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Wrestle of love episode 11

Episode 11
🚨💜 WRESTLE OF LOVE🧛🏻‍♀💇🏻‍♂
Writer: Feathers.
Ariana’s POV
“I really didn’t know who to trust again, men are wicked and disgusting” I thought as I [email protected] the be-d
Do they even have conscience? At first, It was Deccan and Cruise that saved me from Mindy.
Then Cruise saved me from Deccan.
If Cruise misbehaved, who will save me from him?
Do they really have a feeling of Love for me or they just wanted to use me?
Does love exist in the first place?
I think my mum’s Love is enough for me.” I thought.
After Cruise barged into the room yesterday night, He esc-rted me out and led me home, Deccan stood there stark n-ked looking like a lost goat.
Who do I trust?
Whom can I trust?
I’m growing to become a big girl, I did not expect my mum to handle issues of my life for me anymore.
I will have to be smart this time. Smarter than those boys.
All these were my thought early in the morning of the following day.
I stood up from the be-d, I put a gentle smile on my face.
On my way to the bathroom, I met my mum, I’m glad she didn’t suspect anything
She gave me my usual early morning hvg which I received gladly.
I bathed, dressed, ate and head off to school.
I’ve decided to be a smart Ari and not the weak and gullible Ari anymore.
Cruise POV
I dressed up and drove my Tesla’ to hell, by hell, I mean club. Tesla is the new car given to me by Deccan
I haven’t heard from Deccan since I helped Ari out last night.
I got to the club and I couldn’t find Deccan, I guessed he has gone to school
I still haven’t spoken to Ari to help me in terminating my suspension.
I went to the manager and we started work
Deccan’s POV
“I really don’t know what has come upon me, what f0rç£ has driven me to misbehave? Ari is just earning my trust and now I made her loosed it all in me.” I thought in agony as I drove my Chevrolet’ to school
“I didn’t even know how to look at Ari’s face, but I had to find a way to apologize”
I got to the school garage, parked my car and went to [email protected]
I was sober, some of my friends noticed it and asked me why, but I just kept mute like dummy
The bell for long break rang, I tried not to go and eat when it was time for recess because I was scared that I might meet Ari.
“But men, I’m feeling hungry, she doesn’t come to the cafeteria by long breaks”
I thought as I stood up and left for the cafeteria, I was happy I didn’t see Ari, I prayed that she wouldn’t come till I’m done eating.
I sat very close to the bartender and enjoyed myself
I noticed someone tapped me at my back, I turned and to my surprise it was Ari
Ari: Hey Deccan
She said smiling
Deccan: Jeez!
I exclaimed jumping from the long stool I sat on as if I saw a ghost
I was lost in my thought that I didn’t even know when she [email protected]£ inside the cafeteria.
Deccan: Erm. Ari..I’m…I mean I’m…
Ari interrupted and smiled
Ari: You are sorry, Isn’t that what you wanted to say?
She said and smiled
Ari: Well, Deccan, I’ve being so gullible all this while, I was a mum’s pet, but not anymore
Ari: I didn’t have anything against you
She said to me and walked to a sit, in a few minutes, I saw her drinking and enjoying herself
Deccan: How will I explain to Ari that I truly Love her , I’m very sure that the feeling I have for her is Love and not lvst
I really regret my actions yesterday
I debated for long in my heart if I should join Ari or not.
I decided to take the bold step, I won’t care what insult she might hurl on me, I will simply receive it as a punishment for my previous actions
I stood up from the long stool I sat on and I saw someone [email protected]£ in gently
It was Mindy.
I saw him, he saw me too. He looked at me and looked away.
“This is the guy that probably leaked the nûd£ of Ari, I felt like gr-abbing him and [email protected] him, but I can’t.
Members of the same gang don’t fight.
Mindy strolled gently to where Ari was and sat
What the hell! He even have the gut to sit.
Mindy’s POV
I have decided to meet Ari and apologize to her for my previous actions, Its true that I want to use this girl before, but I truly love her, I want her for myself
The only way I can truly express my feelings is to come boldly to her
I know that Deccan will have told her how bad I am, but I don’t care
I sat opposite her at the cafeteria, to my surprise she was just staring at me and confidently sipping her drink
Mindy: Ari, I’m the worst man on earth
She just looked at me and smiled
Mindy: Ermm..I mean, I’m a fool, I leaked your nûd£ out of anger, I misbehaved , Ariana, I’m sorry, plea-se find a place in your heart to forgive me
Ari raised her brow like an old woman and smiled with a side of herl-ips, she sipped the drink again and looked at me straight in the eye
Her actions were ma-king me scared, she was acting extremely matured
“This girl has really changed, she is not the same Ari I use to know” I thought in my heart
Ari: Mindy, thanks for leaking my nûd£, its not a big deal
Mindy: Its a big deal, I pierced your dignity , I’m sorry
Ari: You didn’t boy, did you have anything else to say because your pres£nce is choking me
Mindy: Of course not, I mean yes
Ari: So what?
Mindy: Ari, I Love you
Ari sm-irked and dropped the [email protected] of wine in her hand on the floor
Ari: Boy, am I a joker to you?
Mindy: I mean what I’m saying, I Love you, I truly do. I’m sorry for my previous wrong, I know its [email protected] to forgive me, but plea-se, plea-se Ari, I’m a changed person
Ari: So am I Mindy
Mindy: Ari, plea-se
Ari: Can you excuse me or you prefer me doing something stupid to you
I know what Ari can do, I gently stood up and walked out.
“But I Love Ari, I truly Love her” I muttered to myself as I walked out of the VIP section of the cafeteria almost crying
Deccan’s POV
I watched as Mindy approached Ari, they talked and he left
If Mindy that did something worse can be granted audience by Ari , I should too
I walked straight to where Ari was
Ari: Deccan, is anything wrong?
Deccan: oh yeah, my previous actions , everything, everything is wrong , I’m sorry Ari, I’m sincerely sorry
Ari: Man oh man! I’m cool with you.
Ari: You care for a drink?
Deccan: Oh no, Ari, did you know that I really Love you
Ari: Oh really, I’m blu-shing, someone is loving me.
I almost smiled before she spoke again
Ari: fools everywhere
My facial expression changed all of a sudden, I was dumbfounded
Ari: You Love me and you wanted to use me just like that, like a slut?
I couldn’t even talk, I just stayed there looking at her with fear of what she may say or do
The bell for break over rang and she stood and left me there without saying another word
I was devastated, I felt so bad, “Can I ever st©p loving Ari? Hope I won’t do something crazy to myself for Ari’s sake?” I thought as I [email protected] head on the table between us at the cafeteria
I spent the rest of my day at the cafeteria, thinking so long about Ari, gentle drop of tears drops from my eye
I yelled all of a sudden
‘I want Ari’
‘I nee-d Ari’
‘Ari , plea-se give me a chance’
The chief bartender quic-kly attended to me
Bartender: Deccan, hope all is well?
I looked at him with fury mixed with frustration
I f0rç£d out a smile
Deccan: I’m fine
I barged out of the cafeteria, entered my car, placed my head on the staring wheel and sle-pt off

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