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Don’t hurt me I’m a v!rg!nepisode 6

I’M A vir-gin💦
✍️ Chapter Six✍️
Surely this is some sort of mistake, last night I had a purpose, a purpose to sleep with him for money, no attachment, no feelings, just se-x. I hadn’t cared what it will look like to other people, I had to do what I had to do and now…
Now I feel appalled at myself as I think about accepting his money. No, I wouldn’t, couldn’t. My feelings were too involved now and if I do accept, it wouldn’t feel right. I wouldn’t feel right.
Just as I’m contemplating this, the door opens to reveal Jeremy. He st©ps in shock as he sees me standing in the middle of his room. I freeze too, my mouth hanging open, gaping at him.
In the morning light, I can finally see him properly. His hair is a mess, tousled up into a che-stnut haze and all I can think of is running my hand throu-gh it. His eyes are grey than blue maybe because of his anger from earlier. Right now they show an element of surprise and I watch as his eyes travel greedily down my b©dy.
I grip the sheets ti-ghter against me, suddenly feeling anxious and expo-sed. His eyes darken a little.
His nose is sharp and straight… perfect and his sculpturedl-ips against his prominent sharp jaw are all I can look at as we both stare at each other. Then thinking of what hisl-ips did last night, I flush.
He’s wearing a T-shi-t which clings to his slender and yet muscular b©dy. His abdominal muscles are evident meaning he must be great at the gym.
On his bo-ttomhe wears sweat [email protected] which are almost lose on his [email protected]!st. He looks so perfect, I’m surprised he’s here with me.
“You’re finally up?” He greets me with a mischievous sm-irk pla-ying on hisl-ips. He knows that I’m gawking and he’s being c0cky about it.
In fear of how hoarse my voice will sound, I reply him with a nod.
He c**ks his head to one side as he stares me, that sm-irk still on his face ma-king my blush reddening even more.
He moves towards me, his eyes darkening even more. Once he’s close, I back away towards the bathroom door. I wince slightly at the unexpected so-reness in my groin from all the de-sire that lurches down there.
His sm-irk grows, “Are you so-re?”
My head snaps at him at his unexpected remark, my mouth gaping at him. He has his all knowing smile.
He continues to stalk me and I back away, trying to avoid the wall because I know I will be tra-pped. To no avail, my back suddenly pins against that damn wall. Jeremy takes the advantage to grip my hands, pu-lling me closer to him.
Once we are close in proximity, I can’t control myself. I know how my b©dy reacts to his t©uçh now.
I feel warmth of his breath as his nose t©uçhes mine.
Heat washes over me completely as he enfolds me into his arms, leaving my hands to my side. He pushes me up until I’m on my ti-p toes. Then he plants a sloppy k!sson my mouth.
I know his intentions were just to plant a pe-ck, but as soon as ourl-ips t©uçh; de-sire courses throu-gh me with speed, wrecking all my thoughts into lvst. I find my hands traveling to his face, to his jaw to feel the stubble of beard there. One hand care-sses his face as the other encamps and fist on his hair. He [email protected] s on his throat, the sound [email protected] in myl-ips, s£nding tingles of plea-sure.
“God, you k!ssgood,” he says throu-gh myl-ips.
I feel the sheets slowly loos£ning off my b©dy as he lifts me up and position me on the wall. I wra-p my legs on his [email protected]!st. Our mouths are still locked together but when he withdraws from myl-ips reluctantly, I’m [email protected] as if I’ve just done a hundred [email protected] across a field.
His mouth moves to my n£¢k and I [email protected] he nips and k!ssthat one sp©t that makes me feel crazy.
“You smell amazing, Leyla, even in the morning,” He breaths. “I don’t think I can resist, even now.” He says.
His words are so s£dûç!ng, so Se-xy that I can’t even form a thought of what to say back.
