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Pregnant episode 6

pregnant episode 6
Episode 6
Written by Simrah Saeed
♨️ Olivia ♨️
” I’m asking you Olivia who is that fool that gave you the scars ” he asked again for the nth times .
He looks so scary with his angry face. Should I open up to him?
What will be his reaction?
” Uhmm… It’s nothing Ethan ”
” Don’t d–n tell me it’s nothing when I’m seeing fresh scars on your stomach ”
” Either you tell me now or I do something worse ” he flared while I kept quiet
” Alright ” he said walking away with so much anger..
He’s burning with fury …
” Its my step mum and sisters ” I blurted and shook my head.
He st©pped abruptly turning back to me
” What did you just say? Your step mum and sisters?” He asked furiously .
” I knew she was no good, how dare she [email protected] filthy hands on you?”
” Is she mad?”
” Is she a s¢v-mbag?”
” Is she not afraid of death ?”
” What in the world will you do to her that will make her injure you this way?”
” I will show her and her stupid daughters how it is to be maltreated” he yelled angrily walking inside the house …
♠️ Ethan ♠️
” Ethan plea-se don’t confront her, she will kill me plea-se” she pleaded almost in tears ..
I really nee-d to get something clear. Why will that old cram give her so many scars? And those skinny things too ..
How dare them t©uçh what’s mine? Is it a crime not to have a mother in your father’s house?
From the very beginning, I loathe that witch of a woman. She’s evil..
I stared at Olivia who held my hand fearfully and chuckled
” Confront her? I’m more than that Angel. I will torture her and her children. Just watch me do it ” I said angrily..
I’m pissed.
I don’t want to imagine what she has been going throu-gh because it will only increase my temper..
” Don’t plea-se just let her be. I’m fine and used to it ”
I’m seriously trying to control my anger right now. She’s infuriating me with what she’s saying still, I don’t want to scare her, I don’t want to show her the very h0t tempered side of me.
I can’t let this slide because of her plea-se, that woman has crossed lane with the wrong person. A totally wrong person.
” You have to move in with me today and we are going right away. Period! ”
I said walking away without waiting for her response..
I can’t risk her staying here . They might even kill her this time around if I let her stay here for a day. Hell! I won’t allow that never…
She has to come with me and that will give me a chance to deal with those good for nothing empty [email protected] fools .
I will make them pay for everything, its very easy to get the daughters.
If I don’t retaliate, seeing those scars on her will get me angry. It will rise my temper at a very high rate..
” We should be going alre-ady Ethan you can see her some other times” dad said as I entered into the house
” No nee-d for that dad, we are leaving together with Olivia ” I announced looking at her daringly..
I just have to do that else she might refuse to follow me home .. Have you re-ad Coolval stories today??
” Really? Why the change of plan?” Mr daniels asked as Olivia was fidgeting with the ti-p of her dress
” We just concluded its best we leave now, right Olivia?” I asked while she nodded . Not that she have any option
” Okay, since she’s okay with it. I don’t mind but let me at least let her mum and sisters know about it so they can bade her goodbye and equally pack her things ” he said ..
I wish they are all as cool as Mr Daniels. He doesn’t seems to have any problem
Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
” You don’t have to sir, she doesn’t nee-d to pack anything. All she nee-d will be provided and for her mum and sisters, you can inform them later. It’s getting late” I said convincingly and Dad and mum nodded giving me a ‘ what are you up to ‘ look ..
They so much un-derstands me and they have to cover up for me
” Okay, pleaee give me a minute with my daughter ” he said
” Its okay Daniels, let’s wait for her by the car ” dad snapped his f!ngersand and both mum and I followed up
♨️ Olivia ♨️
I nervously stood beside dad waiting fir what he has to say .
” Olivia baby ”
” I know I have wronged you beyond reasonable doubts. I can not stand with my mates to boast about being the best dad. I’m a bad father who doesn’t deserve your forgiveness ”
” I even failed to keep my wife’s dying wish which was ti take care of you. I promised her but failed to do just that ”
” I know hating you for the mentally of you killing Gabriella because she died at your birth isn’t enough reason and I’m sorry Olivia forgive your father ” he apologized.
” I hated seeing you because you reminded me so much of your mother but I discovered everything wasn’t your fault and now I ask for your forgiveness ”
Wow! I can’t believe Dad just re-ad all this speech just to ask for my forgiveness .
I really went throu-gh hell but not like that of my step mum..
And who am I not to forgive my father who literally changed over the month?
God forgives us right?
” I forgive you Dad ”
” Thank you so much Oli, I promise to make up for the years I maltreated you baby ” he said hvgging me tearfully. This is the first time I’m seeing him cry in my whole life . Its ma-king me emotional too
” I have known you as an obe-dient and competent child and I believe you will handle every situation wisely. There are ups and downs in relationsh!pand only the [email protected] will scale throu-gh. Be a good girl for me ”
He said while I nodded, this is how it feels to have a fatherly love…
” I’m always here if you nee-d me ” he said lastly hvgging me as tears threatening to flow
I’m moving in with someone I ba-rely know.
I’m going to start a new life..
And the happiest thing is that I will be free from being a maid in the hands of my step mum.

🎗️ Sophia 🎗️
” I can’t do the cleaning mum, i just fixed my nails plea-se ” Emily said with her gaze fixed on the phone
” Are you really saying that Emily? Who did you expect to clean the house? It’s looks so unkept ” mum yelled while I stayed watching the drama
” I don’t care, you shouldn’t have allowed Olivia to go or maybe you had the plan of doing all the works yourself ” she replied arrongantly, wore her fl!pflops and left while mum shook her head in disappointment..
” And Sophia? How about the food I asked you to prepare ?” She asked .
Is she serious right now?
I stared at her and chuckled..
” Is it my own Sophia? You and I know I don’t know how to cook. You never thought me so let me be plea-se . As you can see, I’m having a chat with my b©yfri£nd. If you can excuse me ” I replied.
Everyone now knows the worth of Olivia in this house .. in the quest of maltreating her, she s£nt her into good hands.
Imagine she’s with the guy I always dreamt of having just a night with..
Hell! Who wouldn’t want a ruch handsome guy like him?
It’s all mum’s fault …..
I turned to her who took the broom and began sweeping the room..
” Before I forget mum, get a maid because I’m not re-ady to do any chores “

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