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Damaged episode 2

Theme: He proposed to me! !!
Allison’s POV contd
Richie stone’s mansion🏡, 10:00pm.
I woke up from my unconsciousness to see Richie pouring cold water on my face. I guessed that was what revived me.
“So you are finally back to the land of the living, huh?” asked Richie but I was too weak to say anything. I just stared at him till he left the house.
I managed to get up and went to the bathroom. After cleaning myself up I made some food and left some for Richie in case he decides to come home this night. I searched for my phone in my bag and I saw six missed calls from Jessica my best friend. I wanted to call her but I conclude that it was alre-ady late to call her but I must call her first thing tomorrow morning.
I woke up feeling groggy and tired. After taking my bath I quic-kly put a call across to my bestie.
“What’s up bestie” Jess said. “I’m fyn. I’m sorry I missed your calls yesterday and I couldn’t call back cos it was late” I gushed but she interrupted me by screaming
“He proposed to me. Jeff finally proposed to me”
“Wow, I’m so happy for you dear. How about we go out tomorrow to [email protected] it?” I asked and she said” sure that is a wonderful idea but I’d choose the location”
After chit chatting for a while I dropped the call. I’m so happy for my bestie right now. She deserves the best. She has been [email protected]!ngJeffery miller for a while and they are both crazy about each other. Jeff is the CEO of Millers enterprise. I hope Richie will propose to me soon. I quic-kly fixed myself a breakfast of cereals and milk and went off to work.
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How was this episode? I’m also happy for Jessica and by the way, where did Richie sleep last night?
I’m so sorry this episode is kinda short but that’s because we don’t have light here but I’d make it up to you guys later.
Love you all❤️❣️
©️Authoress Adesewa

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