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Bride of the seven gods episode 10

Written by TOM
👰She’s the legendary master wife 👰
I stared at my b©dy only to see that I was wearing my school uniform. How did I got out of her? If I did, then what am I still doing here?
“Zanillia”. Janice entered.
“I…..”. She walked past me. She couldn’t see me. Janice moved over to the figure la-id on the be-d and shooked it.
“Hey wake up. We’ve to get dressed”. Zanillia opened her eyes slowly. Damm. Today’s the competition. What am I going to do? I made to possess her back but I couldn’t. Could it be the effect of the herb Feiye gave me? Oh no! This is bad. Zanillia sat upright and looked around.
“Where am I? And who are you”? She asked Janice.
“Who I’m? Are you drun!kor something? It’s me Janice. Look, we got no time to joke. We nee-d to get re-ady for the martial arts competition. Fourth lord San has high hope for you”.
“Fourth lord San? Who’s that”?
“Did you knack your head on something”?
“Where’s this place”? Zanillia got up. “What am I doing here”? She held her head trying to remember something. “I remembered [email protected] out after something hit my head”. Hit her head? I was also hit on my head by something. Could it be we’ve some connection together. “Father. He should be worried about me”. She made to leave but Janice held her.
“Where do you think you’re going? This is the immortal palace. There’s no way out of here”.
“Immortal”? She looked surprised.
“I guess something must have happened to you yesterday but we’ve no time for that now. We’ve to go”. Janice pu-ll-ed Zanillia away. What would I do? I still have to see lord Vagamound in order to get out of here. What if Zanillia get omitted during the martial arts competition. That means I will be stuck here forever. I should find a way to possess her back.
The six of them stood in front of the door.
“Big brother. Today’s the martial arts competition. Ain’t you going to take a look at it”? Sean asked.
“I don’t think he would. He’s working on his cultivation”. Gia said.
“Really”? Sean wore a sad face. “It’s just that……. it’s been long since I’ve seen big brother”.
“You don’t have to be sad”. Kris placed his hand on Sean’s right shoulder. “He’s doing it to protect us and the realm”.
“I’ll look at the competition from here”. Vagamound answered from inside. “You don’t have to worry about me. Once the competitions are over, I’ll step out then”.
“And Eason, be fair to the [email protected]£s”. Vagamound added.
“Sure I’ll”. They all left.
Still, no one could see me. Not even the six lords. Zanillia knelt as soon as she saw the princess.
“Greetings princess”.
“You…..”. The princess stared at her in surprise. She thought I’d died. That crazy bit-ch. If not because I’m not in her b©dy, I would have beaten her to pulp.
“What are you doing”? Janice pu-ll-ed her up.
“Paying my tribute to the princess”.
“Good”. The princess smiled. “I guess you finally learned your lesson after all”. She left.
“Hey. Why did you do that? You never liked the princess to begin with. Besides, she bullied me so much. I can’t believe you’re finally taking a liking to her”. Janice frowned. “Are you even Zanillia”?
“I’m sorry”. Zanillia apologize.
“The competition will commence now”. Eason said. “You’re ten in number so you’ll be paired into two. Only five of you will make it to the next round. The rules are still the same. You shouldn’t injure one another. Once you’re out of the ring, you loose”.
“Yes”. They all chorused together. Unfortunately, Zanillia was to fight the princess. I don’t even know if she knew how to fight.
“I don’t want to fight you princess”. She said.
“Why? You’re afraid I might beat the hell out of you? If then, you’ve to admit defeat since you don’t want to fight me”.
“I don’t even know why I’m here. I’ve no interest in whatever is going on here. I just want to go back home”.
“So do you admit defeat”? The princess asked her.
“I…”. No way. She can’t. Does she think it’s so easy to train un-der Feiye. I made to possess her back but I just couldn’t. This is bad.
“Do you admit defeat Zanillia Zhao”? Eason asked on t©p of his voice.
Vagamound stared. Why can’t anyone see the girl moving about on the ring. Her dress doesn’t seems to be from a clan he knew. Could she be a spy? Nah. That can’t be. She doesn’t look like one but she seems to be very strange. That aura. That marvelous aura. Could she be….
San rushed towards me.
“Hey. What happened to you out there? You almost admit defeat”.
“I was just pla-ying along”. I was finally in Zanillia’s b©dy. I just hope I wouldn’t pop out anytime. “It’s a skit I developed. It’s called fooling your opponent skit”.
“You really fooled us too”.
“I’m sorry for getting you worried”.
“It’s nothing”. He held my hand. “Can we talk somewhere pri-vate”?
“Huh”. My cheeks flu-shed with redness. Could it be that he wants to confess his feelings to me. “Well…..”. I smiled. “Sure”.
We sat on a log of wood inside the bush. I don’t know while he bring us this mile away just to talk. Hope it’s not what I’m thinking.
“So, what do you want to say to me”? I kept blu-shing like a fool.
“It’s…… Your martial arts skill. Where did you learned it”?
“From someone. Feiye taught me”.
“The guy who took you in”?
“Yeah. He’s so mean and weird. Why do you ask”?
“The martial arts skill you used to fought with the princess is only known by one person on this earth and that person could only be…..”.
“Can you take me to him”?
“You mean Feiye”?
“Yeah. He seems to be someone I knew”.
“Okay but it’s just that….. he’s not always around but don’t worry. I’m supposed to meet him tomorrow so it shouldn’t be a problem”.
“Was that all you wanted to ask me”?
“Hmmm”. He nodded. “Why”?
“Nothing. Just that you made it sound like something special”. I got up. “Let’s get going. Janice should probably be waiting for me”. I walked away.

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