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S-x slave episode 3

🍑🍆 S3X SLAVE🔪💰
By authoress tife💞📚
Episode 3
💖Ryan’s POV💖
I saw a beautiful lady looking at us from the house opposite ours, I waved at her and she waved back smiling.
“Eddie!! Eddie!! Look here” I said to my brother who was busy carrying our luggage inside.
“What is that Ryan?” He asked and looked at me.
“See that beautiful girl” I said and looked back but I couldn’t see the girl anymore.
“Where is she?” Eddie asked looking at where I faced.
“She was there now, I saw her she waved and smiled at me” I said happily.
“You seem to really like her at first sight” he said smiling.
“Yes, she is beautiful, I wish she could be my friend” I said happily.
“You are very n@ûghty” my brother said and went into the house.
I looked back at the window again and I couldn’t see her anymore. Thank goodness she lives very close to us.
I walked inside the house and I saw everyb©dy very busy.
“What do I do??” I yelled and they all looked at me.
“Come supervise us” my mother said laughing.
💝Eddie’s POV💝
“Eddie, take your begs to the 2nd floor to the room 3rd room at the left , that will be your room from today” my dad said.
“Okay” I replied and carried my bags and my guiter to the room.
“Mom, I want to stay with Eddie” my brother said.
“My Ryan is now a big boy, so he is going to have his own room with different type of toys” my mother replied.
“Seems fair enough” my brother replied and we all laughed. He is just too smart for his age.
I got to my room and dropped my bags on the be-d. I looked around, *the room seems nice” I thought.
Mother had done must of the arrangements so I just nee-ded to arranged my clothes in the closet and place my guiter in a save place.
Well, I am a singer tho not yet famous. I [email protected] guitar and sing to it. I record it on my sound tape and save it there. Who knows who will sponsor me in future.
I dropped my guiter close to the wall and started arranging my clothes in the closet. I was still arranging my clothes when I noticed the window close to mine.
It was a little bit close, only a tree separated it from mine. I looked out of the window into the window but I saw nothing, it was dark.
“This is the same window Ryan told me he saw a beautiful girl” I thought smiling.
I moved back to continue arranging my room.
💞Princess’s POV💞
I watched the handsome boy and his cute little brother go in their house. I his behind the black cotten. I was so shy that I couldn’t even look into his face, he was so handsome.
They went inside the house and I almost left the window when I saw the handsome boy carry some bags into the room directly opposite my window.
I stared at him and caught the better view of his face, he is so handsome. I suddenly looked at my window and I quic-kly his my face ma-king sure i wasn’t visible.
He smiled looking at the window and I felt my heart skip.
“Did he just smile at me?? Did he just see me?? Oh God he is so cute” I thought jumping in my room.
For that short period I forgot all about the way uncle Joe maltreated me. How much I have suffered and for the first time in a long time I smiled.
A boy even waved at me, what has never happened before. People that see me at the window think I am insane and they just ignore me.
I opened the cotten again and this time around I saw the small boy that waved at me in the room.
I felt joy as I saw him, in 2 years he has made me smile for the first time. I wish he could be my friend.
He moved close to the window looking at mine window. I re-moved the cotten covering my eyes a little so he could see me.
He looked at me suddenly and smiled. My eyes wi-de-ned when he did, I raised my hands and waved back at him.
He wanted to tap his busy brother to look at me but I waved my hands and shook my head in disagreement with his plans.
He held back his hand and looked at me he opened his mouth to talk but I st©pped him. I placed my index f!nger on my mouth telling him not to make a noise.
He closed his mouth gently and nodded smiling. I gave him a thumbs up and blew him a k!ss, he caught the air and placed it on his cheeks.
I laughed ha-rd but silently and he did the same. His brother turned abruptly to him.
“What are you looking at?” He asked moving close to the window.
I quic-kly his myself with the cotten and peeped throu-gh a small space on the cotten. I saw the small boy trying to block his brother from seeing me.
So he pressed his back against the window. “Its nothing brother” he said without moving away.
“Come teach me some chords on your guiter” he said to his brother and pushed away from the window.
He moved away too and looked back, he waved and win-ked at me before leaving.
I smiled wi-dely, he is really a smart kid, I am so happy to have someone like him close to my room. He has made my day.

I love y’all💋💋



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