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Unconditional love episode 13

I woke up in a hospital be-d and the events that occurred pla-yed in my mind then Amos and a doctor walked in, I tried to sit up but I had excruciating pains in my abdominal area so I la-id back and Amos told me not to move then I anxiously looked at the doctor
Me: doctor…..
***I had no words to say as my mouth [email protected]£ dry***
Doctor: congratulations, you’ve given birth to a baby girl
He said with a smile on his face and the happiness I felt was extreme
Me: can I see her?
Doctor: she’ll be brou-ght in soon
Me: God has really shown me love and mercy
Amos: you deserve to be loved and happy, it brings me joy too
I smiled at his statement and a nurse later walked in with my baby and she was a replica of Jeremiah but I didn’t pay much attention to that so I started feeding her as she snuggled closer to me and I immediately fell in love with her, Amos held her hand and the smile on his face was priceless
Amos: our first born daughter
***I thought my ears were deceiving me***
Amos: what will we name her?
Me: when I first learned that I was pregnant, I thought of naming her after aunt but I’m not doing that so I thought of naming her Endurance. I’ve really been throu-gh a lot and the chances of losing her were high and at some point I thought she wouldn’t make it but in the end she proved to be a fighter and endured all
***I was crying and he held me ti-ght***
Amos: I second that, so Endurance Kabaso it is
Me: you’re giving her your last name?
Amos: yes, she’s mine
Me: Amos, let me not f0rç£ you to do something you’re not supposed to. Her father rejected her and you don’t have to be f0rç£d to [email protected] role because I’m yours
Amos: whatever is yours is mine as well and I’m not being f0rç£d to do anything, they say “blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family” and Endurance might not have my blood running in her tiny veins but the love I have for her makes me mine and will warn Jeremiah to stay away from her otherwise he’ll lose his teeth for choosing some cheap pr©st!tût£over a precious girl like Endurance
I had no words to say but to thank Amos, he and his father made sure I was well taken care of when I was in the hospital to the time I was discharged and ensured that I had everything I nee-ded, I could s-en-se Stacey’s hatred towards me so I was cautious of her and I un-derstood why she hated me because her stay in that house la-id in my hands when I caught her ma-king out with some young guy in her living room and she had shame written all over her face.
The six months that pas-sed had been hectic with the exams we had but we both aced it and graduated so we had to do job hunting and I’d leave Endurance with Amogelang who also was done with her Grade 12 exams since she’d just started feeding on solid foods but Mr Kabaso told us not to worry about finding jobs coz he’d handle it and Amos told me not to worry because he knew his father. I still hadn’t heard from my parents and aunt and didn’t know if they heard of Endurance’s existence and I quic-kly brushed the thought off.
I was in the kitchen one evening baking muffins and Amos was in the living room watching TV when Amogelang ran in the house startling him
Amos: haw Amo did you have to do that?
Amo: I’m sorry but I was given a strict instruction by dad to run and only st©p if I caught your attention
Amos: mmmm….dad’s old age isn’t catching up well with him
***She laughed***
Amo: anyway he said he’d like to see you
Amos: Mumba should I turn off the TV or there’s something you want to come and watch
Amo: No, I meant dad would like to see the both of you
We looked at each other with questioning eyes then followed her, we got to the house and found him seated in the lounge with Stacey and there were a couple of envelopes and different do¢v-ments on the table and she gave me a disgusted look when she saw me then I went to sit next to Amos after greeting Mr Kabaso
Mr.K: you remember I asked you not to go out and look for jobs?
Amos: yes dad
Mr.K: have you both heard of Madison hospital?
Me: it’s a pri-vate hospital
Mr.K: and it’s [email protected]?
Amos: I know that there’s one in Alabama, USA
Mr.K: exactly and it’s good you know. I’m proud of you both and plea-sed to inform you that you’ll both run that hospital and its got other [email protected] in countries like South Africa………
Stacey: you’re not serious
Mr.K: I am dead serious
Stacey: you can’t s£nd them abroad
Mr.K: and why not?
Stacey: th….th…umm….they don’t know anyone there and might get killed
Amos laughed out loud and his dad joined him
Mr.K: don’t worry its sorted
Stacey: and what do I get?
Mr.K: you’re alre-ady getting free shelter, food and a fancy lifestyle so the least you can do is appreciate
Stacey: I know but [email protected] from that
***She said shyly***
Mr.K: you know that I love you my dear wife, right?
***She quic-kly nodded with a wi-de smile***
Mr.k: so I couldn’t forget to get you something, this is for you
He handed her an envelope and her eyes shone bright then she opened it and re-ad throu-gh the papers
Mr.K: exactly, I’m better off without you. You think I’m not aware of your cheating ways? I’ve long been watching and I’ve decided to put an end to this nons-en-se of yours
Stacey: babe, pl…..
Amos: dad, thanks for this
Mr.K: you’re welcome my son
Me: thank you so much, I don’t know what to do to show my heartfelt gratitude
Mr.K: just take care of my son while you’re away
Me: I sure will
Mr.K: everything has been prepared and they’re expecting you next week
We thanked him and went back to our [email protected]
Stacey went to her be-droom and g[email protected]£d her phone dialling Bertha who picked up on the third ring
Bertha: Stacey
Stacey: Beth, things are bad
Bertha: how?
Stacey: he wants to divorce me
Bertha: that’s really bad, what’re you going to do?
Stacey: I don’t know but you’ve got a problem too
Bertha: what problem?
Stacey: he got a hospital for Amos and that girlfriend wannabe in USA and they’ll run it
Bertha: meaning?
Stacey: meaning they’ll own it
Stacey: exactly what I’m talking about
Bertha: I know what I’ll do that will bring an end to that silly relationsh!pof theirs and prevent her from going with him, I’ll kill two birds with one stone. How clever of me
***She giggled***
Stacey: good luck with your plan sweetheart
Bertha: Stacey, I shouldn’t have gone to her husband in the first place I’ve ruined things for myself
Stacey: this isn’t the time to be regretting anything but to act
Bertha: I’ll be the one living thee life and not her unless if my name isn’t BERTHA
Stacey: that’s impressive coz I also can’t divorce him and return to poverty, I’m so done with that kind of life so I’m not getting off my high horse……….
Voice: well, you’re about to
She got startled and dropped her phone on the floor then it broke, she looked behind and it was Mr Kabaso
Stacey: you’re replacing that
Mr.K: too bad you weren’t wise enough to open up a savings account and you want to turn me into that because you’ll no longer receive a dime from me
She got up frustrated and left going to the kitchen were she poured herself a pineapple jui-ce and drank as she thought of ideas, her anger brewed as she thought of the possibility of Mumba reporting her after what she saw that day and she thought of ways to torture her but she left that for another day as time was running out and bad to save her stay in the house which she cared about mostly “I can kill him and change the will then even the hospital will be mine,” she thought to herself as she sipped on her jui-ce trying to calm down “who’d ever thought that a Grade 11 school drop out would once become a millionaire,” she laughed “but he’s got many connections that I don’t know who’ll be after me if I kill him and from which angle they’ll strike even the chances of faking the will are slim. THINK STACEY THINK,” she got frustrated and smashed the glas-s in her hands against the wall….
To be continued…

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