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Don’t hurt me I’m a v!rg!nepisode 19

I’M A vir-gin💦
Beware: Not edited
✍️ Chapter Ninteen✍️
I watch Matthew sneer at his brother before Jeremy takes me by his arms and pu-lls me away.
The last glimpse from Matthew is when he is staring at our [email protected] figures with pure utter aversion; his expression is as if he has swallowed something unplea-sant.
Jeremy tugs on my elbow as he leads me across the street to his Audi, which is parked on a corner of a building. I don’t think of anything as I let him.
Before he opens the pas-s£nger door for me, Jeremy yanks me into his open arms and I can’t do anything but suc¢v-mb to him.
“Leyla? Did he hurt you before did he–?” His voice seems strained. As if he’s dre-ading the worst.
I shake my ahead still unable to find my voice, “No,” I whisper.
He re-leases me from the hvg but his hands remain on my shoulders as he looks down at me in confusion… or is it concern?
“Then what was he doing hauling you in his shoulders like that?” His tone is calculated.
I shake my head. “It wasn’t like that.”
Why are you defending him? The guy practically called you a living, breathing, smelling whôre!
He frowns at me but before he can say anything more I continue.
“He was trying to get me to work for him.” I tell him because that is a simply explanation I can give towards Matthew’s actions, although they were childish and uncalled for.
“Work for him?” Jeremy looks horrified as he scowls at me.
I shrink un-der his glare, feeling the intimidation once again.
“Tell me exactly how did you two meet?” He drops his arms that were holding my shoulders and immediately I feel str!pped of his bodily warmth.
It’s out of pure intimidation that leads me to explain exactly to him how I found him in Greta’s [email protected] and then again at his restaurant when I’d been job hunting.
After telling him this, he simply closes his eyes in a strained anger and when he opens them again, I feel as if I’m being swallowed whole by the intensity of them.
He sighs, “You shouldn’t be looking for a job, Leyla.”
I scowl at him. “I might not have been clear, before but I remember mentioning it to you how I am at disadvantage.”
My rage surprises both of us.
He scowls back. “Well if you weren’t so stubborn and just let me help you, then you wouldn’t be in this situation.” He shoots right back.
Here we are, both seizing each other with our glares, however within seconds, that same electric pu-ll between us stems and our scowling shift into heated gazes. Before I know it, Jeremy is before me within a breath.
He gr-abs my face and pu-lls me [email protected] toward him. Before I can even catch my breath, myl-ips are drawn to his in a pas-sionate k!ss.
The flame explodes within me like a rocket.
My immediate response is to close my hands on his n£¢k and pu-ll him closer to me as possible. My f!ngersthre-ad to the familiarity that is his n£¢k hair, they fist upon his silky locks and yank.
He [email protected] s in response before pushing me backwards to the side door of his car, initiating my [email protected] . With the [email protected] of my mouth, he plunges his ton-gue inside and our ton-gues dance together in a game of se-duction.
Inside, my heart is hammering in an intangible beat whilst my blood runs wild to the re-lease of my nerve endings.
I want him, now.
His hands move from my face and roams down to my [email protected]!st as he yanks me closer.
“Oh God!” I catch my breath when hisl-ips re-leases me and begins the torture of nipping my line of jaw, tailing downward toward my n£¢k. One of his hand grasp my inner th!gh and places it around his [email protected]!st.
Instantly, I feel the bulge of his £r£¢tion digging below my pelvic bone.
I’m alre-ady convulsing with nee-d in my [email protected] and knowing that he wants me just the same, de-epens that ache.
“I want you.” He k!sses me behind my ear and then presses his arou-saldee-per in as a way of demonstrating how much he does.
“I want you too!” I [email protected] response.
One of his hands moves to my br**st and starts kneading at it. I tense the leg that is at his [email protected]!st effectively pushing myself to him.
He [email protected] s at that and then launches his mouth against mine again.
“Seriously, I could take you here and now, but I don’t think the people pas-sing by would appreciate that.” He growls softly.
He di-ps one of his hands into the [email protected] I’m wearing and his hand finds my [email protected]
I squirm and shiver when he cu-ps me and his hand begins the motion of stro-king me throu-gh the lace, ma-king me even we-tter than I alre-ady was.
I [email protected] unexpectedly when he slides his hand throu-gh my [email protected] so that his warm f!ngerscontact with my heated flesh.
Oh god, those f!ngers!
“Jesus, Leyla you’re dripping we-t.” He hisses on my n£¢k.
I [email protected] he palms my throbbing cl!t whilst his middle f!nger and index f!nger stro-kes the folds of my flesh. The s-en-sation renders me speechless and I find my breathing rate palpitating.
“Oh, plea-se.” I beg.
I want him; all thought and reason have all been shred to pieces only to be replaced by this undeniable nee-d for him.
“I know, baby.” His breathing is strained.
“I want you too, Leyla, but not here.”
And at this declaration he draws his hands along with himself away from me and leaves me hanging.
I scowl at him. Right now my hor-mones have taken over my mood and all I can think about is him being inside me. He has deprived me of that!.
He sm-irks at my reaction. “Frustrating, isn’t it?”
I arch an eyebrow.
“Being str!pped of something you want so badly.” He explains.
I stare up at him in confusion. “That’s what you did to me Leyla when you walked out on me.”
I [email protected] as realization dawns.
“You’ve instilled a longing in me, a nee-d that can only be met by you.” He tells me as if, re-ading my mind.
“But I thought Cas-sie–” I begin but I st©p when glowers at me.
“Cas-sie? Cas-sie is the past Leyla, she’s nothing to me anymore.” He scowls at me, his tone breaming with anger.
“Then why were you on a [email protected]£ with her?” I scowl back.
“It wasn’t a [email protected]£. I told you it’s complicated.” He dominates in a calculated tone.
I cower at his tone and frown at the ground. Don’t push him Leyla.
He sighs when he sees my reaction, “Leyla, I’m not with her, if that’s what you think. I don’t want her, I don’t want anyone but you.” He tilts my chin up to stare at him.
His f!ngersleave a tingle on my chin and one of his f!nger stro-kes my swollenl-ips.
“Come with me.” He says taking hand.
“Okay.” I answer without any restrictions.
I let him guide me into his car as he opens the pas-s£nger door for me. He is in the driver’s seat minutes later. He starts the engine and then drives us away from the dark building, away from the Greta’s [email protected] and the misery of the whole place.
I sit in his car with awaiting anticipation to where he will take me.
✍️To be continued ✍️
They are back together!! What do you think about this episode?.

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