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Katzy episode 27

Episode 27.
By Amah’s Heart.
“Are you alright?
He asked me for the third time just as we were about to get down.
I told him that I was alright is just a slight headache.
I suddenly developed headache after Erin threatened to tell Mr Desmond about Nick and the headache increa-sed when I realized that Mr Desmond was coming to the fancy restaurant where Nick works.
Nick was on duty today and I can’t afford being seen with Desmond.
He parked and placed a hand on my forehead trying to check my b©dy temperature.
“I hope you are not coming down with fever? After we’re done eating we will visit Doc.
I asked him if I can stay in the car while he goes to eat.
He looked at me and said maybe instead of eating we should held to the doctor’s place.
I know de-ep within what exactly was my problem and is definitely not what the doctor can solve.
I silently hope that Nick will be either inside or allocated to another section.
He won’t get to see us.
I told Mr Desmond let’s go and eat, I will be fine.
We entered and I was happy when another waiter ushered us to a table and took our orders.
We sat close to the window and I can see what was going on outside but my attention was more of inside, I put my face down just to avoid being seen by Nick.
As I turned my face to the window, something caught my eyes and it was Nick with the same Lady.
She was angry over something and venting it all out to Nick who was also angry.
They were standing at the car park area and arguing.
Nick brou-ght out money and began to count, the lady [email protected]£d the whole money violently and put inside her bag.
She said something like a curse and walked away.
Nick said something right back at her before coming inside.
I quic-kly looked away and caught Desmond staring at me.
“What is the problem Kay… you look restless. Does it have anything to do with prince charming, your childhood crush…
He asked me while taking food to his mouth.
“No…no. Nick is just a friend and nothing more.
I tried to concentrate on the food but I don’t have an appetite anymore.
I wondered what Nick was arguing with that lady.
How am I going to handle Erin?
How do I tell Mr Desmond the truth without hurting him?
Many things filled my mind as I took a slow bite from the food just to convince a worried Mr Desmond that I was alright.
He wasn’t looking convinced.
He took my hands into his and bent over towards me.
“You know I love it when you talk to me about your worries. Kay…I love you… and I believed you loved me too but you are hiding something which is obviously bothering you. You are gradually becoming [email protected] of me and i can tell when something is troubling you… plea-se talk to me honey. What is it…
I breathed de-eply and decided to spill it all out.
Is better I say it rather than for him to find out or hear it from someone else he will be disappointed in me and may not trust me again.
“Okay…I have something I want to tell you. I’m sorry that I took me this long to say it… plea-se don’t be mad at me. Is…is…I mean there’s another gu….yy….
As I was about to say the last word, Nick appeared from nowhere.
He greeted Mr Desmond warmly and gave me those sweet smile of his that doesn’t move me anymore.
He asked if we were okay and Mr Desmond replied cheerfully that we’re fine.
He left without any suspecious look.
Mr Desmond turned to me and asked.
“You were saying something. There’s another what….? I don’t get it…
I was about to continue when another waiter [email protected]£ to inform Mr Desmond that the space he parked in was alre-ady booked by an elderly woman.
He apologized and asked Mr Desmond to kindly go and repark.
Mr Desmond asked him if he can drive so that he can go and do the reparking but the guy said he was still learning and can’t risk his car.
Mr Desmond wanted to really hear what i got to say but he said he will be right back.
He did something on his phone before dropping it on the table.
He left.
Immediately he left Nick rushed up to me.
“I have to pu-ll up that trick so that he can leave. What are you doing Kat? I mean I thought you told me there’s nothing serious between two of you but I saw the way he was holding and looking at you, that’s beyond normal. What is going on…is it because of him you refused to accept my ring. You asked me to give you time and I’m still waiting for your reply up till now. You confessed your love for me and how much you de-sire to spend your life with me but everything you say contradict what you do. How can you claim to love me yet you are cheating on me with this man. I know you are only after him because of his money not because you love him. Kat you can’t be pla-ying this expensive game. If is money you want then gather as you can and get the hell out of his life. How do you expect me to feel when you come here with him and getting all inti-mate with him right un-der my nose….
“Nick… Nick listen to me. I’m not pla-ying any games. I will see you tomorrow and we will talk about all of this. This is not the right time plea-se. I asked you to give me time so that…
Just then I sight Mr Desmond coming.
Nick turned and also saw him too, he quic-kly ran off.
I pretend as if I was enjoying my meal.
Mr Desmond looked at me suspeciously as I managed to smile.
He returned back the smile.
He picked up his phone and checked something before turning his attention to me.
He asked me to continue with what I was saying, I was quiet at first trying to think of how to began.
“Or should we go home…
I nodded and he took my hands into his as he lead me towards the exit door.
I turned back and saw Nick staring at us.. even when he’s angry or should I say jealous he was still looking cute.
As I got into the car I heaved a sigh of relief.
Mr Desmond didn’t move immediately, he turned to me and said.
“Do you have anything with Nick…?
I was shocked with the way he asked.
Fear gr!pp£dme.
“No…no…I mean, I don’t un-derstand the question. How… Nick…why… how…??
Even my defense style wasn’t adding up.
He didn’t push as he started the car.
He got to a place and st©pped.
He asked if we should go and see the doctor concerning my health and I told him that I was fine.
He insisted we go and I as-sured him that I was alright. Nick started calling, I quic-kly silent my phone before Mr Desmond drove off.
Immediately we entered the compound, I was expecting Erin to come out but I didn’t see her which means she wasn’t around.
Mr Desmond walked me to my door and said goodnight.
As I got into the room, and fell into my be-d.
I couldn’t sleep, all I was thinking about was how to package the truth about me and Nick so that it won’t hurt Mr Desmond.
