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Until I met you episode 23

Episode 23
Writer: NICKY
He stro-ked my back gently then pu-ll-ed me slowly from his b©dy. “You had a dream?”he asked looking at me. I stared into his eyes thinking about what I saw in my dream. “Yes. A very bad and scary dream”I said sadly. He hvgged me patting my back lightly. “It’s ok. I pray it won’t come to past as it is a bad dream”he said.
“Me too”I said. I pu-ll-ed away from him still wra-pping my hand around his w@!st.
“I believe it can never happen. You can never hurt me. I love you so much”I said. He smiled and k!$$£d my forehead. “I love you too. More than you do love me”he said.
“Promise you’ll never leave me”I said. “Why would I do that? What else do I want in a woman? You’re my everything. I can’t leave you on less you plan to leave me and don’t even try to do it.”he said and smiled. I smiled too staring at him. “Tell me. what’s the dream about?”he asked. I stared at him for a while not replying. I stood on my toe and k!$$£d hisl-ips then come back down on my feet. “It’s a bad dream I don’t wish to tell you”I said. “Really? It must be very bad”he said and I nodded my head.
“You really scared me when you barge in earlier.”he said. “I’m sorry”I said pla-yfully and he smiled.
I went to sit beside his piano and reach my hand to take the book beside it but he took it before I did and closed it. “Why?”I asked. “You’re not allowed to re-ad it now. It’s my new song”he said. “Uhph ok ok.”I said. He dropped the book on the shelf and [email protected]£ to sit beside me.
“What’s it about? A love song? Sad or heartbreak?”I asked staring at him. “A love song”he replied.
“Wow it’ll be good usual. I love listening to your love songs because they are always so emotional and t©uçhy”I said smiling. “Really? This is special”he said looking at me. “Special?”I asked and he nodded his head. “I’m dedicating it to a very special person in my life.”he said. “Oh really? I guess that’s your mum”I said. “My mom?”he asked staring at me. “Am I wrong?”I asked but he shook his head. “Never mind.”he said.
I stood up and was heading to the living room to take some water.
I got there and drank the little I want and sat on the couch resting my head back.
“It’s getting late do you plan to sleep here?”dave asked coming to me. He switched off the tv yawning. “It’s past 9pm alre-ady you should go to your room I’m going to sleep too.”he said turning to leave.
I got up staring at him and he turned back.
Dave’s POV
I turned back and caught her staring at me. “Why?”I asked looking at her.
She walked closer staring at me.”I don’t want to go. Can’t I sleep here? Just for tonight”she said smiling. “What? Sleep here? No way”I said and she looked down feeling bad. “I’m scared I’ll have another bad dream again. Can’t you just let me sleep over for tonight?”she asked looking sad.
I sighed looking at her. “Ok. As you wish”I said and she raised her head smiling. “Thanks”she said and walked straight to my room happily. I stood there looking at her like a lost puppy. “I only have one room”I said. I walked to my room and saw her laying on the be-d alre-ady. “Are you not slee-ping now?”she asked.
“I will but erm… I only have a room. I think I’ll just sleep in the living room then. Goodnight”I said planning to leave.
“No. Sleep beside me. I’m scared all alone plea-se”she said and I was mute for a while. I think there’s nothing wrong in slee-ping together what was I even thinking?”I thought to myself. “Ok”I said with a nervous smile. I la-id gently on the be-d beside her but not close to her because my be-d is a little wi-de.
She moved closer and wra-pped her hand around me. I took a de-ep breath to calm my nerves. “I’m so comfortable this way”she said. “Really? I don’t think I am”I said and she looked up at my face.
“Why?”she asked. “My heart feels so uncomfortable that I think it’ll explode anytime soon”I thought to myself staring at her. “I don’t know. Let’s just sleep ok. It’s late alre-ady”I said closing my eyes. I stayed like that for a while then opened my eyes slowly and found her still staring at me. I got carried away and couldn’t stare off her face. I looked down at herl-ips which looks like there were begging me to k!ssthem and looked back at her face. “Will you sleep or you plan to stare at me like that all night?”I asked. She smiled staring at me. She lean closer and pressed herl-ips down on mine. My heart skipped a bit. She wanted to pu-ll-ed back but I drew her closer to me de-epening the k!ssand she gave in too. I wra-pped my arm around her k!ss!ngher pas-sionately. I forgot I was at the edge of the be-d until we both stumble and fell to the ground. She was on t©p of me while I was lying my back on the ground. We both st©pped k!ss!ngand looked at each other. She giggled and I couldn’t help but smile too. “Are you ok?”I asked smiling and she nodded her head. We got up and I carried her in a way she was wra-pping her legs around me. She smiled looking at me. “I love you”she said. “I love you more more more more”I said and we both laughed. She tilted her head and k!$$£d me. I couldn’t help it but k!ssher back too.
The [email protected]£ more intense and h0t.
It’s feels like we are the only one on earth right now and no b©dy else. I moved back and placed her on the sofa still k!ss!ngher. I k!$$£d her n£¢k down softly and she let out a soft [email protected] . I went back to herl-ips and pushed my ton-gue in running my hand into her hair. She placed her hand un-der my shi-t ru-bbing my che-st down and before I knew it, we were both carried away. She was un-bu-ttoning my shi-t while I unZi-pped her dress and re-moved them.
Light out!
Still continues

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