He growls as his hands travel to my th!ghs. He grips my a*s, squee-zing ti-ghtly to initiate a cry of plea-sure out of me. I feel his arou-saldigging upon my inner th!gh.
“Jeremy,” I say and I feel his sharp intake of breathe near my sternum.
“My name sounds Se-xy as hell coming from your mouth. Tell me, what exactly are you are doing me Leyla?” Ourl-ips lock again and from then on I lose my train of thought.
I manage to break this k!ssand he gro-an s wanting more. Believe me so did I. But there was an issue we nee-ded to address.
One of his hands holds me as the other moves to the apex if my th!ghs. I [email protected] when his f!ngersslides throu-gh my slit.
“You’re so we-t alre-ady. Do you want me that bad?” He laughs.
I [email protected] out loud as he ru-bs slow circles in me. I nearly combust from the f0rç£ of his hand. I nearly give in.
“Jer-Jeremy, s-st©p.” I stutter. The confusion of it all is I didn’t want him to st©p.
“I won’t st©p.” His voice is strained in my n£¢k. I [email protected] his hands picks up its pace, ru-bbing and palming me eventually leading to that nee-d to re-lease.
“plea-se,” I beg, [email protected] “W-we nee-d to talk,” I try. I really do but I can feel my b©dy bowing against the wall, my pelvis circling with his hand as the ti-ght£ñing of my inner walls becomes unbearable.
“Let’s talk later, right now I want to see you combust.” As he says this, he slowly in-serts one of his f!nger inside me and starts circling and stro-king my inner muscles whilst he palms my cl!t* to increase pressure.
My cli-max reaches before I expect it to. I scream out his naa me and throw back against the wall. My eyes close ti-ghtly as I spiral around and around on his f!ngers.
When I open my eyes a while later, I find that I’m alre-ady on the be-d. How I got there? I had no answers, however, Jeremy is beside me; alre-ady n-ked and leaning on one of his elbows as his other hand ca-ressed my cheek.
“You are incredibly beautiful, do you know that?” He whispers as his face closes on me and hisl-ips brush against mine. He looms over me re-ady to take me. Churning fire explodes like a rocket and this time the difference from yesterday is that I’m prepared. He slowly sinks inside and immediately starts to move.
“Was that your ex earlier?” I finally get the question that I’ve been dre-ading to ask even though I alre-ady know the answer.
I’m lying on my front enjoying the soft trail of Jeremy’s f!ngersagainst my spine. He lies beside me, on his side; his head on his hand while leaning on his elbow. His other hand seems to enjoy pla-ying with my spine, his soft f!ngersleave tingles which s£nds electricity throu-ghout my b©dy.
I close my eyes and relax.
Once my question is out, his hands st©ps trailing and freezes in one sp©t. I open my eyes to gauge his reaction. His eyes cloud, his jaw clenches.
“You heard?” His tone has taken a nosedive; it’s now dripping with cold.
I blush, “I kind of eavesdropped,” I admit.
Hisl-ips twitch slightly into a reluctant smile. “Then you must know that she is.” He says indifferently. Sounding a little bit c0cky.
I press myl-ips together, “I’m sorry she cheated,” I whisper.
“Don’t.” He tenses and I can tell that she was a still painful subject to him. “It’s not your fault, anyway it’s the past. I’m done with her.”
I nod, “It’s none of my business, sorry.”
He smiles lightly and care-sses my cheek.
After continues where he left off. In that moment I forget; I forget how I just met him, I forget my situation and for that moment as I [email protected] on his h0tel be-d, I forget who I am.
He moves to k!ssme behind my ear, trailing hisl-ips all the way to the back of my n£¢k ma-king me [email protected] out of plea-sure. One of his hand move to my h!pas the other takes one of my br**t and I hear him whisper next to me my ear saying, “Let’s go again.”
—– To be continued…
sooo what do ya think?
I’ve introduced a new charcater and, what do you think of her? Cas-sie? and is Jeremy only lvsting over her no mutual feeling?.

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