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Candy crush episode 6

Candy crush
Episode 6
“Now it has become a game of give and take abi? Well, Warri boy nor dey carry last.” I said within myself.
Fully aware that, she is not the kind of girls my brother Akpevwe likes, I know it would be a wasted effort even trying to persuade him. Akpevwe likes them slim and portable, Gladys is plumpy and almost immobile. Well, let me try my luck.
So now, I have moved from rehearsing to talk to Esohe and getting myself hooked up with her. My new mission is now to hook Gladys and Akpevwe. Sometimes, the things we do for love.
“Bro, welcome. How was your day?” I quic-kly said to my brother who just [email protected]£ back from an outing.
Akpevwe was surprised and ignored my plea-santry. The reason for this wasn’t far-fetched. Akpevwe and I have always being cat and dog. And remembering when I almost k!$$£d him the other time due to my dream of Esohe, it still marvels him.
Well, a parable says, “one who he is looking for something always have a longer hand”. Even though my hand is not so long in this regard, I didn’t mind going the extra mile to stretch it. So I followed Akpevwe inside.
“I kept water for you in the bathroom oh. I thought you would nee-d to bathe” I calmly said to Akpevwe
“See little bro, I have known you from birth, don’t bother to pretend. How much do you want to borrow? Because it’s only when it comes to money you tend to give me regards as your elder.
“Regard! I laugh this boy in Swahili. Let me just first get Esohe first. Regard kor” I silently said within myself.
“No bro. it’s not money I nee-d. More important than money. It’s more of a proposal am bringing, am sure you would like the idea” I said
“Proposal? Business proposal or which? The last time I checked, you s–k when it comes to profitable ideas. All the same, go on and tell me your proposal. Save me time too” Akpevwe replied.
“Girlfriend! I have a girlfriend for you. She is very pretty, you will like her a lot. Gladys in choir” I said.
He looked at me as if I had asked for his two kidneys and said “you are not feeling fine” then he walked out.
All hope seems lost. But then, the Warri blood was still in me. I can’t just lose. I lied to Gladys that he had agreed to talk to her and would hook them up the following Sunday. “The ball is now in your court Gladys, get me hooked up to Esohe” I said.
“No, that wasn’t our agreement oh. You talk to her first to prove your love, then I come in to perfect it. She replied.
“The worst that would happen is for her to say no. It’s better than not trying at all.” I told myself.
Crossing my heart, I waited for Esohe to come out of her house and then give her those punchlines of mine that I had rehearsed.
Unfortunately for me, as Gladys had earlier said, I wasn’t the only one in this race. I saw two other separate guys perching around the corner of Esohe’s house same time. As a bad-sharp-guy that I am, I knew what they had come for. We all had exactly the same purpose, to capture Esohe’s heart.

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