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Yemisi Episode 17 & 18

(Episode seventeen and eighteen)
(The bakre compound)
(Living room)
(Baba yemisi and mama yemisi seated discussing with yemisi)
Yemisi: baami you won’t tell me to calm down ,I dont even know the prince and you both want me to get married to someone I know nothing about ?how is that possible!
Baba yemisi: whether you like it or not you are getting married to prince rokanmi, he is the prince of this land, he owns everything a girl dreams of ,why are you using your hand to destroy your happiness?
Yemisi: baami this has never been my happiness, am going to school tomorrow because my exams starts tomorrow, am not getting married to prince rokanmi and no one will change that! (Barged out of the house)
Baba yemisi: you had better go and talk some s-en-se into your daughter because this opportunity won’t go to waste
Mama yemisi: (exits)
Yemisi: (sits on the bench ,re-ading as mama yemisi interrupts )
Mama yemisi: my daughter, can we talk?
Yemisi: what is it again ?
Mama yemisi: yemisi, I was once a teenager like you my dear ,tell me who you want to spend the rest of your life with ?do you have someone you are in love with?
Yemisi: no ,m ,yes !yes maami, my heart belongs to someone very special ,someone out of this world, someone I can spend the rest of my life with in old age ,yes maami, I have someone I love whole heartedly
Mama yemisi: hmmm and does he loves you to? His he from this village?
Yemisi :yes maami, am sure you would like him .
Mama yemisi: have you met his relatives?
Yemisi: no have never seen or hear him talk about them
Mama yemisi: just be careful and I really don’t know what to do with all these prince rokanmi stuffs
Yemisi: maami plea-se ,plea-se convince baami I don’t want to marry him,plea-se ,plea-se (sobbing)
Mama yemisi :I ll try ,st©p crying my daughter everything will be alright.
(The stream)
Olakunle seated by the tree side as yemisi hvgs him from the behind)
Olakunle: my life ,my choice whats the matter?
Yemisi: (sobbing) just k!ssme ,k!ssme kunle
Olakunle: I will k!ssyou until you tell me why you are crying, what’s the matter baby ?
Yemisi: I !I am getting married soon
Olakunle: ohh you have started with those silly pranks of yours
Yemisi: no kunle ,this is not a joke at all am not joking
Olakunle: to who then?
Yemisi: to the prince of our land kunle, I nee-d you to come with me ,tell me everything about you and what of your relatives, I nee-d you to come to my house with a proposal, plea-se !!
Olakunle: hey love ,calm down you nee-d to relax
Yemisi: now is not the time to fold arms ,the prince wants to marry me at any cost
Olakunle: well I don’t have any relative but I have a God father, come with me and don’t tell anyone about this ok?
Yemisi :but to where?
Olakunle: to where I stay ,dont be scared love ,am right beside you
Yemisi: hmm!
(In labake house)
(Mama labake picking beans as labake walks in angrily)
Mama labake: you lost again?
Labake: yes mama ,yes ,what is it sef? Am tired of yemisi always taking my man away from me ,first it was kunle now it’s rokan, she won’t get married to rokan as far as am alive ,never !
Mama labake :hmm I told you that girl is the enemy of your progress, she takes all that you de-sire
Labake: not rokanmi, this time I will make sure she suffers ,what nons-en-se?
Mama labake: that’s my daughter, if you don’t teach her a lesson she won’t leave you alone
Labake: I think I know what to do ,enough is enough !(exits)
TBC… .

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