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Killed by love episode 6,7&8

Killed by love episode 6,7&8
*max folds loveth hands* loveth i..i.. I love you. *loveth was shocked and happy* loveth ever since the day i met you, i have had this feeling for you, i thought it was a mere feeling but i found out it was love. I sincernly love you, i can’t do whithout you,i c aiso hope you love me to. Yes max i love you too,you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, your care is enough for me. I love you too max. Their face [email protected]£ closer and theirl-ips locked together, it was a very pas-sionate k!ss. People pres£nt couldn’t help but look on, but they didn’t care. likewise sarah. She was happy for loveth but she didnt knew why she was sad and jealous of them, maybe because she haven’t seen her own love. Loveth and max e ate happily, looking at each other and smiling. After they had finished max offered to take loveth to her house which she didn’t decline. he droped her and went home happily not knowing that it was a mistake loving loveth and the beginning of a horrible chapter…
*loveth and max started [email protected]!ngand their love waxed stronger until tunde [email protected]£ in* loveth i have been proposing my love to you, but you wont heed to me. Loveth i love you, you are the apple of my eyes, whatever i do i always think of you, i can’t do without you. See am the gabon of the most dre-adful cult in this campus, tell me what you want, is it gold, money, pas-s mark in your course, anything i would do for you. Tunde, i have told you i don’t love or have any feelings for you, and besides i have my b©yfri£ndthat i love and can’t do without. *meanwhile max was looking for loveth and sp©ts them* loveth what is this, who is this guy. Who are you. I should be asking you that. Guys just st©p, max let’s go. Loveth so is it because of this guy you dont want to agree to my proposal, max or what is your name leave my loveth alone or you are dead. How the hell are you for me to leave my girlfriend, do your worst i wont leave her. Max wow Naw you have just drawn the battle lh line. see you, hahahat
I think you have an explanation to give me loveth, max just forget about it you won’t un-derstand. What? You just want me to X forget about what just happened after that guy threatned me, okay am going. Max plea-se don’t go am very sorry, okay his name is tunde and he has been pestering me to be his girlfriend, but i declined and told him that i alre-ady have a b©yfri£ndam okay with. Is that what you can’t tell me. Max is more complicated than that. Loveth, i do un-derstand what you mean. Max He is the gabon of the most dre-adfvl cult “devils angels” on dis campus, and you just said what could kill you, he is going to get back at you i have to agree to be his girlfriend now to save you. No loveth i won’t let you do that, i would just take care. But max i don’t want to loose you, i love you. I love you more loveth. * they lock themselves in a warm k!ss* after a week of max incident with tunde, he bu-mped into him while going to the campus. Here comes the hero max, tunde said with a devilish laughk…

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