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S-x slave episode 14 & 15

🍑🍆 S3X SLAVE 🔪💰
Episode 14&15
💖 Eddie’s POV💖
I chased her round the room while Ryan kept laughing aloud. “Princess common on, I am tired” I said still running after her as she kept laughing.
She ran into the bathroom laughing very ha-rd . “I am gong to catch you in there!!” I yelled and ran after her into the bathroom. She went right un-der the shower.
She turned looking at me laughing ha-rd . I st©pped running after her and went closer to her slowly. “You are beautiful” I said looking into her eyes.
Her laughing turned into a normal countenance. I leaned towards her and pu-ll-ed her close to me turning the tap to the shower as water dropped on us.
She shvggered un-der it and I saw her n!ppleha-rd en un-der the water. I looked at her and she kept mute staring at me.
I reached for her w@!st and pu-ll-ed her to me still un-der the water. Her hair gummed to her face, so did mine.
We both grew goosebu-mps immediately. I pu-ll-ed her into my arms hvgging her ti-ghtly, her b00bs pressed on my che-st.
I felt her hand at my back hvgging me back. “I will save you even if it means giving up my life” I said and raised her head to mine.
I raised her chin up slowly moving my face to hers, she stood on her toes and reached for myl-ips with hers.
She k!$$£d me do pas-sionately and I felt her h0t ton-gue slide into my mouth. I reciprocated immediately letting my hands slide down her back holding her so ti-ght.
She placed her hands around my n£¢k pu-lling me more into her mouth. I lifted her up carrying her around my torso and placing her against the wall.
“Eddie!! He is back!” Ryan yelled from my room. “$h!t!!” I cursed as we both ran out of the bathroom.
“plea-se go now Eddie, he mustn’t see you” she said squee-zing her clothe dry.
“Am sorry for we-tting you” I said moving to the window. “I loved every bit of it” she replied blu-shing slightly.
I jumped out of the window to the tree. I moved briskly to my window and as I was about jumping into my room I looked back at her.
“I love you” I said and jumped into my room. I looked at her as she smiled at her. Suddenly her countenance changed and I saw her uncle come in.
“fuc-k!” I said and quic-kly hid my face as she dropped the cotten.
“See who is in love” Ryan said smiling wi-dely.
“Common Ryan, don’t start. Her uncle is there again to use her like he always does, its so annoying!” I said moving to my be-d.
“I am going tofu-cking kill him” I mumbled as I la-id on my be-d.
💋 Princess’s POV💋
I heard the door knob turn and I felt sadness all of a sudden. I turned to face him, he was grinning stupidly.
“Why are you dripping we-t??” He asked coming close to me.
“I…I just finished taking my… My bath” I stammered looking down.
“With your clothes??” He yelled and immediately I felt tears gather in my eyes.
“God plea-se don’t let him beat me nor t©uçh me today, I am yet to get healed” I prayed silently.
He come closer to me staring into my eyes, “you look tired” he said and I nodded slowly.
“I will leave you for today, but trust me I will be back tomorrow” he said and walked out of my room.
“Did that just happen? Did he just go withoutfu-cking me?” I thought happily.
“Thank you God.” I said holding my palms together. I heard him lock the door and I ran to window to see Eddie burning in anger.
“Hey” I called and he looked at me in surprise.
“Princess, are you okay??” He asked sticking his head out of the window.
“I am good, he left me for today” I said happily.
“I am breaking in tomorrow” he said firmly.
“Eddie are you sure about this?? What if you are caught??” I asked fearfully.
“I am sure and I know I won’t be caught. Ryan and I will work together tomorrow, all you nee-d do is to stay put okay??” He said like a professional.
“Okay boss” I said saluting him while we both laughed.
“Did you mean what you said today?” I asked shyly.
“I said many things today which of them?” He asked grinning.
“That you love me” I said looking away.
“I meant it Princess, I love you” he said and I couldn’t help but bur-st into tears.
