now the thing is , you will speak to Knight now so you will know am serous” Ragina said and dialed knights number.
” Hello mr Houston, your girlfriend wants to speak to you “, Ragina said and put the phone on Bella’s ear .
” Knight”, Bella cried out .
” Ella are you okay ? He asked worriedly.
” Am not plea-se do something” Bella begged .
” Trust me I will, Ragina is helping out, we alre-ady made a plan, all you have to do is listen to her instructions” Knight said and Bella looked up at Ragina who was looking at her , she really doesn’t trust the woman .
” But I don’t trust her ” Bella said into the phone .
” Trust me baby , she’s on our side , trust her okay ” Knight said trying to convince Bella , yet she wasn’t still convinced.
” Time for me to talk to him ” Ragina said and place the phone on her ear .
” So Knight, where the hell are you now ? She asked .
” I nee-d you to hurry up here ASAP, remember you nee-d to be careful if your bringing police,make sure you do it according to our plans” Ragina said .
She listened to Knight for a while then sm-irked
” I don’t trust people Knight, all I just want is to end welter and am done” she said into the phone and hanged up she turned to Bella .
” I like it that your tough dear, you shouldn’t easily trust someone cause they will back stab you , but believe me when I say I want welter dead as Knight wants , anyways your precious b©yfri£ndis alre-ady on his way ,and all this drama will end soon ” Ragina said and tied Bella’s mouth back.
” Am sorry i have to tie you back , we wouldn’t want to get welter suspicious would we ? She asked sm-irking and Bella shook her head .
” Ms I think his here ” one of the guards said to Ragina .
” Oh , his here , let me go check out what’s happening, just relax I will be back ” Ragina said and walked away .
Bella was so scared, Knight has alre-ady arrived, what will happen now, will welter succeed in killing him oh goodness she couldn’t help but cry , she really doesn’t want anything to happen to Knight, she loves him so much , God plea-se” she prayed silently.
After Knight got the news that Bella was kidnapped, Ragina told him welter alre-ady planned it , so she s£nt Knight the location and asked him to be there ASAP, their plan is if Knight is coming with the Police then they have to dress casual not to attra-ct Welters men before they give information that he [email protected]£ with the police, Knight agreed .
Him alone will meet with welter while his brothers and the police will hide in the inside building, so welter will think he [email protected]£ alone, he made sure that his with the evidence .
He reached the place and st©pped his car it was an old building, hmm welter thinks his smart , his planning to kill him and he knows, same goes to him .
He has to co operate so he can take him down and get Bella, the only woman he has come to care so much for .
Entering the building, with his brother’s hiding behind the bushes to try and get inside , they watched from afar as Knight spoke to the b©dy guards on the entrance door then he walked in .
Welter sat on a chair with a table right Infront of him , another chair was beside him , and Ragina was sitting on his lab sm-irking, once welter saw Knight he sm-irked and Ragina got up from Welters lab as Knight approached them trying his possible best not to jump on the fv¢ker and kill him immediately.
” The king finally arrived, re-ady to do some business? Welter asked sm-irking.
Knight sm-irked back .
” re-ady ” he said
And Ragina gave Knight a secret look as she sm-irked and wra-pped her hands around welter .
Let the business begin.

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