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Million tears episode 5

😥💔(Sisters Betrayal)😥💔
✍️✍️Episode 5✍️✍️
Not up to 30 minutes, Glory [email protected]£ back and Ella walked right behind her
I was raged at seeing her but thank God she didn’t come when my temper was extremely h0t
I am sure I would have killed her
Sister, what happened?
Why did you ask her to come lock the shop and pay Alice off?
You didn’t even call me to……..
I interrupted her
Keep your mouth shut you devil in human form! I said and stood up from the sofa as Ella shifted back fearfully
I am very sure she have never seen me in this mood before
Ella, Ella
Ella, congratulations. I said as tear dropped down my face
Oh no, I don’t want a single tear to drop down so Ella won’t feel victorious
I want boldness written all over me
But I just can’t control it
The pain of the one you fed b!tt!g you is uncontrollable
Sister, what are you congratulating me for?
She asked and I smiled and wiped my tears
Hope you are happy now Ella?
You are happy that you have taken what rightfully belongs to your own blood
Hope you are happy for b!tt!g the f!nger that sacrificed a lot and lot to feed you
Hope you are happy to God for answering your prayer
Hope you are Ella?
Hope you are happy now becoming the new Mrs Jimmy? I asked and she was shocked including glory who covered her mouth with her two hands
Sister what are you talking about?
I am lost here! Ella said pretending seriously
And you will forever be lost for ma-king this day memorable to me in a bad way
Ella, what have I ever done to deserve this treatment from you?
Have I ever wronged you?
Did I do the wrong thing by [email protected]!ngyou in my house?
Did I do the wrong thing by sacrificing my everything for your sake?
Ella, I dropped out of school cos of you
I stole from people, toiled so [email protected] and suffered so much to see you throu-gh school
I remembered the day I was beaten blue and black cos of you and the statement you dropped that day was, “next time, if I am not strong, I should not fight”
The scar in my left hand till today is as a result of that fight
Ella, I remembered almost being [email protected]£d by a drun!kard the other cos I was hawking in the night just to pay your school fees
It was only God that saved me
Ella, I remembered being knocked down by an okada rider because I wanted to cross to the other side of the road to sell 10 naira pure water just to buy you drugs cos you were dying
Ella what I pas-sed throu-gh cos of you was uncountable
And you decided to repay me back by slee-ping with my husband
You decided to pay me back by having S-x with my husband right un-der my nose
You decided to pay me back by restricting me from having my own child
You decided to pay me back by getting pregnant for my own husband
Aah! This pain is unbearable
Ella, you stabbe-d me beyond repair
God should take my life
I have seen it all
I see all these things happen on movie
I never knew I would be a victim
Ella, you got pregnant for my husband
No problem
I won’t [email protected] cause on you cos if I should, I am sure you will suffer till the end of your life
If I should [email protected] on you, you will never know peace but I won’t
Let me be the strong woman I am and step down for you to take over and reap where you did not sow
Enjoy what you did not suffer for
I won’t judge you cos the bible said judgement belongs to God alone
Let me leave you and Jimmy for karma to find it’s way to you guys
God knows I never wronged you in any way and since you have decided to repay me this way, karma will surely finds it way
You sle-pt with my husband because there are no men outside again right?
Ella, this tears I am shedding for you today, you will shed it in million ways unless I am not serving a living God
I don’t want to hear anything from you Ella
Get out of this house. I said and sat down and Ella [email protected] her hands thrice and bur-st out laughing
I got the biggest shock of my life
Ella isn’t even remorseful after what she did? I asked myself
Aunty motivational speaker, are you done?
You should be ashamed of yourself
6 good years without any good result and you are not thanking me for helping you get a good result
Thank you for stepping down
You know what, Jimmy is such a sweet man and every woman’s dream
So I got pregnant for him since you couldn’t
Eater of unborn children
You have eaten all your unborn children and you are here talking nons-en-se in the name of motivational talk
Abeg shift joor
You can come and pack your clothes and move out of the house or if you don’t mind, let me help you do that
Shameless……….. She was interrupted by a h0t [email protected] from Mom glory
Are you not ashamed at yourself?
As in, you are even bold to talk ru-bbish,?
You are not ashamed of slee-ping with your sister’s husband?
You are a devil incarnate.
Your type can kill and eat a human being
I never knew you were this poisonous until today
plea-se get out of my house you evil child. Glory said and Ella laughed
I will go, but plea-se don’t forget to tell Miranda to come and pack her things out of the house
If she doesn’t come, I will change my mind and she won’t take any pin from the house again
That house belongs to me
The house is mine
I am alre-ady carrying Jimmy’s son and you know what that means
It automatically makes me his wife
Miranda, hahaha
So you never knew you were just a side chick all these while?
Shame on you! Ella said and walked out leaving me speechless and shocked

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