Episode 15
💋 Eddie’s POV 💋
“Princess why are you crying?? I didn’t mean to make you cry believe me” I said sadly looking at her weep in front of me.
“You aren’t the reason I am crying.” She replied cleaning her eyes.
“What is the reason??” I asked worriedly.
“The last time someone said that to me was two years ago Eddie and that was my parents.” She replied sniffing Carter.
“I am sorry for ma-king you remember that, but trust me i mean it and I am not going to leave you for any reason” I said emotionally.
“Thank you Eddie” she said cleaning her tears.
“Smile” I said pouting my mouth as she gave me the sweetest smile ever ma-king my heart melt.
“Go to be-d now, you nee-d to rest” I said smiling at her.
“Okay, goodnight” she said rolling down her cotten.
“I love you” I said seriously. She smiled and looked at me shyly
“I love you too” she said and quic-kly rolled down the cotten.
“Ryan!!!!! She said she loves me!!!” I yelled happily while Ryan just watched me giggling.
“The main task now is to safe her Eddie” he said sadly.
“Yes Ryan, and I am starting that tomorrow” I said and la-id on my be-d.
…. 🌞The next morning🌞….
🔪 Uncle Joe’s POV🔪
I woke up early thinking of how I am going to get rid of that useless lawyer. I can’t wait to get rid of Princess, I nee-d a fresh blood.
I took my bath and moved down to my room to get one of my guns. I took a small pistol and a very sharp knife.
I placed it at the back of my pocket and used my shi-t to cover it. I wore a black cloth with hood so it is difficult for me to be seen.
I picked up my phone to call my close [email protected] in crime.
📲 It is time.
I said and hung up. Time to claim what is rightfully mine.
I walked out of the house without remembering Princess, I locked the door firmly with three padlock as I always did.
I threw the key into my pockets and headed to kill. I got to the neighboring compound and I saw the small boy I saw the other day sitting in front of the house.
He kept staring at me and I [email protected]£ uncomfortable. I sh0t him a dealt look and his eyes wi-de-ned. His face changed suddenly and he smiled at me waving.
I looked at him in relieve, I thought he meant harm. I faced my path not minding to wave back, killing on my mind.
💋 Ryan’s POV💋
I was instructed to watch Princess’s uncle moved out of his house. I sat watching him, he wore overall black clothes with a hood hiding his face.
I sat there wondering why he dressed exactly like a criminal this time around. He looked at me and my heart skipped a bit. I can imagine him coming close to me he looks like a monster.
I stared at him and he sh0t me a deadly look, I flin-ched but quic-kly composed myself, I can’t let him get suspicious.
I manages to smile and wave at him but he didn’t even mind me he kept moving. I am sure he think I am a fool, he doesn’t know I will be the one to kill him.
I stood up and ran inside the house after he was out of sight. “Eddie, he has gone out” I yelled ignoring my parent who looked at me like I was insane.
They mustn’t come to know about the plan now. “Great job Ryan” Eddie said wearing a jean trou-ser and a sweeter with hood.
“You look exactly like him” I sad tea-singly.
“God forbid” he said spitting.
“Don’t forget Ryan, once you see any wietd thing just sing my name” he said smiling.
“I can’t forget the song” I said and started singing
🎶 Eddie, Eddie Eddie🎶
🎶 Big headed Eddie is in love🎶
“That’s enough Ryan, only heavens know where you thought of those lyrics” he said rolling his eyes.
“Eddie plea-se be careful, think about papa and mama, must especially Princess, her safety is in your hands. Once you fumble, we are all in trouble” I said sadly.
“I will Ryan, plea-se pray for me and don’t tell princess it has started, I don’t want her to be worried” he said and hvgged me.
I placed my head on his shoulders weeping silently. “If anything happens remember I love you all and tell princess I love her so much” he said admist tears and ran moved out of the room with his bag full of different materials.
“God plea-se safe Eddie, he is my only brother. Don’t let him die now that he is in love” I prayed silently carrying my Bible and placing it on my che-st.
Awwwn 🤗..they both confessed their love…
I love y’all🌹🌹

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