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Don’t hurt me I’m a v!rg!nepisode 32

I’M A vir-gin💦
Beware: Not edited
✍️ Chapter Thirty-two✍️
Had he really meant it? My heart is still beating ra-pidly at the possibility of him in love with me. I know how a low of a person this makes me, but I cannot help but rejoice over this revelation.
However there’s small [email protected] of me, a minor [email protected] that’s warning me not to get my hopes up in case he’d been saying it for the sake of downgrading Matthew.
As he leads us out of the building, I catch sight of Jack and Nicole entering a car, looking all cosy with each other. I smile at their happiness.
Jeremy opens the back door of his car for me. I go in and he follows after, as soon as we are both inside, Hails begin the ignition and we drive off.
I can tell Jeremy is still in state of anger with his hooded face and brooding expression. I look out of the window for some solace and try not to think of Matthew’s words. However I fail.
What if he’s right? What if I cannot live up to the high life Jeremy has introduced me into? What if I’m degrading Jeremy’s status by just being with him? Who’s to say that whoever filled him with the information of how we met won’t report to the public. And then I will be known as a who-re by the whole city.
That’s not what’s worrying me, however. I don’t really care about what people think of me, I have always been looked down upon in my entire life, so people can say whatever they want. As long as the man I loved thought otherwise, the rest can drown for all I care.
No, what’s worrying me is Matthew. At this moment, I am confused by the man, one moment he’s telling me he’ sorry and then he’s back to being vulgar towards me. But what’s clear is his hatred towards my relationsh!pwith Jeremy.
The man is infuriating, quite [email protected] to empathise with.
It’s the fact that he is Jeremy’s brother that’s ma-king me somewhat docile, even though their relationsh!phas some really oppressing issues. Otherwise I will be throwing his words back at him with my own profanities.
I am not going to go around loving the fact that they were not in agreeing terms even though I despise the man. No, my love for Jeremy has me seeing more to that. I know despite Jeremy’s façade that he loves Matthew and that he wishes their relationsh!pwere more stable, even if he won’t admit it to himself.
“Earth to Leyla,” Jeremy takes my face with his hand and turns it to face him.
“You okay?”
I nod at him.
He presses hisl-ips together. “Leyla, I know you’re not. Tell me what’s going in that lovely head of yours?”
My eyes search his, they are worried.
“plea-se?” He pleads, feebly.
That compels me to tell him. “Okay…I-I don’t like seeing you and brother fight.”
I watch as the grey in his eyes overtakes the blue, telling me of his resurfacing anger.
“Leyla, this is the way we are, the way we’ve always been.”
“I know, you told me. But it’s quite a package” I smile trying to lighten up his mood.
The corner of hisl-ips crinkles into a reluctant smile but just as the smile comes, it quic-kly goes away.
I take my hand to his ca-ress his cheek. “And I also know that it’s killing you inside to fight with him.”
His eyes spring to mine and I watch as the wall crumbles. For that moment, within that depth of blue-grey, all of his fears are revealed to me. I [email protected] momentarily as I gaze into his overflowing soul.
“You are quite perceptive.” He says in a raspy whisper.
I shift to hvg him. He meets me halfway as he draws me to his [email protected] and I sit sideways on his my legs, my head near his n£¢k. He buries his face in my hair and breathes in a long breath.
“Tell me about it?” I ask him, moving my hand to his face and titling my head back to see his face.
He smiles sadly at me and shakes his head, “Not today.”
“Okay.” I bury my head back into his n£¢k and close my eyes.
We stay like this for a while, just hvgging each, giving each other some sort of comfort.
“Tell me, what he did to you before I [email protected]£?” He asks suddenly. “And don’t say “nothing” because I know Matthew.”
I shake my head knowing it won’t really help.
“Leyla, tell me,” he commands.
I close my eyes.
I can never refuse that voice.
Still closing my eyes I tell him every word Matthew uttered before Jeremy [email protected]£ and I tell him about his f0rç£ful k!ssand that I defended myself by punching him and [email protected] him after.
His breathing rate has changed and he his arms around me now hold me ti-ghtly against his che-st.
“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” He apologises.
I look up at him, frowning. Why is he apologising?
