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the president’s wife episode 11

The president’s wife
Episode 11
Continues from the last scene of the previous episode…
The heavily built men rolled the bullets towards our bullet proof car,, the sound of the bullet seems to drove the driver crazy as he went off road and finally hit a tree few metres to the road… The driver died on sp©t hitting his head with the steering.. Yes, I felt blood gushing out of my head, I hit my head with the window… It was obvious Amanda was there target as they all headed towards our car with their crazy guns… “are you okay” I asked Amanda that seems okay even without a scratch to my surprise.. It was obvious she was extremely scared..”but you….” she pointed at my blood covered head…”we have to get out of here” I replied trying to open the d–n door…
Yes, the doors are locked automatically and I had to break the door window,yes I stabbe-d a scre-w throu-gh it then broke it with my leg.. I pas-sed Amanda out then followed her… The shooters started another heavy shooting round and I was able to return some bullets with my personal golden pistol, luckily one of them was hit and we have no choice than to enter the forest in front of us… “Bring back the First Lady alive” one of them shouted.. We would have been sh0t if they meant to kill Amanda so they have no choice than to run after us… “st©p” one who has alre-ady caught up with us shouted, yes Amanda was human snail,
Person: surrender if you love yourself…
He pointed his gun at me as I can see others from afar headed where we were.. I lowered the gun then stylishly took my personal silver-grey knife hidden un-der my socks.. But yes he was very fast to shoot my che-st, oh thankfully the bullet hit my phone that was inside the shi-t pocket and I was able to quic-kly annihilate him skillfully by quic-kly flying backward throwing the knife aiming his head and yes I never missed…. I quic-kly jumped to my feet using Rey mysterio move then held Amanda’s hand and we continue running… I quic-kly took out my phone, re-moved the SIM cards and I threw the phone to One Direction then we went the opposite…
Finally we lost them, we sat beside each other behind a very big tree breathing heavily…”that was close” I murmured to myself… I re-moved my suite then cleaned the blood on my head with it and threw it away afterward.. “thanks” Amanda muttered with a sad face holding my right hand…
Me: thank me after we get out of this forest..
Amanda: I think they have alre-ady retreated, let’s go back and get you treated..
Me: no, what if they are waiting for us, we have to find another way to leave this forest.. Let’s keep moving….
I collected her phone to try and call for help but it showed no signal.. Chaii.. Another thing was my picture she made her wallpaper..”whatsup with that” I said pointing at my picture..”so it’s wrong to use my love picture as my wallpaper?” she replied fake-frowning..oga no be hia o.. “no it’s not” I replied smiling then helped her up and we continue our journey,,yes It will be [email protected] to track us down, I remember sacrificing my Italian shoe to confuse the chaser,, Amanda alre-ady threw away her heel also to improve her speed and I have to sacrifice my socks again giving her to wear so she won’t hurt her Heavenly leg in the weird looking big forest…
unfortunately we found no exit and the day has almost turned night… We walked and walked till we were both tired…
me: I think we should stay here tonight and continue tomorrow
Amanda: stay here? We don’t even know what’s inside this forest…
Me: but we are left with no choice..
Yes, night [email protected]£ as expected, some eerie sounds were coming from the dee-per side of the forest.. Amanda cu-mddled beside me holding all my b©dy but the truth is.. I was most scared but I had to act like everything is okay…”are we going to survive the night” Amanda asked silently…. I smiled,ru-bbe-d her hair and pushed her head to my [email protected] beating che-st… Some hours later Amanda have alre-ady fallen asleep and I [email protected] to keep watch.. I knew lighting a fire or a torch might called something unwanted so I keep calm and watch the darkness…
Luckily and fortunately, we made it throu-gh the night… I woke Amanda up the next morning and we continue our journey…
Amanda: thank you, I would have been killed if you are not here..
Me: I was just doing my job and it seems they wanted to kidnap you..
We were still talking “wait” she suddenly shouted while I quic-kly prepared my gun.. “I mean can you hear that?” she added… I listen carefully and I can hear sound of car engine from afar… “I think we did it” she shouted and jumped on me… “yes we did it” I murmured gladly and we quic-kly headed the sound direction.. I collected her phone and was more glad and surprised the signal have returned… I quic-kly dialed agatha’s number who stayed behind claiming she has malaria…fortunately she picked up immediately and I informed her to track down our location, Agatha appeared at the scene immediately we stepped on the road accompanied by many security guards, soldiers, police and others,, we entered the car Agatha was in and we all zoomed off with siren sound radiating everywhere..
Agatha: how about we go to the hospital?
Amanda: Jason nee-d to be treated right away, take us there..
Me: no am okay, let’s keep going..
Amanda: but… *i cut in*
Me: just a small scratch and nothing more.. Let’s just keep going..
We later got to aso rock that has been overcrowded with reporters, we alighted from the car and was shielded by the guards till we enter the main building where the president, the nis director and the vice president was waiting for us.. The president hvgged his wife pas-sionately while his vice was just smiling like he won a lottery.. The nis director had his “good job” look plastered on his face and I later left them to my room even though I can’t find Allison….
I re-moved my shi-t immediately I was in my room and threw the blood covered shi-t on the floor, I brou-ght out my first aid box after a quic-k bath…my door was suddenly opened as I was still trying to open the box, yes as expected it was Allison…she had this sad mixed with happy look… I stood up and spre-ad my arm and yes she ran and jumped on me… “thank you for being alive” she said as she held me ti-ght… We later dis£ngaged then sat on my be-d… She helped with my head injury, she cleaned and plastered it and yes she was perfect seems I have forgotten she studied nursing in Ukraine..
Allison: how are you now?
Me: am very much okay, miss me?
Allison: *smiled* I think I do..
The president called me after she left, he thanked me for protecting his wife and that he’s on his way back to Russia…”plea-se protect my wife till am back” he begged,, “with my life sir” I replied….Yes night [email protected]£ as expected as I was lying on my be-d reminiscing the past events.. I would have died back then thanks to my phone am still alive..Chaii… I was still thinking about this when knocks landed on my door…that must be Amanda….i later opened the door and to my surprise I found Allison in her bu-m short and a sleeveless white t©p holding a wine and two glas-s cu-ps… Chaii.. I love this girl…
We sat on my be-d talking and drinking the wine alongside… “you have to go-to your room” I said calmly…”no I want to sleep here” she answered shocking me with her reply…but the wine is non-alcoholic…before I could utter any more word,, her l!pwas locked with mine…chaii

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