The following day, I purposely [email protected]£ out late but Mr Desmond was still in his room.
I knocked but I guess he does not want to be disturbe-d because no answer [email protected]£.
I went out of the building and Erin was outside.
Immediately I saw her, I turned to quic-kly go back inside but she was standing next to me within few seconds.
“Have you been able to convince my dear husband? You had the whole yesterday evening but you didn’t I guess. Kay-se you are toiling with me… I’m a Scorpion and I will stink you ha-rd if you keep messing with me and mine. All you know how to do is to spend my husband’s money and sleep with him… aren’t you ashamed of yourself? You can’t have Desmond… he belongs to me and only me. I will nail you to the wall if after the remaining few days you fail to do your given task. You have to go back to your fine boy fiance and leave my husband alone. Right now I’m still focusing on Richa-rd , my former colleague. He used to be a fine model and he is still very handsome just like your Nick…if I get his name correct. Rich is keeping me warm because my husband has failed to do that. Until Desmond returns back to me fully I promise to dump Rich. Rich is divorcee and he is super fun to be with. I spent the night with him and [email protected]£ back this morning. I still want my husband and I promise to remain with him if he accept me back. Silas is out of the way… he’s routing in jail and has no future because his license as a medical doctor is suspended. Desmond pushed me into Richa-rd ‘s arms when he refused to reconsider. Why I’m telling you all this is because I know you aren’t better than me… and your life with Desmond is right in my palm. I will expo-se you to him if you don’t hurry and leave my husband alone. Remember pictures don’t lie. You still have few days to complete your task… you better hurry because I’m not very patient…. Kay-se Lukas… Remember no one… and I mean no one messes with me and gets away with it.
I turned to her and said.
“One thing you should get straight is that you can’t threaten me. Desmond respect me in every way including my b©dy and even if I don’t end up with him I will make sure he does not end up with you too. He deserves better and you are the worst thing that will ever happen to him.
She laughed and asked me to hold on for a minute.
I watched as she put her hand un-derneath her clothes and bring out a paper pack with just three pictures of me and Nick.
“This is not all the pictures, this are just the ones I carry around. You are trying me and my patience are running out. Desmond will get to know the kind of girl that you are soon. We’re birds of the same feather and we flew together…
I left her and went inside.
I was startled by Mr Desmond sitting in his lounge, I greeted him but he didn’t respond.
He asked me to come over.
I quic-kly did.
He asked to know why I lied to him.
My heart beat increa-sed, I don’t want to think about where he was heading to.
He pla-yed a record on his phone and it was everything that Nick said back at the restaurant and also my response.
I never knew that Desmond recording was turned on.
I wanted the ground to open and swallow me.
“I’m very sorr..y…I can explain. plea-se…is not what you think…
He ru-bbe-d his two hands on his head in a frustrated manner.
“You had all the time to explain yet you didn’t. I trusted you. I loved you…I thought you were different. Your love for me all this time was all out of pity. I knew something was amidst… why is it that anytime I go to the fancy restaurant with you that is the only time they will come to tell me to go and re-park. I suspected before then but I didn’t see you like Erin’s type. I believed that you were different but you just proved me wrong. How could you…I mean why do this keep happening to me. you love and trust someone with all your heart but suddenly the woman will turn against you. Kay I’m really disappointed. My emotions are not in order… before I embarras-sed myself futher, kindly leave… I want to be alone.
I made an attempt to say something but he shouted at me to leave.
Mr Desmond has never be angry with me before and seeing him this way was way too scary.
I ran off, picked up my bag and left.
Erin saw me outside and waved the picture to me.
She was dressed and heading out.
“, Your time is re-ading Kay… hurry up before I expo-se you. Desmond will kick your as-s once I show him the pictures and he will accept me back. At the end me and Desmond will live happily ever after and your name will never be mention ever again.
I totally ignored her, I called an Uber and while waiting, I distance myself from where she stood.
A car pu-ll-ed up and I thought it was the Uber driver but it was for Erin.
I guess that is her Richa-rd that [email protected]£ to pick her.
She win-ked at me as she entered the car and it drives off.
My Uber [email protected]£ and I asked him to take me to the fancy restaurant.
I wanted to see Nick.
I frowned as I saw the same Lady again approaching the restaurant.
I was wondered what exactly she was always coming around to do when I saw Nick [email protected]£ out.
The Lady ignored my pres£nce and said to Nick.
“I didn’t get the alert and I’m back again. Don’t make it seems like I’m begging you for money Dominic…is for your daughter. I’m fine been a baby mama but I won’t watch our daughter suffer because of your inability to pay child support. I’m not here to fight… you as-sured me last night that by 9am today I will get the alert. You had me in be-d to your satisfaction last night and promise to credit my account but this is 2pm and nothing yet from you. I have to come down here to have free lunch and to remind you of the money.
She walked past Nick and a puzzled me trying to un-derstand everything she just said.
I looked at Nick for an explanation.
“I’m sorry that I never told you that I have a daughter. Rexy is my ex and daughter’s Mom, nothing special. It was you that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with but you chose the rich matured looking man over me. If you know how many women I have to turn down just to be with you…. you will get to un-derstand how important you are. But I’m not sure anymore if I want to continue with you. You turned down my proposal because of your boss, turned down my S-xual advances because of your boss, you even refused taking my calls sometimes all because of your so called boss “lover. You can go to hell with him…I don’t nee-d to be sharing a woman with any man. You lied to me Kat and I can’t trust you again. I’m sorry Kat but I can’t continue with this whole relationsh!pthing with you. I have other things to concentrate on… especially my three years old daughter and Rexy.
He turned and went back inside and I stood like a statue trying to un-derstand everything that just happened to me today.

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