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Until I met you episode 19

Episode 19
Writer: NICKY
Annabel’s POV
I opened my eyes slowly with a smile on my face. I noticed it’s morning alre-ady. “Oh. Was I dreaming the whole night? Again?”I thought to myself looking around my room. I got up and was sitting resting my back on the pillow. “Don’t tell me it’s all a dream”I said. I got down from be-d and wanted to go to the living room but I felt some light pain on my left kneel. I t©uçhed it and remembered I hurt it last night. My phone beeps and I checked the message that [email protected]£ in. Dave: Good morning dear. How was your night?”I re-ad it and a smile curve on myl-ips.
Definitely, I’m not dreaming. Dave asked my out last night. “Does it mean we are couples now?”I said smiling.
I fell back to my be-d burying my face in the pillow. My phone started ringing and I quic-kly raise my head.
Dave is calling on video what should I do? My face must be swollen and bad right now cause I just woke up. I quic-kly got up and went to wash my face in the bathroom. I [email protected]£ back to the room and dried it. I put little face cream checking myself out in the mirror. The call went off and started ringing again. This time, I took some redl-ips stick and put it on then apply little powder too. I sprayed perfume over me smiling”Perfect”I said with a smile looking at myself in the mirror. I then took a de-ep breath before answering the call.
I saw his handsome face on the screen and I smiled. “Good morning”I said grinning. He was sitting on the couch with a cup in his hand.
“Good morning but are you going out right now?”he asked. “No why did you ask?”
“What’s with your look early in the morning? Did you sleep with makeup on?”he asked. I felt so [email protected] but I managed to smile. “You might not know but this is how I normally look like every morning.”I said. “Oh really? I see”he said smiling. “Are you going out today?”he asked. “Uhm… Yes I’m going to work”I replied.
“Ok never mind then”he said.
“Oh sorry I forgot today is my day off. I’m not going anywhere”I said. “Oh really? That’s good. Will you go out with me then?”he asked and I quic-kly replied yes without wasting much time.
“Ok. I’ll be waiting outside by 10am agreed”he said. “Alright agreed”I replied with a smile. “Ok. Take care”he said and ended the call.
“Going out together? Oh my God. It’s our first [email protected]£”I said feeling excited.
Dave’s POV
I was waiting in the compound for Anna to come down. It’s past 10 and she hasn’t show up. I just hope she won’t appeared with a revea-ling t©p and a very short Sk-irt just like the other time.
That outfit was too se-duc-tive.
Finally, she’s here. She walks towards me with a smile and I couldn’t help but smile too. She wore a pink go-wn which has blue flower patterns and blue shoes. Her hair was dropped down and it flows across her shoulders. What an angel. She looks so beautiful as always. She got to me smiling. “Sorry I’m late”she said. “It’s ok. We can go now”I said smiling and went to open the door for her. I got in too and was driving out of the compound.
Regina’s POV
I was in my room with Angelica. My best friend and my coworkers too.
She works in dad’s company and I also work there but I’m in an higher position than her.
“Are you not going out with Peter again?”she asked. “No”I replied pressing my phone not paying much attention to her. “Oh really? I thought you said you like him so much”she said. I dropped my phone and look up at her.
“That was then. I got tired of him and ended the $h!t?”I said. “Is that it? Hmm. What’s with the sudden change thus time?”she asked looking at me suspiciously.
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I moved closer and whispered to her smiling. “My heart belongs to someone else now”I said and she looks at me confusingly. “There you go again? When will you st©p this habit of yours? Falling for guys easily, [email protected]£ them for a while and dump them when you meet a h0tter guy.”she said and rolled her eyes concentrating back to her phone.
“This time around, I’m serious. Once I get him, I will never let him go because, he’s the man of my dream”I said smiling. She looks at me for a while and shook her head. “Are you not hungry yet?”she asked. “No. I’m not”I replied and she nodded her head.
“Are not interested in knowing the next guy this time around?”I asked and she raised her head looking at me in shock after seeing something on her phone.
“Oh my God! Am I seeing it wrong?”she said looking closer at her phone. “What’s that?”I asked and she moved the phone to me.
“Is that not Annabel? Why’s she with dave? I mean why did he hvg her?”Angelica asked in surprise as I was also surprised to see it too.
I re-ad the articles on t©p of it which says “dave finally [email protected]£ back but with a big surprise for his fans as he hvgs his girlfriend in public”
I dropped the phone feeling hurt. “How do they come across? Wait don’t tell me Anna s£dûç£d him. How? This is totally unbelievable. Regina say something”Angelica said as I was pacing into the air looking angry. I got up and took my phone heading out. “Where are you going to?”Angelica asked getting up too. “This can’t be true. Dave can’t [email protected]£ a girl like her. Annabel is nothing but a slut who s£dûç£d him. I know that for sure. I’m not gonna let this happen. I can’t let her have what’s mine.”I said clenching my teeth in anger. I walked out and slammed the door [email protected] in anger.
To be continued….

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