I meet his eyes and their filled with anger, sorrow but also tenderness for me.
“Jeremy you don’t have to apologies for your brother’s actions.”
He presses hisl-ips, “I know. You don’t un-derstand.”
I frown.
“Matthew has always had a habit to sleep with the women I’m always with.”
I [email protected] “You mean Cas-sie has not been the only one?”
He closes his eyes and nods.
“But why? Why would he do that?”
He opens his eyes again and now the grey and blue are meeting each other halfway.
“I don’t know, to piss me off maybe.”
I swallow. “It worked?”
He c0cks his head to one side in a what-do-you-think kind of gesture.
“I’m sorry.” I tell him because I don’t know what else to tell him.
He shakes his head.
“Leyla I just… I just don’t want him to do the same to you, I don’t want him to take you away from me.” His b©dy shakes on the last s£ntence.
“He won’t… It’s only you… no one else… I-I… I don’t like him.” My words jumble up because there are so much I want to say to him, to reas-sure him.
“Good.” He says and I huddle up closer to him, only glad that his domineering self is back.
I hate to see Jeremy fearful of me cheating on him. He should know by now that he’s the only one for me and that I love him. I want so much to reas-sure him how much I love him but the words just won’t form in my mouth.
We stay this way until we exit the town heading to the out coast where his house is.
When Hails parks outside the front garage, Jeremy drags me to the house and upstairs. And I know that he nee-ds more than the words I told him to reas-sure him. The only thing he doesn’t know is that I nee-d him just as much and I want him just as much.
Later when the sweat on our bodies is cooling, I [email protected] t©p him, half of my b©dy [email protected]£d on him and he holds me ti-ghtly cooing me to sleep.
“I have to go to New York tomorrow.” He murmurs while his hand works magic on my back.
I look up at him instantly, “What? Why?”
He smiles at my perfect recollection. “I have to go tomorrow to open up another firm.”
I frown, hating this fact. “How long will you be gone?”
“Four days.” He tells me.
My eyes blaze wi-de open.” F-Four days?”
I swallow. What will I do without him for four days?
“Hey.” He shifts our bodies and I end up on my back and him on t©p. He drawse closer to my face and k!sses my nose.
“I wish you’d come with me but I know you won’t want miss your work.”
I smile at that, however my smile is isn’t full. He’s correct and [email protected] of me loves him for this perception.
“I’m gonna miss you.” I tell him truthfully.
“I think I’ll be the one missing you the most, especially at times like these,” he tilts his pelvis up down for emphasis and I feel his growing member hitting at my inner th!gh.
I [email protected] and then I giggle involuntarily.
“I’ll miss that laugh too.” He k!sses my cheek.
“And this mouth.” He trials his k!ssto my mouth.
“And this chin…basically this whole face.”
I giggle some more.
“And this n£¢k.” He trails k!sses to my n£¢k. And I burn.
“And these lovely ladies.” He buries his head on my che-st and takes a long breath.
I smile and laugh, however I st©p my laugh when I feel tears threatening to unleash themselves. I really love him so very much, I feel as if my che-st will bur-st any moment from these flowing emotion.
“Hey.” He wipes my tears off the corner of my eyes.
“What will I do without you for four days?”
“Don’t worry, I’ll be back before you know it.” He reas-sures me as he k!sses myl-ips.
I love you Jeremy! I want to tell him.
He k!sses me for a short while before he falls back again his strength giving away from our earlier exertion. He takes me in his arms again and I [email protected]£ my leg over his [email protected]!st and bury my face on the crook of his shoulder, near his n£¢k.
“Sleep, baby. It’ll be okay.” He croons, his f!ngersstro-king swirls upon my back.
And it’s those deft f!ngersand his soft melodic voice that lulls me to sleep.
My eyelids drop and I’m about to suc¢v-mb to blissful sleep however before unconsciousness can fully claim me, I remember hearing Jeremy’s low voice murmuring, “I love you, Leyla Levy.”
I fall asleep then and it will be the morning after when I’ll recall these words and think that I dreamt them.
✍️ To be continued ✍️
Jeremy is traveling…..I hope Matthew won’t try something stupid

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