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Rabbit love episode 35

Episode 35.
I sle-pt peacefully that night, maybe i also got too comfortable in my sleep because i started dreaming of a perfect wedding scene where i was the Bride in my glowing white dress and Sam was the groom, he looked breathtaking in his black tuxedo and his charming smile.
I woke up smiling and shaking my head over the dream, when I heard a knock on my door.
Without being told, i knew who it was.
”Sam, come in”
He opened the door halfway and stood against the door frame.
”Good Morning beauty, sorry to disturb but It’s time for morning prayers and Mum won’t accept any excuse, hope you don’t have anywhere you nee-d to be this early morning cos it doesn’t usually end on time”
”Just a ph0tosh0to later in the day”
It was obvious that Sam wasn’t really into the long prayer hours thing.
”You don’t look or sound too excited about it”
”You can say that again” he replied and smiled.
Just like in my dreams, that same infectious smile, which was capable of sweeping any sane girl off her feet.
”Sam, what’s taking you and your girlfriend so long”
we heard her call from the sitting room and we simultaenously opened our mouth in shock.
”ehm, I will…I will explain things to her later, plea-se dress up and come out before she start getting other ideas” he replied and turned to leave.
I simply smiled at him and he left.
The look on his face when his mum called me his girlfriend, had been priceless.
The prayers ended after thirty minutes, I knew because i was checking the wall clock.
Sam stood up to leave from where he knelt down during the prayers when his mum called him back.
”Sam I nee-d to talk to you two”
Without being told, i alre-ady knew what she wanted to talk about.
”You see, my children” she started after Sam sat down smiling, i guess he also knew what she wanted to talk about.
”you both are adults and i can’t order you around, my duty is to guide you both, the idea of you both living together when you are not married is not proper, back when i was growing up it was a taboo for two unmarried people to live together but you kids of nowadays nothing is a taboo anymore but remember as Godly kids and children of your father in heaven, our Bible tells us in the book of first corinthians, that we shouldn’t deceive ourselves, that no S-xual immoral will inherit the kingdom of God, so staying together while unmarried is something i won’t even advice my enemies children to do”
”But…but mum we are not [email protected]!ng” Sam said still smiling the way he had been smiling since his mum’s sermon started.
”If you are not [email protected]!ngthen…”
”Mum, believe me we are not [email protected]!ng, she’s one of the new models signed to our modelling agency, she’s just here for the time being, her name is Becky, you can ask Dad or google it”
”A model” she asked with a clear look of disapproval.
”Here comes the sermon” Sam whispered to me.
”yes ma, am a model, i actually studied Mas-s Communication but chose modelling after…after i graduated” i explained to her.
”A mas-s Com. graduate, my daughter what are you doing modelling? When you could get a decent job and decent life, sorry to say but i don’t like that proffession at all, my husband and sons only went against me and established that agency, i was never really in support”
”Mum, am hungry and she doesn’t want to hear the details of how we disobeyed you and established the agency” Sam replied grudgingly.
”I will make sure you get a decent job before i leave the country that’s if you are interested, and back to what i was saying, even though you two are not [email protected]!ng, it’s still not advisable for two young adults to live together, i trust my son but you know he is a man with blood and you a lady, some unplanned things can happen”
”Mum, nothing is happening, can i go now” Sam said and started yawning.
”Sam you can go before you swallow me”
”Thanks mum, she also has an important appointment so make it brief.” he said and left after wi-nking at me.
”My daughter, i see you are a decent girl, i congratulate you for that, i can get you an [email protected] anywhere you want, staying with him, if anything happens, it’s always the lady that’s at the receiving end”
I sat still, if only she knew my past history with Kelvin, she won’t call me decent.
”Thank you ma, We were planning to go and search for an [email protected] later in the day.
”alright, that’s better, i will take care of the payment and don’t say no”
”Thank you ma, God bless you ma”
My ph0toshoot was fantastic with Sam by my side, joking and pla-ying around.
It was the first time he accompanied me and he was a good companion.
After the ph0toshoot, we left to search for an [email protected], after much searching and searching, we find one in a serene environment.
Just after bargaining with the agent, Sam’s phone rang and he was informed that his mum was in the hospital.
I remembered that she said she was going to visit Kelvin that afternoon when we were leaving.
I wondered what could have happened to her there.

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